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July 2015

Big Winners on KL.FM

28th July 2015

This is Patricia Frammingham from South Wootton who thanks to KL.FM had her Summer Sorted back in May and came to collect her stash of prizes worth over £2000 last week.

Listen to the moment we made her day, or in her words, her summer below.

And this is Emma Bailey from Wisbech who won a very nice £750 on KL.FM's Secret Sound...

She was very pleased to win too..... Listen




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Market Bistro

27th July 2015

Our journey to celebrate  the local produce of West Norfolk began in the town of King’s Lynn. With the help of Dr Paul Richards we were able to learn about the rich history of the old merchant town that has left us with some beautiful remains in the form of charming buildings, sweet cobbled streets, magnificent churches, and elegant eating houses. All of these come together to create an overall aesthetically pleasing area. Market Bistro is situated at the heart of this area opposite Saturday Market Place and St. Margaret’s Church.

Image provided by Matthew Usher Photography

This week we find ourselves at a very special location that encompasses everything we have been discovering on our journey. Market Bistro of King’s Lynn is an award winning producer of quality fresh food. Before they have even started cooking they will grow lots of their ingredients in their own local allotment. Their commitment to using “food within 40 miles” of the town alongside their overwhelming passion great tasting food is what makes this destination an extremely rewarding, educating, and exciting one.

lynn 3

Before it became Market Bistro there was a restaurant under different management that famously struggled to survive and eventually closed. Lucy and Richard, the current owners, saw an opportunity to create a place that would grow into the realisation of their dreams based on their philosophy of food. 

There is a book called The Physiology of Taste by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin that expands on the phenomena of food. Famously quoted as saying “tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are” Brillat-Savarin, a lawyer and politician, who is famous for being an epicure and gastronome, explains the connection between taste and the senses. In fact – he writes about the entire relationship between people and food. The book by Brillant-Savarin is only a drop in the ocean to expanding the mind with regards to the subject of food – it is a philosophical and scientific subject that people have been engaged with since the dawn of time. For this reason I think we should look at our own individual relationship with what we consume – you may find that you have started to ignore and neglect something that it is interestingly complex and vital to our health, to your own future, and the future of humanity. 

During the interview Richard talks about fermenting vegetables, it is a popular process but is in no way something new: the earliest recording of fermentation goes back to 6000 B.C. in the Fertile Crescent. This is an area that now includes Syria and Israel with a fascinating and extensive amount of human history that includes sites relating to the origins of agriculture and the Kebara Cave. Captain Cook, of the 18th century, is said to have used fermented vegetables to prevent his crew from catching scurvy - a disease that is caused by a vitamin C deficiency.  

In the 21st century many people will have their fermenting vessels at the ready in preparation for the winter: the process provides a great way to protect and endure the life of the vegetables as well as being nutritious. The process preserves the veg meaning that it maintains vitamin C. It will also introduce good bacteria into your digestive system enhancing your stomach’s ability to absorb food, this means you are then able to absorb the nutrients from all the remaining healthy foods of your diet. 

Our visit to Market Bistro has provided us with evidence, thanks to Lucy and Richard, that we can successfully create an all-year-round diet gathered from our rich array of local produce that is both healthy and delicious. 

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Race for Life 2015

22nd July 2015


Congratulations to everyone who took part in Race for Life at Houghton Hall last night.  Over 2000 amazing ladies walked, ran or jogged 5k around the wonderful grounds of the venue as the sun shone and set on what was an amazing day.

The atmosphere was second to none, it's was an evening truly filled with hope, joy, love, tears and laughter with one common cause, cancer!

Over £90,000 was raised on the night to help Cancer Research UK find a cure and every single penny of that tremendous total goes direct to the charity. To learn more about how money raised helps please click here.



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22nd July 2015

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21st July 2015


Don't Bees get on your nerves in the summer?  They make you get up, put your drink down and they fly around your head menacingly.  You find yourself telling them to go away using the most foul of language and more often than not you do a silly dance and scream like a girl even if there is only one, so imagine thousands of them!

This was the scene at the Sea Life Centre in Hunstanton yesterday!

Picture courtessy of

This swarm of bees were enjoying Sunny Hunny until the beekeeper arived!  Check out this video via Stella Gooch from Hunstanton Online



Hats of to David Warnes for making the beach safe once more.

