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RIP Juggling Jim

24th January 2017

The man known as Juggling Jim has passed away.  “Jim” was every bit as part of Lynn as is the Southgate’s, the Corn Exchange and the Saturday Market Place.  I can’t remember ever strolling through the centre of King’s Lynn without seeing him performing on the High Street.  Come wind, rain, shine or snow there’s nothing that would stop him from taking his place just up from boots and down from McDonalds.  Most people would pass by and not even glance at him, others would avoid him, some would speak to him, and every so often a kind hearted person would drop a few coins at his feet.  Everybody knows of him, but home many people can say they actually knew him?


There are many stories about this man, most of them are made up however in an endeavour to learn more about the man you and I see on the street everyday of our lives in King’s Lynn Brodie Rake from the College of West Anglia set about finding out more, since his video was published on You Tube last year over 40,000 people have learned a little more from the man himself.  See the video for yourself here.

This morning some lovely heartfelt stories were shared by listeners to the show, listen and discover just how much of a true gentleman “Jim” really was.

In the meantime a shrine has appeared in “his doorway” on the High Street, Sally Beadle decided to place some of her own juggling balls and sticks to get things going and since then flowers and cards have started to appear.

JIM pics




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One Hundred and Eighty

23rd January 2017


This morning on the show I revealed your chance to win tickets to the Dart’s Classic Weekend at Searle’s in Hunstanton.  This almost obviously began a conversation about Bullseye and some of the amazing prizes the contestants had forced upon them.

A Carriage Clock, a 14” colour portable TV, a music centre and matching gold pens, new luggage, a comprehensive set of encyclopaedias, a Grandfather clock or if you were really lucky/unlucky a speedboat.

One of the pro darts players you may have seen on the show was the legend known as Bobby George who still to this day tours the UK playing darts and showcasing his talents alongside other big names from the world of darts.   Bobby is appearing at Searle’s Leisure Resort from Friday 3rd February to Sunday 5th February, it’s your chance to meet/greet take part in a question and answer session and even play against your idols.

Click here for more and to win tickets!

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Nothing but the 90s2

20th January 2017



For me the 90’s where Thursday at Dr Thirstys, Friday’s at the Hog’s Head then Saturday’s at Manhattans followed by of course something greasy from Norfolk Street.  Saturday morning’s hangover TV was SM.TV eagerly awaiting another round of Wonky Donkey with Ant & Dec.  What are your memories of the 90’s, leaving school, meeting your other half or some of the brilliant tunes it produced.

Whatever your memory of the decade you can re-live it all again for one night only on Saturday April 1st with KLFM and the Alive Corn Exchange.  You can come and party with us for only £11, so don’t be a ‘fool’ get your tickets from the box office now on 01553 764864 or visit our website and snap them up online.

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The bombs fell on King's Lynn

19th January 2017

King's Lynn 102 years ago today

Bombing raid

Pic - Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

On the 19th January 1915, two air ships heading for Humberside were blown of course over the coast in Norfolk.  They began to drop bombs the first ever from the skies above the UK on King's Lynn.  That journey took the Germans over Hunstanton, Heachem, where Lords Lane was hit, more fell in Snettisham near the church causing concern that the Royal Household was the target.  Then came Snettisham, Grimston and Dersingham followed by Tennyson Avenue, Gaywood and the terraces of Bentinck Street in King’s Lynn.  Albert Street, East Street, the Docks and Creswell Street were also affected.

This attack was on everyday civilians, Alice Gazeley, 26 and Percy Goate, 14 were both killed in the raid and a further 13 were injured.

By the end of World War 1 about 52 raids by the Zeppelin and other airships were carried out killing a total of 557, and injuring 1,358 in total.


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Spa etiquette

18th January 2017


 Today the team and I at KLFM are indulging in a few relaxing hours away from our laptops, phones and studios at the Spa.  Whilst this will be very chilled some members of staff have spoken about their worry of being half naked in front of their work colleagues.   Aside from commenting on people’s appearance, or sitting to close to the boss what the other rules in the spa if any?

Other questions I have are what do you wear for the massage, is it just a towel, trunks or underwear.  Can I book extra treatments, what time should I arrive and believe it or not after researching these questions one of the most commonly asked is....

"Can I bring my dog?"

 It made us laugh!




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