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Band Aid 1,2,3,4

23rd November 2014

It's almost certain that Band Aid 30 will be number this afternoon on the Big Top 40, but not for the 1st time.  One clever person has put all the versions together in the video below.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:43am


18th November 2014

One Direction have turned up on Sesame Street to sing the praises of the letter U.

I've always told my daughter there a bunch of muppets and now it seems that's true!  See the video for yourself?


Nice work lads!


Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:25pm

Lessons about life

14th November 2014

 On the show today we discussed the lessons you've learnt in life, such as ...


  • Hayley Nick Brooks

I've learnt that Life is too short to waste it with people that don't make you happy 

  • Zoe Moore

Life is too short and we take it for granted! Some people are too busy being miserable when we should be happy and appreciate it 

  • Sharon Eagle

Never judge live life b happy that's three but hey u live and learn oooops that four ... B yrself never hide behind a mask.

  • Lois Paul

Never to regret because at the time it was right for you you can only learn from it 

  • Simon Benefer

The likelihood of toast falling butter side down, is directly proportionate to the cost of the carpet!

However the short video below might make you think about what really is important!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 5:01pm

Fawkes in the Walks 2014

9th November 2014

15,000 people filled the Walks to see some fireworks on Friday, were you there?


Posted by Simon Rowe at 6:08pm

Highgate Infant School, King's Lynn

6th November 2014

The pictures below show the devastation left behind after calous, mindless vandals thought it would be ‘fun’ to wreck a loved and cared for play area & green at Highgate Infant School in King’s Lynn.  There are no words as to why anyone would do this, let alone to a group of very young children who have created the garden themselves, a group of children who were obviously very proud of what they had achieved.

The destruction took place over Half Term and you can only imagine how the teachers and pupils felt on discovering the mess after their holiday.

I know the children are devastated after all the hard work they put into it and don’t think it’s fair that they should suffer because of a bunch of idiots with nothing better to do.



To prove that there is far more good in West Norfolk than the evil people who did this have a listen to just one of our donations to the school this afternoon




Highgate Infants, King's Lynn

A garden bench, fecning and plants all planted by the boys and girls just dumped in the school pond! 


If you would like to help in the clear up there is a gathering of very kind hearted people giving up their time on Saturday morning from 10am at the school and you are more than welcome to attend too.  If you are on twitter @JoRust45 has more details.


This took place between 12pm and on 20th October and 8am on Monday 3rd November and if you know anything please call PSO Caroline Docking at King’s Lynn Police Station on 101.




Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:42pm



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Band Aid 1,2,3,4

Posted by Simon Rowe

23rd November 2014 11:43am


Posted by Simon Rowe

18th November 2014 3:25pm

Lessons about life

Posted by Simon Rowe

14th November 2014 5:01pm

Fawkes in the Walks 2014

Posted by Simon Rowe

9th November 2014 6:08pm

Highgate Infant School, King's Lynn

Posted by Simon Rowe

6th November 2014 2:42pm

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