For more on the story check out Hunstanton and Heachem on line.

















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X-Files is coming...

20th July 2015

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Alfie's Fresh Food

17th July 2015

Many of us will walk into a restaurant feeling hungry, we sit down and look at the menu, and then a member of staff will take our order. It is at this point we may take a moment to think of the chef working in the kitchen to transform the order ticket into a tasty dish that will arrive in front of us on the table. However, there are many factors that work towards the final piece.

That’s why this time we are at Alfie's Fresh Food talking to Jack Pearce because it's time to go, to quote the geese of Aristocats, "deeper" in our search behind the food. 
With Jack we will begin to think about the other factors of work involved before we take our first bite.  

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Journey of the Coffee Bean

17th July 2015

Continuing on our journey to celebrate local produce we find ourselves at Tropic – a coffee making company based on Hardwick Narrows of King’s Lynn. Why are we at a coffee making company if this is about local produce? The main focus of this journey is to discover what is behind the produce of Norfolk that we consume. I am starting to realise that for the perfect enjoyment and complete indulgence in top quality food we should take advantage of living in the 21st century where we can import the best coffee beans, or exotic vegetables, to complement our rich array of locally grown produce.

Tropic was founded by Martin in 1983 so he is the best guy to uncover the story behind the coffee. We sat down in the stylishly designed retail room with our cups of coffee placed on a coffee table made from a coffee beans barrel filled with different types of beans. He started by telling me that when he left school he was uncertain about what to do with regards to a career – so he applied, because it sounded different and interesting, for a job as a coffee buyer with Kenco. 

before beans

The history of coffee is truly an interesting subject. I have mentioned in my recording about the relationship between artists and coffee Balzac in particular:

Honoré de Balzac stands as one of the most influential artists, the cordon bleu of writers, a novelist and a playwright – I believe his work will be enjoyed, appreciated, and critiqued for the remainder of our time. There is a theory that coffee was the driving force for Balzac and this may be the reason for that theory:

“Coffee glides into one’s stomach and sets all of one’s mental processes in motion. One’s ideas advance in column of route like battalions of the Grande Armée. Memories come up at the double, bearing the standards which will lead the troops onto battle. The light cavalry deploys at the gallop. The artillery of logic thunders along with its supply wagons and shells. Brilliant notions join in the combat as sharpshooters. The characters don their costumes, the paper is covered with ink, the battle has started, and ends with an outpouring of black fluid like a real battlefield enveloped in swaths of black smoke from the expended gunpowder. Were it not for coffee one could not write, which is to say one could not live”


There is one unarguable fact about coffee – it is extremely popular and the demand continues to grow. There is definitely something special about coffee that deserves our attention: perhaps by listening to Martin taking us on a tour around their factory will inspire you to delve further into the deep history of coffee.


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Springfest 2015 at Springwood

16th July 2015

Today for the second year running I was proud to host Springfest at Springwood High School in King's Lynn.  This is day for year 8 pupils who have challenged themselves over the last year and beyond.  To guarantee admission students had to complete their Endeavour.


Endeavour  is one of the most fun things at Springwood. It is a series of nine challenges that really put the pupils outside of their comfort zone.  It might sound hard, but that’s the point, it’s a really good experience and gets then up and trying new things. It pushes  them to their limits, and makes Springfest mean more as the year 8's know they've  achieved something they didn't think they would.  


Amongst the fun activities there was a chance to climb spider mountain, a rodeo bull, bungee run and also awesome live music and free burgers & ice cream!



How did the students qualify to be there?


Attend extra-curricular clubs or outside school activities at least 10 times in Years 7 and 8.

Numeracy & Literacy
Complete a Mental Maths Passport.
Read 5 books in Year 7 and 8 in Tutor Time.

Get their work displayed or publicised around the school in at least 3 different areas, on the website or in the local press.

Participate in the three day trips or a residential activity with the school or another organisation.
Attend at least one school performance as part of the audience.

Attitude to Learning - Show excellence or significant improvement in their ATL grades on their reports throughout Years 7 and 8.

Value Others
Make a difference by taking an active part in organising and promoting a charity fund-raising event in Years7 and 8.

Take an active part in performing or presenting in an assembly, parents evening or a school performance in Years 7 and 8.

