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Play Your Cards Right

25th February 2015

This Morning I discoverd the growning number of people taking to TV quiz shows to earn some quick money. Richard who is no stranger to KL.FM competitions revealed he has been one of those people, so we gave him the chance to do it again!

Was his 2nd attempt at Play Your Cards Right any better than the 1st?

 Listen here


Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:26am

Famous friends

24th February 2015

What is your tenuous connection to someone famous?


Listener responses below...



My grandad was evacuated in world war 2 to Wales to Tom Jones Aunts house. Him and Tom played regularly together.

Denise Cowell

had a phone conversation with frank bruno when i was a ward clerk. he was enquiring after a patient, since he wasn't a relative i couldn't give him any information!!!good job he was at other end of the line eh Arry!!! lol

Emily Presenter Blake

aparently my cousins cousins sister is Kelly Rowland...Kelly is a cousin of Beyonce, so that makes me realted to Beyonce. Boom !

I was an extra in a series called Over here with Martin Clunes when i lived in Castle Acre in 1996. From Helen

Paul Barrett

I'm a distant cousin of Katherine Hepburn.

Dan James

I once stood near Rickie from Eastenders...

Louise Barker

My mum used to be a nanny and spent lots of time with lady Diana as her friend was also a nanny and was hers at Sandringham x

My sons fathers fathers brother played cards with oliver reed! Janette

Heleni K Lee

I used to work behind the bar in a snooker club, Gazza came in and asked for change for the phone, I couldnt understand him so his friend had to 'translate'

Helen Foster

At school my friend's brother's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's cousin was in the band johnny hates jazz!

Nikki Smith

I cooked breakfast for Lesley Grantham aka dirty den!!

tracy Joyce

I flicked a fly into Gary Newman's beer when I was 9.

I once cleaned windows when one of my customers moved the new owner was sid owen or ricky out of eastenders . From matt the singing butcher

Teresa Bayford

My grandmother is a distant relative to Roger moore

Jane Smith

My grandad was a sailor on the secret ship that took King Edward VIII abroad, after he abdicated to be with Mrs Wallace Simpson!

Holly Rose'x

A scene from Stephen fry programme 'kingdom' was filmed in my dads house and back garden.

elizabeth May Clarke

My grandad laid the flooring in the hallway of 10 Downing Street and that same floor is still there. My grandma used to know Lester Piggot, the jockey

Paula Barry Evans

I used to babysit Martin Brundle

Natasha Bot

t My partner is Robbie Williams 2nd cousin not that theyve ever actually met Although his Mum used to play with Robbie when they were little x

Posted by Simon Rowe at 4:55pm

Changing peoples lives

19th February 2015

There are some amazing people in West Norfolk and I’m so proud to say they listen to KLFM and my show. Through the power of my little microphone I’ve managed to change many lives over the years, make a difference, help people and make good out of bad, today it happened again and I have to be honest it feels really special to be able to help.

This morning at about 11am I had a call from a lovely lady called Lorraine who called us to ask if we could put an appeal on the air for her son’s missing pocket money.  He had £55 for his 9th birthday and had been looking forward to treating himself to something nice, that is until he managed to lose it! 

What happened next was very special – listen below.


Massive THANK YOU to everyone at Crossings Fish Bar on Tennyson Road in King's Lynn.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 4:47pm

Scotty's Little Solidiers

15th February 2015



On Friday after the show I visited the very lovely Nikki Scott at Scotty's new premises in King's Lynn.  Her charity is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. Nikki set it up in 2010 after her own husband Corporal Lee Scott was sadly killed in Afghanistan in July 2009 leaving behind her and their two young children.

Since then it has grown and helped so many families. They have provided and continue to provide Christmas and birthday gifts, treats, trips and activities for the families of the fallen as well as enabling them to use the charity holiday lodges.  

Currently Scotty's Little Soldiers supports over 100 children of the fallen and has been able to purchase a few amazing holiday homes in the UK, including one in Great Yarmouth and one in Blackpool.  The holiday homes are stunning three bedroom lodges filled with everything a family could need whilst on a break away from home.  The Scotty members can use the lodges whenever things get too much and they are in need of some time away from all the struggles of living life without a loved one.  The charity is able to pay any travel expenses and the family receive a £100 gift voucher when they arrive at the holiday lodge.

The Charity's new home is 21 Bergen Way, North Lynn Industrial Estate, King's Lynn PE30 2JG and if you can help them, they are just a call away on 01553 763000



Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:05am

Think Ed Sheeran, think Sam Smith

13th February 2015


We discoverd something amazing today, think Ed Sheeran, think Sam Smith.....

This is the result. AMAZING!









Posted by Simon Rowe at 1:53pm


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