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Where the hell is Mel?

26th September 2016

Where the hell is Mel?

Judging by this picture I don't think you'll struggle finding her.

Where the Hell is Mel

Every day this week Mel and I will be hiding somewhere in West Norfolk, Wisbech or Fakenham and all you have to do is find us.  There’s hundreds of pounds worth of High Street Shopping Vouchers to be won and to help you locate us there is a clue each morning at 8:40 and 10:40. 

There’ll be TWO chances to find us every day this week and this morning’s clue is below.


A little will help here, not a lot!




Posted by Simon Rowe at 8:58am


West Norfolk's Power Couples

23rd September 2016

Fed up with the Brangalina stories yet?  Even the FBI are involved now!

Now that the world’s most famous ‘Power Couple’ are no more, we need to find a replacement but they need to come from West Norfolk, Wisbech or Fakenham, in fact they just need to be a KLFM listener.

I’ve merged mine with my wife and it comes out Simo (Simon and Jo) not that good but what about you?


Meltin                       Melanie & Martin in Dereham

Ankel                        Kelly & Angie in King’s Lynn

Kayleigh                   Kayleigh & Kayeigh (haha)

Owly                         Emily & Owen in Gt Massingham

Marlou                      Louise & Marcus in Lynn

Karpet                       Karen and Pete the plumber in Lynn

Brill                           Bill and Karen in Walpole Highway

Ghoolie                     Glen and Julie in Lynn

Ravin’                       Rachel and Gavin

Rash                         Ross & Ashleigh


What’s yours?

Tweet me.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:02am


An amazing discovery

22nd September 2016

Is it true?

An amazing discovery

Something amazing has happened in Downham Market?


Are you in Downham have you got it?   Tweet me and let me know via @simonrowe.  You could even do it from under the Clock in centre of Town, you don't even have to wait till you get home or back to work like you normaly would!

Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:45am



21st September 2016

I can't be the only person who's not really interested in the whole Brad and Angela story today.  I get the human interest and I understand the gossip, but for it to be lead story all night last night and today in the national news is just amazing.  There has to be light and shade with everything, it can't all be doom and gloom but a couple splitting up can't be more important than wars around the world can it?  Then there is the whole privacy thing, OK they chose their careers but their six children didn’t, it all seems a bit too much to me.  Judging by the response on social media, phones and texts to the show you reading this right now will agree



Not me, more important things going on in the world xx



Who on earth decided it was the most important item on the national

news and gave it the number 1 slot?



Not really headline news is it



Omg are u serious si? I've been crying all night I'm so so upset, Said nobody anywhere



Just goes to show you, can happen to anyone. Things aint always what

they seem in the Celeb world eh!



Every newspapers front page!!!



Pages of it in paper there are far more important things



No couldn't give a monkeys lol



Not about them at all.. But the children...yes



Not me, i can't believe its such big news.



Hi Si. I agree with you. Why can't people just leave Brad and Angelina alone  because I didn't hear Brad or Angelina in the paper or news worrying about my  divorce lol.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 12:03pm


UK's Best Local Breakfast Show?

20th September 2016


As you may have heard I had an announcement to make on the show today after a very eventful Monday at KL.FM.  I'll tell anyone that asks that "Every day is different" at KL.FM, even after 18 years there's something new, fun or exciting all the time.  Yesterday was extra special not just for me but the station and I think anyone who has ever listened to my show.


You may remember KL.FM won UK Radio station of the Year a couple of years ago at the Sony's?  These awards have been replaced by the AIRIAS and yesterday myself the Managing Director and the programming team at KL.FM gathered round the tele to watch this year’s nominations with some chips!  To my shock and disbelief our little show on KL.FM has been nominated by a team of judges from across the industry.  To put the nomination into context, if I was Leonardo DiCaprio this would be an Oscar Nomination, it really is that special so as you might imagine I'm a little excited right now.

The awards take place in October and win or lose I'll be happy with just the nomination.  However I would like to say thanks for listening to the show because without being cheesy, if you didn't and you weren't part of what the team do on the show there would be no nomination.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:40am



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