Secret Sound


Congratulations ! To Cherie Jolley who on 11/07/2013 won £1730.00

The correct answer is: Coring An Apple

secret sound




Incorrect Guesses


A lever operated log splitter

The clasp on a briefcase flipping up

Rotating the disc in a children's Viewmaster

Scrunching a piece of paper into a ball

A pinball machine when it pings back and hits the ball

Ripping corrugated cardboard

Releasing the locks on a briefcase

A zip on a woman's handbag

Releasing the lock on a suitcase or briefcase


A pop up tent

Pressing button on tape measure

Moving a typewriter carriage back across


Turning a key in a door lock - locking

Sound of a ball as it hits a table tennis paddle

Cutting celery

Separating a plaster from a strip down the perforated edge

When you close a draw


A franking machine stamping an envelope

When you switch an iPhone off


Lighting a match

Blinds closing

Chopping a swede

Pressing a door release on a microwave


A double glazed door handle being pushed down

When you go through a barrier of a turnstyle

A newspaper being posted through a letter box and landing on the floor

Releasing a seat belt out of its buckle

Opening a plastic egg box

An automatic soap dispenser

Cordless vacuum cleaner clicking back into its station

Money changing machine

Torque Wrench


Perforated line on toilet roll

Putting a tape recorder on record

A slapband on a wrist

An ID protection stamp

Stepping on snow or ice



Photo being taken on a tablet

Empty sauce bottle being squeezed and then the air being sucked back in

Cracking a nut with a nutcracker


Opening a pre-packed sandwich

Pressing the dome on the board game Frustration

A ring-binding machine punching holes into documents

Flicking pages of a book

Connecting a seat belt into its buckle


Pulling a tax disc holder away from the windscreen

Taking a photo with a film camera


An umbrella shooting open

Taking a photo with a camera on an iPhone

Somebody taking a bite from an apple

Speed stacking cups


A gate latch

Opening an envelope using a knife

Pulling a ring pull off a can

Closing a briefcase

Putting the tag back into a trolley to release the £1 coin


Ripping a bin liner off a roll

Pulling an electric socket out of a plug

Cutting flower stems

Nail gun

Old style knitting machine


An ash tray with spinning top being pushed down

Chip cutter


Opening a letter with a letter opener

Baco foil dispenser

Tennis ball machine


Putting coins into a meter like a parking machine

When a safety button on a jar lid pops up

Ripping the backing off a parcel from Amazon

Flicking a pack of cards down together

Toaster popping up

Cut a fold foil dispensers hairdressers

Cracking an egg

Vending machine plastic cup drop with powder

Microwave popcorn popping

Pulling down a door handle to open a door

Pull up cellotape on dispenser then break off

Old price gun

Parcel tape or cellotape gun

Tin crusher

Central locking on a car

Pressing down the button and the lid lifting


Potato sack being dropped on floor

Tearing velcro apart

Garlic being crushed in a garlic press

Stabbing the cling film cover on meat

Coffee vending machine pressing button cup dropping

Battery air freshener

Salt grinder

Opening a drinks can

Shuffling a pack of cards

Credit card swipe machine

Pulling a plastic vending machine cup

Date stamp being pushed down

Black pepper grinder


Foil lid off the top of a Pot Noodle

Pulling a Christmas cracker

Squashing a plastic cup

Top off cereal box being pulled off

Pulling off the tab from washing powder pack

Cabbage being sliced

Lid off bottle of milk


Cabbage being sliced

Lift up a door handle

Hole punch

Old style pricing gun

The grabber on Hungry Hippos

Hole punch

Treading on a twig

Bubblegum machine - twisting to get sweets

Chopping carrots

Paper guilloutine

Cutting cardboard with scissors


Hole punch

Army standing to attention


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