Independently research and explain about a different culture or country to students in their tutor group in Years and 8.

Represent their house, school, tutor group in at least 2 different activities in Years 7 and 8.

Congratulations to all that attended!

Thanks for having me and an even bigger thanks for all of the birthday wishes and birthday song at the end!



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Ever been chased by an animal?

16th July 2015

It was cow appreciation day on Tuesday, a day I struggled with after my experience of their anger.  Around 10 years ago I was having a picnic near sutton bridge and whlst driving back to the A17 I spotted a herd of cows in the field parralell to the road i was travelling on.  Being a lovely suny day and that I was the only car on the road I stopped, wound doen the window anda said "Hello Mr Cow and friends" in my best and most enthusiastic "Moooo".  What I said and what they heard was something different as shorrtlyu after about 20 of them were chasing my car at speed.  I can honestly say I've never been so scared in my life!

Seems I'm not the only one who has been chased by an animal!


Sheralyne LeeChased by my step mums Cockerel!










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Fire service training at Majestic Cinema - VIDEO

14th July 2015

Today I paid a rather unusual visit to the movies with the Norfolk Fire Serviceand Crew Manager Paul Edwards from White Watch at South Lynn Fire Station.

They cordoned off part of Tower Street for an hour whilst they practised dealing with a building collapse.

A big thank you goes out to the Majestic Cinema from Norfolk Fire Services and from myself to the Norfolk Fire Service themselves for allowing me to witness their training.



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Springwood High Super Learning Day

10th July 2015

Super learning Day


I've spent the day with Year 7 at Springwood High drinking Smoothies, tough job eh!


It was Super Learning Day at the school, this means the normal timetable is thrown out  and one subject in each year is the focus all day.  Year 8 studied politics while the students I was with had fun with maths.


They pupils had to design, advertise, create, determine quantities of ingredients, name, cost and price their very own Smoothie and then present to the whole of their year. I along with three other judges had to pick the best Smoothie based on taste, colour, team work and presentation amongst other things.


The video below is just a flavour of the day, get it? Oh well!






Congratulations to Oxborough House who lifted the trophy for Best Smoothie. 


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The Merchant Town

9th July 2015

The first destination of our journey takes place in the historical area of King’s Lynn. Nikolaus Pesvner famously wrote about the buildings and the remarkable architecture that can still be enjoyed today in 2015. The town was built from the success of trading produce all of Europe and in certain cosy corners of the town the charming and colourful tiny buildings that are a treat for our eyes, the cobbled stones beneath our feet that rattles our bones just as they did to our ancestors, and with the call of seagulls ringing in our ears we can be transported back in time through the centuries to relive the exciting merchant times of King's Lynn.

Bank House is now a luxurious hotel and restaurant that overlooks King’s Staithe Square. From a visual perspective there is a sense of modernity because it is so fresh and clean looking but as a grade II listed building with plans dating back to 1725 the elegant face of the Bank House hides a rich and long history.

The Bank House cellar is one of its most famous features with a tunnel that runs underneath the floor of the town for purpose of transporting goods such as wine and corn to the old open-air market at King’s Staithe Square.

Many folks that walk around King’s Lynn today are unaware of the history that is beneath their feet and in front of their eyes. Our attention is being drawn away from the area that was once inside the walls of Lynn. The focus of development and activity seems to be beyond the South Gate meaning that one of the busiest, important, and prosperous areas of England’s past has become a hidden gem of the 21st century. 


 Thomas Baines (1854) Image from King’s Lynn Museum


Bank House now survives as a reminder that King’s Lynn was built on the trading of produce and is proud to source their produce from local suppliers – supporting local businesses whilst providing their customers with quality fresh food. Their menus adapt to the season so they can serve food that is grown and harvested from Norfolk. 


Image of ‘The Bathroom’ room

During the interview with Jeanette she mentioned an artist called Fred Ingrams who has been painting The Fens. His work is currently on display as you enter Bank House but you can also see a collection of his work on his website

Fred Ingrams

The bold use of colours and daring lines fuels life into a scene that many of us commit only a brief glance. We must slow down to look, observe, and enjoy where we live. One evening, take a stroll down to Bank House, experience everything it has to offer, wander round the area of old town - however before you do listen to this interview I recorded with Dr Paul Richard's

Although this has been only the first step in our journey we can already feel inspired, passionate, proud, and excited about our rich history, our beautiful present, and the big potential of our future. 

