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A visit to the Dentist

22nd August 2012

DENTISTToday I did something I haven't done in 6 years. Something I haven't done because to be honest I'm a big wimp.  Before tonight I hadn't had enough courage but my visit to dentist was unavoidable due to the lack of front teeth and my inability to say 'F', which to be fair is important when you work for a radio station called KL.FM.

As the clock ticked ever closer to 6pm I grew more and more apprehensive about by my impending appointment with the drills and needles.  My nervousness was not helped as KL.FM was playing in the waiting room and Tim Lewis who was covering my show thought it would be funny to play a dentist drill sound fx, much to the amusement of the other patients awaiting their turn in the chair.

"Mr Rowe" said the assistant, appearing from nowhere as she led me to my biggest fear. Once i was in the chair, on went the funky glasses, the bib and out came those tools; why do they make such a horrible noise? My only job was to lay back, open my mouth and grip the chair for dear life.




I knew the moment I’d been dreading was just seconds away when the dental nurse put that “sucky thing” in my mouth.  50 minutes later and after lots of drilling, polishing, sucking and scrapping, my chair was upright and my time with the dentist was done! I didn't get a sticker or anything but knew I was a good boy as I didn't stop the dentist, fidget or fuss once!

I'm pleased to say the whole experience didn't hurt one bit, the price didn't hurt my wallet either and was nowhere near as expensive as I'd expected. The other big surprise was all my other teeth are fine and that I don't need to go again for 6 months, ok it's 5 years and 6 months sooner than this time, but now I know there is nothing to fear!

A massive thank to you everyone at "...Dentist in Gaywood", see you Friday with the doughnuts!

I'm off to brush my teeth, speak tomorrow at 2pm (-:

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:45pm

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