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KLFM want to know a little bit more about you - that's why we're inviting all our listeners to become an Opinion Minion!

This simple survey should only take you about a minute. Your details will never be passed on to third parties, or anything nasty like that.

Everyone that completes the survey will be automatically entered into a cash prize draw, where five people will win £20!

The winner will be drawn at random and contacted in early April.


How do I complete the survey?

If you already have an account with us then simply click "Sign up now" and you'll just need to login. You'll be finished in just a minute.

If you don't yet have an account then you'll need to create an account, start by participating. Once you have finished we'll send you an email to validate your email address.

Once you receive it, click the link - it'll validate your email and take you directly to the start of the survey. You'll be done a minute later!


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Poll: Do you think West Norfolk is generally a tolerant place to live?

Do you think West Norfolk is generally a tolerant place to live?

No 80% Vote!
Yes 20% Vote!

Poll is open from 9th October 2015 12:00am until 23rd October 2015 12:00am.

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