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Adam Newstead

Adam Newstead

Madonna's fall at the Brits... and a BAD re-enactment

26th February 2015

Something happened at last night’s Brit Awards.  Something that will be remembered forever, like the time that Jarvis Cocker stormed the stage during Michael Jackson’s Earth Song.  During a live performance of her latest single, a backing dancer was supposed to yank Madonna’s cape off her back… but instead, poor Madonna came with the cape, and she took a little stumble.  Well, actually, that’s an understatement.  Watch Madonna’s epic fail here!  (Thankfully, she is ok!)


And watch Adam & Emily’s re-enactment here!  DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME (because it actually hurts). 


Posted by Adam at 9:22am

World shortage of chocolate

15th January 2015

Oh no!  Apparently, the world is running out of chocolate!  There's a huge demand for it here in the UK alone (we eat around 11kg EACH per year) and the even bigger demand across the world means the planet can't cope. 

Have a listen to Adam and Emily talk about it... and what they'd do if the world really did run out of chocolaty goodness!




Posted by Adam at 7:31am

New 50 Shades Of Grey trailer

14th January 2015

Well well well... you naughty people... here's the movie that you've all been waiting for.  And at last, we get to see an extended trailer!  50 Shades Of Grey is out on Valentine's Day (the same day that I assume B&Q sells out of cable ties...)

Watch the trailer here:

Posted by Adam at 6:19am

Ever dropped the 'L-Bomb' too soon?

9th January 2015

We have probably all been in the situation where, without thinking, we have said something we really didn't mean. But have you ever dropped the 'L-Bomb' too soon or by mistake?!

Emily Goldsmith got in touch with us on the show and told us how she was on her phone texting both her husband and her QVC assessor at the same time and you can imagine what happened! She got them mixed up and told her assessor that she loved him.

I (Simon) recently made a similar mistake while at work! To find out what I said to the boss by accident click the link below...


Posted by Jake at 9:50am

Ever had a job you were rubbish at?

8th January 2015

Have you ever had a job that, quite frankly, you weren't very good at!?

I asked this question after stumbling over this recording of 'Lithuania's Got Talent'. In the video below is arguably the worst knife thrower of all time. I just don't know why anyone hadn't said to him, before going on live TV, that he isn't very good.

I won't ruin the video for you but I can confirm that no one was seriously harmed in the video!

We all know Jake 'The Hair' has his moments and sometimes they do happen in the workplace.

Find out what he did in the KLFM studios a few weeks after starting in the clip below....


Posted by Jake at 10:30am


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