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Pancake Racing

4th March 2014

Today saw the annual pancake race in the centre of King’s Lynn, as ever former champions KL.FM took part in the charity event which this year saw us pitted against Wilkinsons, New Look, Your Local Paper, Beales and Sainsbury’s who as it turned out, rather controversially, supplied the adjudicator too. 

As the teams gathered tPancakeso take part in the first heat Ryan, Jake and I lined up at the bandstand ready to re-live former pancake glory..  The rules of the race were that you must flip before running, flip a further six times during the course and flip before handing over the frying pan to the next runner.  Jake ran the course first, in true Jake style as if he was on the cat walk, followed by me, I managed to complete the course without incident but it was Ryan Taylor who bought the event in to disrepute.

In scenes similar to that of Frank Lampard’s goal that wasn’t against Germany in the 2010 World Cup it was claimed he had fallen foul of the six toss rule. This meant despite Jake & I’s efforts and years of training the victory was snatched from under our noses, no matter how hard we protested the final decision was with Sainsbury’s whom we were up against!  Unlike in sport today, video technology is not allowed to aid the judge’s decision but if you watch the film below you will clearly see that KL.FM should have been the winner of this most important event in the pancake calendar.

In all seriousness it was an amazingly fun event and thanks to the Vancouver Quarter for organising the whole thing!

As for Ryan, Jake and I can’t bear to be in the same room as him anymore and won’t be inviting him over for Shrove Tuesday tea tonight!


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