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'Bananagate' the story unpeels...

16th September 2014

'Bananagate' the story unpeels...

This morning on The Adam Newstead Breakfast show, producer Jake 'The Hair' confessed to throwing a banana skin out of his car window...

This confession led to King's Lynn Police ordering some community service, and even Jake's Dad becoming involved!

This has since been named 'Bananagate'.

 Click below to listen how it all unpeeled (See what we did there?)



 Jake 'The Hair' doing his community service.



Posted by Jake at 8:53am

Jake returns from an eventful trip to Ibiza

15th September 2014

Jake 'The Hair' returns from an eventful trip to Ibiza

After a week and a half on holiday Jake returned to the Adam Newstead Breakfast Show this morning.

He revealed he had lost his phone and was facing an astronomical bill while he also believed he had broken some bones!!

 Click below to listen the best clips from today's show



 This was (not) the soundtrack to Jake's holiday



Posted by Jake at 9:22am

9-11 A KLFM Tribute

11th September 2014

9/11 - a KLFM tribute


KLFM remembers them, 13 years on.


Click below to listen to our special montage, that documents the atrocities and pays tribute to those who lost their lives.




 One of the many videos on YouTube showing the tragic events unfold



Posted by Adam at 6:11am

Robin Williams 1951 to 2014

15th August 2014

Robin Williams - a tribute

It's always strange when you hear the news that a celebrity has passed away.  For me, although I never knew them, it sometimes feels as though I did.  I suppose it all depends upon how much they touched your life.  When I heard the tragic news on Monday that Robin Williams had died, I was extremely saddened, because he was a pinnacle figure in my childhood.  Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Jumanji... the list is endless.

Whether you knew him from those films, or got to know him through Mork & Mindy, one thing is for sure.  He touched our lives. 

Here is KLFM's tribute that we broadcast on Friday morning's breakfast show:






Posted by Adam at 12:36pm

My hero, Stephen Walker

6th June 2014

My hero, Stephen Walker


Today, 6th June, is the 70th anniversary of D-Day when Allied forces landed across the coast of German occupied France.  With the benefit of hindsight, D-Day signalled the beginning of the end for Hitler but back then 70 years ago today, nobody knew whether D-Day would be a success or a disaster- there were thousands of casualties, but it paved the way for a victory in World War 2.

 20-14 is a poignant year for remembering.  It marks 100 years since the outbreak of WW1... today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day... and it’s days like this when we not only remember the people who fought for the wars of our ancestors, but also the most recent wars: The Faulklands, The Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosavo, Afganistan, Iraq... those thousands of brave men and women from this great country of ours, who lost their lives doing something that – I’ll be honest – I could never do.

I want to tell you about a man called Corporal Stephen Walker, or ‘whiskey’ as he was known amongst his military colleagues.  

In April 2010, he was deployed with Royal Marines 40 Commando – as a Section Commander, based out of ALMAS. His job was to lead a group of 8 Royal Marines on foot-patrol through Afghanistan, and one of those young commandos was my best friend,Wayne Gayton. 

Wayne and I have been best friends for years.  We grew up together, went to school together, hung out together, talked about girls, had sleepovers, and supported one another through tough times; so when Wayne was deployed, it was hard for me and his family, because we knew how dangerous it was.  During his time out there we would all write to him and keep his spirits high, but in his letters back to me, he was really honest about how tough and horrific it was out there.  He was perhaps much more honest with me, rather than when he was writing to other members of his family –he, obviously didn’t want them worrying any more than they were already.  It truly sounded horrible.  It was.  It was a warzone. 

During a morning patrol in a town in Helmand Province, my best friend Wayne and the other marines were walking through a farmer’s field of wheat... it was chest high and they were carefully navigating their way through.  As Stephen was leading Wayne and the rest of the marines through this field, he suddenly shouted STOP.  My best friend froze at this instruction.  He looked down, and it was then that his heart stood still – he’d trodden on a trip wire, which was attached to a bomb.   Just one slip, or one false movement, and the bomb would’ve detonated. 

Stephen Walker didn’t think twice about his own safety.  He went forward and fearlessly picked this trip-wire from my best friend, and saved his life.  

Just days later, there was a tragic twist of fate.  Stephen Walker was conducting a joint foot patrol with the Afghan National Army (ANA) to reassure local villagers and provide security for local farmers, when he himself was killed in an explosion.  He was a proud father of 2 children and a loving husband.   

I never met him, or spoke to him... and he never knew me.  In fact, I’ve only ever seen 1 photograph of him.  But when I look at this photograph, I feel a connection.  He put his life on the line to save my best friend, and then sadly lost his own life only days afterwards.  I never got a chance to say thank you, so here it is now. 

 Thank you Stephen for saving my best friend’s life.  He’s getting married in October and I’m his best man.  I’ll raise a glass you to.  I never knew you, but I’m proud to call you my hero...


Stephen Walker

Corporal Stephen Walker



Posted by Adam at 7:53am


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