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Naughty Naughty

14th May 2014

Where you an angelic child or did you make your parents climb the wall?  It seems after this afternoon’s show there really were a lot of cheeky devils back in the day.  What kind of stuff did you used to get up to?

Here are just some of the stories

Sarah in Ciderstone
wasn't exactly a child, think I was about 15, but my sister was annoying me  so I dipped her toothbrush in the toilet!!

I also used to wrap up empty boxes to look like presents and superglue money to the pavement and hide to see if anyone picked them up. Got chased once by one man who fell for the trick 3 times!! Donna.

Ben in Fakenham
When I was about 11 my sister hit me so I cut off the sleeves of her school shirt, my parents were furious -

Garth in Walsoken
I’d say I was about 8 or 9 me and my brother thought we'd flush our dads false teeth down the loo - he still doesn't know till this day!!

Jackie Mcintyre Haverson
We use to post notes threw people doors saying sorry had an emergency so I borrowed your car . Then wait round the corner to see them come running out lol

Grissles Flanagan
At junior school lots of people had combination locks on their bikes, I developed a knack for unlocking them. I would sneak round and change all their locks over, when school finished the fun started.

Louise Page
A group of us each told our parents we were at the other person's house then went off to the 'big park' ... Needless to say we all got in a lot of trouble and I got grounded!!!!x

Hayley Fletcher in Lynn
putting a whoopy cushion under my teachers chair, making a worm sandwich, wrapping up and giving up to my godfather to eat.

Leanne Brassett
Apparently when I was about 5 I smacked my head teachers bum at school luckily he was very nice and got on well with my mum and took it as a joke!!!

Helen in castle rising
Mum said when i was 5 she found red arrows on the hallway wallpaper with felt tip pen, she followed the arrows upstairs and they led to my bedroom...

And finally..


My brother in law was the worst. a toilet seat stuck around his neck bitten by a seal 3.fell down the gap between train and platform 4. got head stuck between railings, 5. went down a hill in a shopping trolley (and through a window) 6. got his  fingers caught in a vice ...these are just a few. He's just as accident prone as an adult!



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