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Adam Newstead

The dance routines have started!

27th November 2014

Day 4 of the Panto and we are well and truly in full swing!

The dance routines have now started and I can reveal that we will be dancing to songs by Pharrell Williams, Meghan Trainor, MKTO and I’m sure many many more.

To see me busting a move with a couple of the other guys from the show check out the video below!

But while all this is happening, I am of course, still doing the Breakfast Show for you all.

On today's show we spoke about the 'bromance' between news reader Michael Buerke and rapper Tinchy Stryder. 

The pint sized rapper has been teaching MC Buerke to rap which I found hilarious. So hilarious, I decided to make my own rap about my *friendship between Michael Buerke and I.

*I met him once in Boots at the airport.

To hear the rap click the link below...


If you're silly enough not to have got your tickets to the panto yet you can get them here


Posted by Jake at 10:36am

Marleeeeene is lovely!

26th November 2014

It's day three of Panto rehearsals and as you can see (check out the selfie below) I am loving it!

The crew are fantastic, we are really starting to bond but what I love most of all is Sue Holderness (Best know as Marlene in Only Fools and Horses). She is so down to earth and just a normal person really. She doesn't disapear between rehearsals or anything like that, she just sees herself as 'one of us'.

The last show is on the 31st of December and that means that until then I will be getting up at the crack of dawn to do the Breakfast Show and then straight to rehearsals/show and home again about 10pm.

I'm not complaining as it is such fun and rewarding but I feel I need to tell you just to explain the bags under my eyes if you see me walking around King's Lynn!

panto selfie

If you still need tickets to the show this year, you can get them here 



Posted by Jake at 12:01pm

Panto rehearsals are underway!

25th November 2014

It's all becoming very real now!

Yesterday all of the cast for this years production of Snow White met at the Corn Exchange to start learning our lines ahead of this years show which starts on the 5th of December.

I will be playing 'Hector the Henchman' and am really excited about my role but I have a lot more lines to learn this year.

I am going to be using my blog to update you on all of the exciting things that I am up to throughout this very busy but exciting time of year for me.

Below is some of the cast going through their lines..


If you haven't got your tickets yet you need to move fast as some of the shows are nearly sold out already!

Click the link below to get yours.



Posted by Jake at 11:36am

Would you like Jake to model for your calendar?

24th November 2014

It is now just one month to go until Christmas eve! Scary right? But it does mean that now is the season to be buying those calenders with our favourite celebs on.

I have my Cheryl Fernandez-Versini one at my desk which I much prefer to the Cliff Richard one I seem to get sent every year. Cliff's calendar's get more and more revealing every year so I am begging you all to stop sending me them!

Another calendar I get sent every year is from the lovely people over at Adrian Flux insurance but I noticed I haven't yet received this years.

Me and Jake would love to be a 'Flux Babe'. So much so that Jake described exactly how he would like to model for them...

To hear his disturbing thought please click the link below...

Also, exciting thing happening in my world is the start of the panto rehearsals today! For the next few weeks I will be updating all things panto on my blog. But in the mean time you can get your tickets for the show by clicking the link below


panto banner

Posted by Jake at 10:00am

Has your child ever burnt your house down?

21st November 2014

According to a new survey young children can cause thousands of pounds of damage around the house before the age of 10. So I asked my lovely listeners for some stories of when either they or their children damaged the home.

What I didn't expect though was a story from Kelly May Warnes who told us how her 3 year old once burnt their flat down!

Before I brought her on to the show to speak about her story, I did ask if it was OK to laugh yet or if it was all still very upsetting. Fortunately she assured us it happened 10 years ago and could now see the funny side of the story.

To hear the story in full click the link below...


To get tickets for this years panto please follow the link below...


burn house


Posted by Jake at 9:48am


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The dance routines have started!

Posted by Jake

27th November 2014 10:36am

Marleeeeene is lovely!

Posted by Jake

26th November 2014 12:01pm

Panto rehearsals are underway!

Posted by Jake

25th November 2014 11:36am

Would you like Jake to model for your calendar?

Posted by Jake

24th November 2014 10:00am

Has your child ever burnt your house down?

Posted by Jake

21st November 2014 9:48am

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