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Mornings Are The Best Time Of Day

24th September 2014

Morning! I’m getting used to saying that word now as you may have noticed I’ve appeared on the Breakfast Show in the last few weeks.

Now, I’ve done breakfast news for many years on various radio stations, but let me tell you, that 4am alarm does not get any easier with time.

It’s actually really rather fun, even though they made me get photos done, which is something that terrifies me.

There’s something wonderful about seeing the light growing outside, and knowing that you are in cars and homes, helping real people around King’s Lynn, and West Norfolk re-connect with the world after several hours asleep. In our plugged in, logged on world this is perhaps more important now than ever.

People often ask me how we choose the news, and what goes where in the bulletin.

This is something that’s hard to explain as it’s 80 per cent gut feeling (news sense is the technical term) and 20 per cent experience.

Any decent radio journalist will spend the 10 minutes after 6am comparing what they are doing with everyone else, and often it’s very different.

But there’s no right and wrong answer really.

First thing in the morning it’s usually very simple. People want to know three things from news:

Has the world ended while I was asleep? (If yes, stay in bed.)

What’s the weather today? (No one cares about isobars at 7am, but they do care about whether to take a brolly.)

What will people be talking about at work/the school gates?

Now this third one is where things get tricky, and this is why we will differ so much from our colleagues who broadcast on different frequencies.

It comes down to who we think are listening, and for some stations, what a man in a suit in London thinks they want to hear.

Thankfully at KL.FM we know our audience well and all our editorial decisions are taken right here in the studio at 5.30am.

There’s also an argument that we are now irrelevant thanks to social media, but this week I have been shown that we are more vital than ever.

Not for the first time, listeners contacted us to ask our journalists to provide facts on a breaking local news story, to help stem the rumours that were floating around Facebook and Twitter.

I understand the concept of ‘Citizen Journalism’ although I hate the phrase. (I have a first aid certificate, I don’t go round announcing myself as a Citizen Doctor.) But I am incredibly proud of the reputation that KL.FM and its news team has, that people know us and trust us to provide accurate, up-to-date information.

Having said that we will never stop wanting to hear from listeners who are our eyes and ears on the street. I love the relationship we have with people in the local area, and being on Breakfast is giving me a chance to get to know you a bit better. See you tomorrow!

Posted by Emily at 8:40pm

Reasons Not To Do Your CV After Watching Thor...

13th September 2014

I am the story teller, the knower of things.

(Broadcast Journalist)

I hold a great sadness for I know of the war, the greed, the unfairness of it all, and the numbers who live and work and die.

(While we do not always cover conflicts in the Central African Republic for example, I consume huge amounts of media and keep abrest of international journalism. I also have a wide knowledge of the state of the UK, the disparity in wages, and spend many hours going through Census Data and publications of the Office of National Statistics.)

When death comes for one of ours, and steals them on some dark road in the terrible night, it is my voice who calls their name.

(Police will inform the media of the identity of sudden deaths once the family has given consent.)

I am justice seen, if not justice done. I am the scourge of the wrong doer.

(I read all the court lists.)

When the floods threatened our towns, I was the one crying out to the people: Be ready! Be safe! I am the warning, I am the bell that tolls loud across the land.

(We work closely with the Environment Agency and form part of their disaster planning protocol.)

I am the questioner, I am the wisest women in the world, for I know that I know nothing. Those who claim to know, who claim to represent, those are the ones I question most of all.

(We have good relationships with local authorities and MPs. This does not mean we will not hold their actions to account.)

I am the voice of balance, the voice of good, the voice in your homes. I am the voice.

Posted by Emily at 9:33am

I'm off on a HORRIBLE challenge...

12th August 2014

As a News Editor, I come into contact with all kinds of people on twitter, and it’s one of the reasons I love my job. Several months ago, the folks who organise the Lap of Anglia got in touch with me. It’s an open challenge to all fitness levels to cycle 400 miles in 4 days raising money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. They applied gentle pressure until eventually I somehow agreed that this year I would take part. It was going to be fine, because August was AGES away.

