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November 2016

It begins! (Oh yes it does)

29th November 2016

So then, after agreeing to star in this year's Pantomime at the Alive Corn Exchange way back in February, rehearsals have begun.

Posh Charles' panto script

With a week to learn script (as best I could), I made my way to the Corn Exchange yesterday to meet everyone involved, cast and crew alike. The best way I can describe it is very similar to the first day of school... Lots of glances around and a few jangling nerves with only ten days to rehearse and get everything running smoothly on stage.

Then, it was down to our rehearsal space. Now, I haven't done any acting since school, so to say I was nervous is a bit of an understatement. BUT, I needn't have worried, everyone was so very reassuring and lovely. 

Panto rehearsals begin

We were away!

Day one of rehearsals down, now onto the singing and dancing...

P.S. Here's a sneek peak of my beard that at one point forms an elaborate disguise... Truly terrifying.

Beard disguise

P.P.S. Sorry.

Posted by Panto Charles at 12:08pm


Lavender Hill Mob

25th November 2016

Lavender Hill


Congratulations once again to the amazing Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company who have just finished their panto run at the Alive Corn Exchange.  This years "Christmas Cracker" was a big success as ever was a completely original performance.  The show put together by Alex, Carl, Les, Tim and Zoe played for three nights to large crowds.

The Lavender Hill Mob are an all-inclusive theatre company  their aim is to include everyone in the community in all aspects of musical theatre, from the age of four regardless of experience or ability, and to attain high quality performances on a professional level .

To learn more about themvisit their website here.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:58am


Playtime Radio

23rd November 2016


Hello to my fellow radio presenters at Play Time Radio!  The children at Gaywood Community Primary broadcast their own shows every Tuesday and Friday from the school for the school during lunchbreak and now you can listen too via the link below.  I met the talented presenters and researchers this week and passed on some ideas for their shows along with how or depending on how you look at it how not to present the shows.

Give them listen one afternoon and then let them know you're tuned in, but please remember to come back to K.FM (-;


Listen LIVE to Play Time Radio

Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:37am


The winning selfie revealed

22nd November 2016

10,000 Selfies

Congratulations selfie number 9787!  

They have won an iPad plus an Audi TT for the weekend, which I think Mum and Dad may have to enjoy!

Our "Randomiser" picked the picture below which was only taken on Thursday last week at Whitefriars Primary School in King's Lynn.

Do you know this face?


Selfie Winner

Posted by Simon Rowe at 6:20am


The winning selfie is revealed

22nd November 2016

10,000 Selfies

Congratulations selfie number 9787!  

They have won an iPad plus an Audi TT for the weekend, which I think Mum and Dad may have to enjoy!

Our "Randomiser" picked the picture below which was only taken on Thursday last week at Whitefriars Primary School in King's Lynn.

Do you know this face?


Selfie Winner

Posted by Simon Rowe at 6:20am


A World Record LIVE on KLFM erm maybe not

17th November 2016


Does your Mother know her Abba songs?  Chances are it’s better than me!  There are 6 presenters at KLFM and one of us had to take part in this. The name of the game was for the adjudicator from the Guinness World Records to gimmie gimmie gimmie 60 seconds to work out the title ABBA songs just from their opening lyrics.  I was hoping to be head over hills with my score but for all the money money money in the world I couldn’t work out the songs quick enough! Should I laugh or cry, it really was that bad, the chance of having a world record was literally slipping through my fingers as the clock drew closer to sixty seconds.

I have a dream one day to try again and next time I do I do I do hope I perform just a little bit better. Perhaps next time I should get more help, but I don’t think even an SOS would have made much difference.  When all is said and done they say the winner takes it all and this time was most certainly not me.  Knowing me knowing you next time I’ll be just as bad if not worse!

Now read again and see if you can spot all 14 ABBA songs.

Listen to Si's awful preformance


Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:30am


West Norfolk Rugby Club - Ladies

16th November 2016

I spent the evening with the lovely women form West Norfolk Ladies at the Rugby Clubin North Wootton, what an amazing bunch. 


 Training takes place at Gate House Lane on Wednesday's and they are always happy to see new faces, so if you feel like giving it a go just turn up.

Here's Rachel Wade (Team Captain)


Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:38am


Win £40 for

16th November 2016

Every day this week I'm giving away the chance to win £40 to spend online with Not only will you be able to treat yourself to something nice but you'll also get something nice and bespoke for a deserving friend too.


To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is play the £1000 minute one morning this week at 8:10

If you'd like to try why not text 07786 200 967 now with the word "1k" and your name.  I'll pick someone at random to play.