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Snettisham Primary

9th July 2015

The pupils from Snettisham Primary school wrote and recorded an emotional and brilliant song with Ben O'Sullivan from The Songwriting Charity. 

Have a listen to their superb efforts below, there is some lovely sentiment in these lyrics.

I think there maybe some proud parents too!



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Apprentice Graduation at Corn Exchange

8th July 2015


This year, the Norfolk Apprentice Graduation Ceremonies will celebrate the achievements of this year’s graduating apprentices over two events to be held at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange Theatre on the 9th of July and at St. Andrew’s Hall in Norwich on the 17th July. Both Ceremonies will be preceded by an apprenticeship fair for employers and students seeking an apprenticeship.

Organised by Norfolk County Council and the Apprenticeships Norfolk Network which includes employers and the major training providers in the County, the ceremonies seek to recognise the achievements of our apprentices in qualifying.

Apprentices graduating in this academic year will be presented with a scroll commemorating their achievement and they can book their place – and for family, friends and employers who wish to support them online at


This podcast investigates apprenticeships with interviews from three people that are connected to the particular pathway of employment. Although apprenticeships are a popular pathway in the 21st century they are not a modern way of finding employment –Pierre-Auguste Renoir, arguably the creator of Impressionism, started out as an apprentice working for a porcelain painter.  In fact they go all the way back to the Medieval Period. It was merchants and artisans that were using the apprenticeship scheme - instead of the industries and companies we might think of from the 21st century. It was governed from Guilds, which were associations of local craftsmen that hired apprentices – the St Georges Guildhall in King’s Lynn is a reminder of how society has evolved over time with many things lost in the past but the apprenticeship scheme still remains:


KLFM 96.7 spoke to Susie and Stevie from the College of West Anglia and Heather Garrod the president for the West Norfolk Chamber of Commerce about the relevance, positives and negatives, of apprenticeships in the 21st century.


Susie Massen, who manages the apprenticeship contract for the College of West Anglia:



Stevie is an apprentice at the College of West Anglia studying business and administration:






Heather Garrod is not directly involved with apprenticeships at the present time but gives an interesting perspective based on her recruitment experience.






Apprenticeships are an excellent option for young people as an alternative to going to Uni as they will get practical experience and a wage as well as the academic learning required – and give Employers a way to help young people, future-proof their business and pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation.

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Congratulations Michael Buble

8th July 2015




Michael Bublé and his wife Luisana have announced they're expecting their second child - sharing the news in a cute video post.

Their son, who's nearly 2, is seen pointing to his mum's stomach, saying "baby", as the singer asks "Who's that in there?".

Take a look!

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7th July 2015

This morning I'd like to say a big "Thank you" to everyone at FORAS in Stow Bridge.  As you'll see and hear below back in November they offered to help the staff and pupils of Highgate School in King's Lynn after their gardens were vandalised.  Now that the garden has had time to grow and be cared for again they have delivered there generous offer.

Please read the post below to remind yourself of the events that led to them getting involved.



The pictures below show the devastation left behind after calous, mindless vandals thought it would be ‘fun’ to wreck a loved and cared for play area & green at Highgate Infant School in King’s Lynn.  There are no words as to why anyone would do this, let alone to a group of very young children who have created the garden themselves, a group of children who were obviously very proud of what they had achieved.

The destruction took place over Half Term and you can only imagine how the teachers and pupils felt on discovering the mess after their holiday.

I know the children are devastated after all the hard work they put into it and don’t think it’s fair that they should suffer because of a bunch of idiots with nothing better to do.



To prove that there is far more good in West Norfolk than the evil people who did this have a listen to just one of our donations to the school this afternoon




Highgate Infants, King's Lynn

A garden bench, fecning and plants all planted by the boys and girls just dumped in the school pond! 


If you would like to help in the clear up there is a gathering of very kind hearted people giving up their time on Saturday morning from 10am at the school and you are more than welcome to attend too.  If you are on twitter @JoRust45 has more details.


This took place between 12pm and on 20th October and 8am on Monday 3rd November and if you know anything please call PSO Caroline Docking at King’s Lynn Police Station on 101.




