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Up the Ghosts

22nd July 2016

It's been a big week for Fakenham Town FC at Clipbush Park, Wednesday saw the visit of a side from Premiership Champions Leicester City FC and tomorrow the Canarys make the short trip from Carrow Road in Norwich.

Their season starts shortly and these games are a great way to get the team some practice and generate interest in the club before kick off for real in August.

The turnout for the Leicester game was great, despite the humidity, thunderstorm and downpour hundreds fans enjoyed a real family evening at their stadium.






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School Summer Holiday Day 1

21st July 2016

Only another 40 odd days left, how will you survive?  What are your plans?

There are some great money saving ideas on our voucher shop which include half price Ice Skating, Indoor adventure play and much more.  See ALL of the great family fun at half price here.

Here's how St Clements High will spend the next six weeks.

Yesterday I spent the morning with them on a four mile walk around Terrington St Clement as part of their annual tradition on the last day of school.

St Clement High






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Race for Life

20th July 2016

1,500 Women and the Race for Life, well done!


Did you know the cost of your entry only covers the expenses of organising the event?  That's why it's even more important you make sure you get your sponsorship in, the figures for money not being returned are really high, so please don't forget or wait around.  That money you collected should be fighting the Big C as soon as it can.  Thanks, Si


It was great to meet so many ladies in pink all kicking cancers butt!


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Pokemon Go (Nooooooooooo)

19th July 2016

Si Pokeman

Picture Credit: Niantic, Inc. / Pokémon / Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.


Are you Pokémon Go or like me Pokémon Nooooooo? Pokémon is worth $56 Billion to Nintendo right now and that will only increase with this latest craze.  Essentially it's an App on your mobile that uses your phones camera and google maps to place 'Real' Pokémon amongst your surroundings.  For example there may be Pokémon type creatures on the North Wootton 3, on the sea front in Hunstanton, by the clock in Downham Market or even in the centre of King's Lynn, who knows possibly in KL.FM Studio 1 (see above).  It's your job to catch them and collect them or something?  To be honest I did download the game yesterday evening, I did chase a strange creature around the front room and garden for about 2 minutes, but after capturing it I promptly deleted the game and went back to my glass of wine

It didn't grab me but I can I see how it can become addictive and also very dangerous.  I for one have already seen people walking in the middle of the road chasing whatever it is you chase causing traffic to brake abruptly.  Then there’s the other risks of anyone paying for these virtual creatures to be at their business or property, who knows what problems this may cause, I think parents should be very wary of this app, as enjoyable to those that use as it may be.

Do I sound like an old man?  (-:




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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

18th July 2016

I'm loving the sunshine how about you? It's warm today and getting even warmer this week.

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22nd July 2016 9:59am

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21st July 2016 9:23am

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20th July 2016 9:43am

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19th July 2016 9:21am

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Posted by Simon Rowe

18th July 2016 10:20am


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