It’s tomorrow.

Now you often see people asking for sponsorship when doing these mad distances. Usually, the people asking are super fit and own a wardrobe full of lycra. One of my fellow media professionals who’s taking part talks about doing fun little rides of 70 miles on a Sunday. “Fun.” Jake the Hair does GEAR with very little training and he and Adam Newstead chat about their plans for the gym by using words like “quads” and “lats”…

I am not like that.

I did a Spin Class at St James last week and the girls at the front were chatting about seeing the Bodyguard using their Tesco vouchers. At the same time I’m struggling at the back and crying blood.

This week is probably going to be one of the most horrible of my life. I’m on a borrowed bike, and I am going to hurt a LOT. But then Prince William, who now works for the Air Ambulance, is donating his whole wage packet back to the charity and I am not going to be shown up by a mere Flight Lieutenant by dropping out now. You can hear my pitiful sobs from Wednesday morning on the Breakfast Show, and you can give me a penny a mile by texting LAPA60 £4 to 70070.

Alternatively donate online here: https://www.justgiving.com/LapOfAnglia2014/

Posted by Emily at 1:15pm

Journalism has your back

29th May 2014

Big Fat Planning Agenda

This is the glamorous world of journalism.

Seriously, journalists in your city are reading documents this long and ten times as boring every day in your town and city.

They do it so you get to know if anything strange is going on in your local area, if local officials are doing their jobs right.

Most of the time everything is fine, and we read these things and come away with nothing.

But just so you know, we have your backs.

Posted by Emily at 5:44pm

Political Neutrality in the News Room

9th May 2014

It's election time and that means I'm legally restricted in what I can say and especially in what I can broadcast.

There are incredibly strict limits on us to give the same amount of time to the big 4 parties, and ideally all 10 of the parties that are standing in the East of England.

I personally consider it wise to try and self impose these rules of neutrality on a daily basis all year round. I will never disclose who I vote for. I will express opinions but I am blessed with being "the wisest woman alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." (Yeah I'm a Socrates fangirl.)

A wise woman once said that "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" and this sums up my position very well.

But is it always true? What if someone is saying something that is just plain wrong, something that is hurtful, something that helps build a culture of oppression and violence against one particular group of people? (e.g. That dogs are better than cats... Let's not make assumptions about what I'm talking about here please.)

Normally, I would say no. I hate it when you hear radio stations reading out loud on the air that Bob's Uncle's Cousin Fred who is a car dealer was forced by the job centre to sell an immigrant a car and the cheque was hand written out by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but that doesn't mean you're entitled to make me listen to it, and if it's just plain wrong, it's not going on my radio station. End Of.

But during election time?

I would much rather you say your unsavoury views (about dogs) out loud, and let us all know what you are like. If it stays in your head, people might not know about it and put you in a position of power.

I don't like having to hear certain things (about cats, because cats are awesome) and not pull them up on it. Instead I nod and smile sweetly and thank the interviewee for their time, and then sit and edit the audio up, and broadcast it out.

These aren't slick London politicians either, these are normal people. They haven't been media trained, they aren't playing the  political game. They are earnest in their beliefs (that cats are rubbish) but other than that, they are nice friendly neighbourly types. They are really pleased that I'm listening and being openly receptive to their pro-dog bias.

It's hard to hear hatred coming out of someone who's sat in front of you after they've thanked you for the cup of tea. It makes you want to crumple up and weep on the inside but you smile and keep a straight, professional outer layer.

It's my job to inform you, and inform you I will.

I suppose I could just be equally contemptuous to all of them instead?

Posted by Emily at 11:04pm


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24th September 2014 8:40pm

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13th September 2014 9:33am

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12th August 2014 1:15pm

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29th May 2014 5:44pm

Political Neutrality in the News Room

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9th May 2014 11:04pm

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