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The Royal Christening at Sandringham for Princess Charlotte

5th July 2015

Filed by Simon Rowe - Royal Correspondent!

Despite the mixed weather today thousands made the short or for some thousands of miles journey to the Sandringham Estate to witness a moment in history.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge looked very much the proud parents as they strolled through a sea of well wishers towards the Church of St Mary Magdalene to christen Princess Charlotte. The pram pushed by the Duchess was a 'hand me down' from the Queen, but I think you'll agree it's almost certainly the Rolls Royce of prams, bit of a classic!

The many who showed their support cheered with delight as a very cheeky Prince George holding his Dad's hand looked around to see why he was getting so much attention. Prince George just like any other little fella of his age even tried to make a break for it after the service whilst his parents were chatting to the Archbishop of Canterbury, bless him.

Among the many people I met was a certain Terry Hutt from Weston-Super-Mare who is famous for attending Royal Events in his Union Jack suit.  At one point Prince Charles even made a point of remarking how amazing he looked before entering the church.

Others I met had traveled from Peterborough, Holt, King's Lynn, Sydney, Scotland and Dubai.

My favourite story of the day was from a Florida lady who was in the UK for the British Grand Prix with her husband. It was a couple of days before the race when Lauri Spencer who kept her maiden name in honour of Lady Diana Spencer heard that the Royal Christening was happening today.  Lauri decided that she couldn't miss her opportunity to see the Royal Family in the flesh and suggested that she and her hubby forgot about Silverstone and head to Sandringham instead.  He disagreed, but she came on her own anyway. As for her Grand Prix ticket, a stranger who overheard their conversation cheekily said he would be happy to go in her place, and so he did with Lauri's husband whom he'd never met before. I guess he was happy with a Lewis Hamilton win, her hubby saw the race and Lauri who was wrapped in a U.S. flag celebrated the Royal occasion with new found friends in the grounds of the Queen's Estate

A big thank you and hats off should go to the security services and Norfolk Police who made sure the event ran smoothly with a presence that was certainly there but in no way intruding on anyone's enjoyment or chance to feel close to the Royal Family.


Congratulations on a beautiful family to Wills & Kate





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Wisbech Rose Fair

4th July 2015


What an amazing day in the centre of Wisbech for the 52nd Rose Fair.  I took Supertrooper and the KLFM Storm from Duff Morgan to be part of the procession which also featured Wisbech Rugby Club, West Walton Primary, The Light Cinema and Tesco Community Support.

I met Minions, Micky & Minnie Mouse, Shrek and Sully from Monsters Inc amongst others.  

Well done to everyone from the Wisbech Round Table for organising this yearly event which last year raised over £6000.  Preparation for the Rose Fair 2016 start tomorrow!

 To see ALL the pictures click HERE

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Transistion to year 7 and BIG School

3rd July 2015

Moving to High School is a big thing for those involved, not just the children but the parents too.  When my children moved up we had all the usual worries but it really didn't take long for either of my twins to adapt!

The video below featuring my daughter explains what 'Big School' is like and how moving to year 7 is actualy really good!

I hope this helps x




A Question of Time. The programme is designed as a Question and Answer session and the topic for discussion tonight was Transition to High School. The presenters, Evie and Harvey were joined in the Gaywood Studios by Mr. Dawson, Holly and Harry from Springwood High School who answered questions from our Y6 on making the move to Year 7.

The show was produced by Aaron and Directed by Carly, who did a fantastic job of pulling the show together.


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Free ice lollies from your friends at KLFM

2nd July 2015

Yesterday (1st July 2015) was the hottest day of the year, and what better way for us to let you lot know how much we love you, than to give you free ice lollies.

I took Si from KLFM Breakfast with me and took to the streets of Lynn.

We didn't even get a quarter of the way round the Lap of Lynn before we gave away 40 lollies to grateful listeners.

We took a whole load of photos and have put them on our Facebook page. If you had pictures with us, then tag yourself, download them and share them with your friends!

Free lollies all round

Free lollies all round

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Sunshine and Lollipops

1st July 2015

On the hottest day of the year so far Charles from Hometime and I decided to cool people down in the Vancouver Quarter with delicious ice cold lollipops for no other reason than we are very nice people!

Let us know if you fancy some too!


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