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King's Lynn Police - Family Room

23rd October 2012

Over the past few months at KL.FM we've been helping in the community to change peoples lives with amongst many things our very special volunteer days.  These are days where everyone at KL.FM has put tools down and spent the whole day, on and off air, helping others.  In July we painted St James Lodge and provided help for the homeless who are temporarily staying with Broadland Housing. Thanks to your generosity  we gave them lots of furniture and our staff gave the place a complete spruce up after we painted the many corridors inside. Most recently we helped the British Heart Foundation increase their donations by more than 7 times what they would normally receive.
Today with your help along with the team at KL.FM I want to make a difference for families with young children at King's Lynn Police station.  There are loads of reasons why youngsters are brought in and usually it isn’t their fault. They may have run away from carers or parents, or perhaps during the course of police patrols they are found in premises that are very unsuitable, so the decision is made to bring the child to a place of safety. Sometimes the parents are brought in for questioning and the child has to come with them because there is no one else at home to look after them.  

Family Room at KL Police

The room where the children are looked after needs to be a friendly place as the whole idea of going to a strange building with people you don’t know when you are little is daunting, with your help we can make the experience a little better!

Here is a list of what I'll be looking for today, if you can help with any of the following please Tweet me at @simonrowe or call 01553 692192.

Travel cot with sheets and bedding.
Car and booster seats
Baby Wipes
Nintendo Game Cube Games
Vitech smile machine games.
Kids food and drink
Eastern European toys

Thanks for your time and I hope you can help.



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