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Adam Newstead

RIP Lynda Bellingham

20th October 2014

Actress Lynda Bellingham, best known for playing the mother in the Oxo television adverts, has died.

She was also known and loved for her role on Loose Women, where she featured for more than 4 years. She also took part in Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who.

The 66 year old died "peacefully in her husband's arms" at a London hospital, her agent said.

People have been leaving their thoughts on our Facebook page;

Shelley McEvoy said; 'What a brave and inspirational woman. Rest In Peace.'

Tracie Jayne Claxton said; 'RIP Lynda and thoughts are with her family and everyone else fighting this'

Jan Weigand said; 'So sad she was not able to have her wish of one last Christmas at home. Rip. x'

Below is the advert that she became famous for back in the 1980's

Posted by Jake at 9:58am

The Friday Karaoke returns!

17th October 2014

After a number of months away the Friday Karaoke returned! (I would say after popular demand but we probably enjoy this feature more than any of our listeners.)

'Posh Charles' is new to KLFM and had never heard the Friday karaoke before so we decided to throw him in at the deep end.

Our song of choice today was the mega hit from the Spice Girls 'Wannabee'!

To hear me, Jake and Charles sing, click the link below*


On previous occasions we have used the vocal 'talents' of Simon Rowe. Below you can hear some of our previous karaoke songs featuring our very own hometime presenter.



*Warning - do not expect good singing!

Posted by Jake at 9:16am

I like to binge on sardines and kit kat

16th October 2014

The Oreo biscuit has been voted in a recent poll as the food that we just can't put down. It is apparently more addictive than any other!

Oreos first hit UK supermarket shelves in 2008 from America and are now one of the nation’s favourite biscuits. 

We asked our listeners what their guilty pleasure food was. The general consensus was that West Norfolk like peanut butter!

Mine, however, was slightly odd. I like to binge on sardines to start and then a kit kat to finish.

To hear my weird confession click the link below...


Posted by Jake at 10:52am

I once punched my nan in the face!

15th October 2014

We were discussing our first loves on the show today. And when we say first love we don't mean your first serious adult relationship, we mean that boy/girl at primary school who you held hands with or wrote their initials on your rubber.

My first girlfriend was Gemma, we were 9. Our relationship was secret from my parents until Gemma's mum met my nan at my 6th birthday party!

I was so angry I hit my nan in the face. My nan's lovely face is pictured below.

adams nan

Hear the best bits from todays show on the link underneath...




Posted by Jake at 10:27am

'Posh Charles' helps us understand X-Factor's Chloe Jasmine

14th October 2014

Other than the talentless Stevi Ritchie the act on the X-Factor that has got everyone talking is the super posh Chloe Jasmine!

The main issue that I find is that I simply don't understand anything that she is saying!

I decided to bring in 'Posh Charles' to translate her appearance on the show at the weekend as he is the poshest person that I know..

Click the link below to hear his translations



Posted by Jake at 12:50pm


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RIP Lynda Bellingham

Posted by Jake

20th October 2014 9:58am

The Friday Karaoke returns!

Posted by Jake

17th October 2014 9:16am

I like to binge on sardines and kit kat

Posted by Jake

16th October 2014 10:52am

I once punched my nan in the face!

Posted by Jake

15th October 2014 10:27am

'Posh Charles' helps us understand X-Factor's Chloe Jasmine

Posted by Jake

14th October 2014 12:50pm

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