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In association with Twisted Melon, Battle Of The Bands is back, bigger and better than ever before!

Accept no imitations!
One Battle Of The Bands.........One Twisted Melon!

Twelve Heats!!!
One huge radio show semi final giving all heat winners a recorded promo & airplay of their chosen track!!!
A massive final at the 1000 capacity Kings Lynn Corn Exchange giving the acts a chance to promote themselves to music industry reps & media!!!
Finally the prizes:
Performing at the prestigious Festival Too, Slots at other great local festivals & events to be announced,
Recording Time, Photo Shoot,
Band Merch including Banner & T-Shirts,

HEAT 7 - 13th  April  @ The Maydes Head, King's Lynn 8pm 

 Heat 1 Winners - From The Sticks

Heat 2 Winners - Bon Rodgers , Gypsy Candlestick

Heat 3 Winners - The Shae Dons

Heat 4 Winner - The Brink

Heat 5 Winners - Will B and Turtles Wear Tweed

Heat 6 Winners - Flash Back Photograph and Secret From Richard



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