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KL.FM Breakfast with Si is on-air weekdays from 6 till 9.  Follow him "off-air" here on his blog.

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New Star Wars Trailer

27th November 2015

Not long now....


Posted by Simon Rowe at 6:45am


First Date Disasters

25th November 2015

Ever had a nightmare on a first date?  A text between to first daters has gone viral after the rejected guy replied in a very shameful embarrassing way.

We've re-enacted how the text read with the help of Lisa at Inspired Furnishings and Graham from Walkers News on Norfolk Street, King's Lynn.

Have a listen....


We also received this text

A first date of mine was really good, until his girlfriend walked into the restaurant with her friends! They too had booked a meal there! Let’s just say he was single after!


And I told the story of how my Mother-In-Law was stood up, she went home thinking her blind date had taken one look at her and turned around.  Later that evening her son called to say sorry and let her know that his Dad had been arrested for breaking bail.  He then wanted to know if they could rearrange!

Erm NO!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:03am


Are you Christmassy yet?

23rd November 2015

This morning I asked just how Chirstmassy are you?  I've not only helped switch on the lights in Swaffham and King's Lynn and hosted two Christmas parties but last night saw the famous Cola truck on the tele making me extremely festive!

If you missed the lights and fun on the Tuesday Market Place watch as the Countdown to Christmas began without getting wet or cold from the comfort of your screen.



10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....Christmas in King's Lynn!

Posted by KLFM 96.7 on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:28am


The Pre Ulitmate Christmas Party, Chirstmas Party

20th November 2015

What an amazing morning on the show today!  Nearly 30 amazing people dragged themselves out of bed at stupid O'clock to join Grumpy Santa (Ross) and I for a Pre Ultimate Christmas Party Christmas Party live on the radio  .

Along with plenty food, drink, party poppers, balloons and fancy dress the entertainment came from the amazing Simply Sing who belted out three amazing carols and KJ Entertainments who even helped manage to get Grumpy Santa to join in the festive fun with a live rendition of "I Will Survive".  Some of the most amazing balloon sculptures were created by our guests under the careful guidance of Balloon Man Dan and Rachel Samantha performed an amazing rendition of Mariah's "All I want for Christmas".

Listen again - It was amazing!


 If you fancy partying some more you can join KLFM, Vex and hundreds of others at the Corn Exchange tonight from 7:30pm as we host the first official Christmas Party of the year.  Tickets are only £11.




Posted by Simon Rowe at 12:02pm


The best radio advert in the world

18th November 2015

I've been out and about in my Christmas Corsa from Thurlow Nunn over the last two weeks giving away tickets to KLFM's Ultimate Christmas Party at the Alive Corn Exchange.

Everyone has been so festive, they've not only sung me Christmas Carols but also been quite creative to make a radio commercial to promote the night too. It's not easy having a microphone shoved in front of your face but the guys at Reads Hyundai were absolute pro's!


Posted by Simon Rowe at 8:59am



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Recent Posts

New Star Wars Trailer

Posted by Simon Rowe

27th November 2015 6:45am

First Date Disasters

Posted by Simon Rowe

25th November 2015 9:03am

Are you Christmassy yet?

Posted by Simon Rowe

23rd November 2015 9:28am

The Pre Ulitmate Christmas Party, Chirstmas Party

Posted by Simon Rowe

20th November 2015 12:02pm

The best radio advert in the world

Posted by Simon Rowe

18th November 2015 8:59am

Shopping days until Christmas...


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