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The Great British Bake Off?

18th September 2014

I may be the only person in the world or at least I was to have never seen a single episode of the great British bake off. Last night I decided to put down the iPad and put my iPhone in my pocket and actually watch BBC One with my wife at 8 PM on a Wednesday evening.  I imagine every single house in the UK is tuned in to the battle of the bakers every week so it was about time I joined the fun.


To be honest I'm the world’s worst baker and I pretty much had no idea what was going on, nor did I understand much of the terminology.


My thoughts from first viewing are that the contestants on the show seem to be genuinely really nice people, unlike other competitive shows they appeared to look out for each other and even ask for help, which doesn't then get ignored.  Mel and Sue are actually quite annoying, and who knew you could have a Savoury éclair?  Richard appears to be really good at what he does and even has an awesome fashion sense, my wife was well impressed that his pencil was the same colour as his shirt.  I think I might be missing out on an in joke there, not sure?


As I'd already decided to forego the footy last night and watch trashy TV it meant that after The Great British Bake Off my next treat on the TV menu would be Grand Designs, EVERYONE loves Kev! The couple on that show were really terrific, the man was spending all their money without telling his wife and was more interested in building his plane than his place to live, they were hilarious.


Despite the amazing house at the end which is always worth seeing my favourite part of that show is guessing which way Kevin will walk off-camera at the end.


Will I be watching the GBB again, perhaps?  Will I be baking treats anytime soon in the kitchen, well maybe some fairy cakes with the kids but that’s about it I’m afraid.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:06pm

The Hardwick Roundabout

17th September 2014

At the weekend you may have have noticed that the lights weren't working on the Hardwick roundabout, it happens every so often throughout the year and usually makes the traffic flow just so much better in most peoples opinion. 

I need to know how you found it, did it make your life more stressful or did it make travelling through to the centre of King's Lynn or to the A47 an absolute breeze?  

Maybe the lights on the Hardwick should be temporary, perhaps only working at off-peak times, or do you think they should always be on as the roundabout is so big and is the meeting of all the major roads in Lynn? 

Let me know your thoughts and how you found getting round the roundabout without the lights back on our FACEBOOK page.

There is however a good reason for them - Norfolk County Council say its a highways issue, but that the pedestrian and cycle crossings nearby mean they have to have the traffic lights.


Some of your comments are below...


A47 from Wisbech not a good at Hardwicke when lights out.  But it did seem more free flowing.


Barry Russel

Didn't make any difference.....everybody still cuts you up & swaps lanes without concern


Simon Wade

 far better with them off, even the part time signals years ago were better


Cllr Colin Manning

better without t/lights. Should only have lights on r/bts for slip roads off m/ways to avoid Qs on main c/ways.


Lee Littlewood

much smoother, no build ups...only difficulty is for cyclists, pedestrians crossing!


Dan James

The flow without lights is infinitely bigger but so are the risks when
idiots take the mickey and pull straight out. Any accidents that happen
will be amplified in comparison to when the lights are on. I guess the
reason they're there is to bring down average speeds.


Rachel Wade

Turn the lights off and keep them off! I use the roundabout at least twice a
day and run a local business from the town- in the period they were
off- I never got held up once! The traffic was flowing perfectly! No
need to wait if there was an empty road- common sense and sensible road
use and no traffic lights will keep the round about from being a night


Rachel Maynard

Better without. I drew up just as they switched them back on yesterday, u could see every driver's smile disappear!





Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:42pm

Bad Daddy?

16th September 2014

Every child has played peek-a-boo at some stage in their life, Mummy or Daddy hides their face and then after a few seconds shows it to the surprise of their child.  It’s a fun, natural thing to do with your children, but what if you played a nasty trick on your tot?

Personally I think this is more cruel than funny and it seems the general feeling is the Dad in this video is a bad parent.  Have a look for yourself and then let me know what you think back on the Facebook Wall.

Cruel or Kind?


Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:55pm

OUCH! My sore head after the weekend.

15th September 2014

I think I had a lucky escape over the weekend, perhaps I'm over dramatising the whole thing but I believe I was very lucky not to have spent most of Saturday in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital's accident and emergency department.


My wife was about to paint the little boys room and obviously needed to clear it out first, I told her not to move any furniture and I would help if she needed it. I’d left Jo alone for five minutes to nip downstairs and make her a nice warm brew while little to my knowledge she’d decided not to wait and that she would move his bed.  While I was happily minding my own business walking up the stairs, there was an almighty thump, and I fell to the ground spilling scolding tea all over the carpet. Turns out one of the wooden slats underneath my sons bed had come lose just I was parallel with it at the bottom of the stairs.  I was in absolute agony and in complete shock, I had no idea what had happened, all I did know is that my head was pounding like nothing I'd ever felt before. I went straight to the sink and chucked as much water over my noggin as I possibly could whilst screaming my head off.  I was expecting to see blood before my eyes and lots of it, but luckily it didn't bleed and the only evidence of the mishap now is a little lump, but boy did it hurt!


After discussing this with friends it seems the majority of them believe perhaps my wife was waiting at the top of the stairs with the plank of wood in hand, if so she's a real good shot. I guess it's possible because the boy and I were heading out to watch football for the afternoon leaving her at home to do the decorating herself.  With that in mind, I think they could possibly be right!


Everything ended up good though, his room looks great and King’s Lynn won their FA Cup Match 7-0!  I say everything turned OK, I've just put my headphones on in the studio for the first time, oh the pain!




Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:52pm


Late to the party

14th September 2014

I know I'm a little bit late to the party but I've just discovered the fun in making vines. I'm completely useless at it but am having a lot of fun trying to make them.

I've made about five or six videos so far, take a look at them after you've seen this one of me kicking balls at my son in goal. We're surprised to have over one hundred views already, my little boy didn't know which ball to stop first.

Click me.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 12:24pm


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18th September 2014 3:06pm

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16th September 2014 2:55pm

OUCH! My sore head after the weekend.

Posted by Simon Rowe

15th September 2014 2:52pm

Late to the party

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14th September 2014 12:24pm

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