In the meantime I've been hearing about amazing people that deserve to win including these stories




My son's ps4 broke, I couldn't replace it as I'm disabled and on benefits unfortunately. My best friend sue had a brand new one delivered to our door in 3 days!! All paid for!! We've never been able to thank her enough she's an angel. X



My best friend is now my girlfriend... I lost my mum and iv struggled to cope since I'm on depression tablets etc I'm unhappy alot I'm starting councelling and she has been there threw thick and thin... she wipes my tears wen I cry... she's even bought me a locket with a pic of my mum in (made me cry so much) I love her she's my everything and anything I win would go all to her :) x



My best friend sat for over an hour on Monday to get us tickets to go see cliff Richard next year knowing that something I always wanted to go and she going sit though the concert if though she not a fan And been a massive support in my recent marriage break up in that when I doubted myself she bed. There at 56 it been hard She not bed very well health wise and it would cheer her up thank you x



A friend of mine Kim Hunter restored a very special photo for my mum. It was of my brother who died at 18 months- 41 years ago from cot death. My mum hasn't many photos but it has been in a frame for all these years and faded so much. Kim could understand how precious it was to my mum. Kim has now restored it and I've ordered a new print on acrylic for my mum for Christmas


Do you know someone who deserves a special surprise this Christmas? Nominate them now >





Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:26am


367 Selfies to go

15th November 2016

Just 367 Selfies to go

The maths mean I need to take 61 a day to reach my target!  How will it be done, how can you help?

I'll be with my Selfie board at the following places...


West Norfolk Rugby Club



Whitefriars Primary



Snettisham Primary



Fran's 30th Birthday (Private invite)



Tuesday Market Place for the Christmas Light Switch on




Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:39am


Christmas has begun

10th November 2016

Christmas has begun..

Not only is the new John Lewis advert out (WATCH IT BELOW) but so is the must have Christmas Toy list...

How many on the list have been circled and left on the coffee table for you to see?

1. Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen Flair Leisure Products £24.99
2. Snuggle My Dream Puppy Character Options £49.99
3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Hasbro £59.99
4. Speak Out Hasbro £19.99
5. Silly Sausage John Adams £19.99
6. Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster Lego £89.99
7. Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter Lego £69.99
8. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Mattel £89.99
9. Thomas & Friends Sky-High Bridge Jump Mattel £99.99
10. Hatchimals Spin Master Toys £59.99
11. Paw Patrol Air Patroller Spin Master Toys £39.99
12. SelfieMic Worlds Apart £19.99

Ross & I discussed these this morning but it didn't quite pan out as we thought it would.




Posted by Simon Rowe at 8:03am


Nothing we can do about it

9th November 2016

It's been dominating the headlines, everyone has been talking about it, everybody has an oppinion, in England there's not much we can do about it.  It's been top of all the social media trends like Twitter and Facebook and now it's official, from now on we will have to get used to a smaller Toblerone Bar, not the news we needed just ahead of Christmas.

The controversial move by it's makers has reduced the weight of bar, 400g bars are now 360g, while 170g ones are now only 150g.

Essentialy the chocolate peaks have been changed and now only every other one remains!  How could this of happend, who makes these decisisons?

Perhpas the new President of the United States Donald Trump can help make things right?




Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:57am


Drip Driip Drip

8th November 2016

If you were listening to show this moring you may of heard a couple of drips, nothing new there then!

This is what greeted Ross & I first thing this morning...



Seem's we've had a little leak for sometime which has been collectiong water until the point it gave way. 


Thanks to Nigel from MNB for coming to the rescue, he's our hero!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:21am


A face for... lift doors.

7th November 2016

If you've not spotted it yet, I'd like to apologise.

Just before Halloween my face appeared all over King's Lynn on the posters and banners for the Panto.

Panto Charles on the lift

I'm all for promoting the panto (obviously), but did the Corn Exchange really think putting my gurning mug on the posters would help? Just saying guys...

If you've not seen it yet, the cast are on the lift doors at the St James Car Park (pictured), as well as all over town. There's no escape if you're stuck in the traffic at Southgates either... There's a huge billboard there too.

Anyway, as terrifying as it is to see me all over the place, the folks at the Corn Exchange called me the other day to say that tickets are selling well - if you've not got yours yet, you can, here:


Posted by Panto Charles at 11:54am



7th November 2016

Nearly there...

Last year I was given the task to meet 10,000 people around West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham and with my deadline drawing close I'm pleased to say I've only 412 Selfies to go!  Still a lot but when you think that means I've taken 9588 it's nothing!

I need to take the 10,000th Selfie on or before the Christmas Light Switch on which takes place on The Tuesday Market Place on Sunday 20th November. That means I've 14 days including the day itself to do it, or in other words I need to take 29 every day between now and then.

Please grab me for a selfie if ya see me, I can't fail after all this time.

Ill be in the following places between now and then.

  • Monday 7th November - Downham Market
  • Friday 11th November - Vancouver Quarter, Poppy Shop
  • Friday 11th November - With Uniformed Services
  • Friday 11th November - Red Mount with CWA
  • Wednesday 16th November - West Norfolk Ladies Rugby
  • Friday 18th November - Snettisham Primary School
  • Sunday 20th November - Christmas Light Switch on

Selfie Number 1



and the latest Selfie too



Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:24am


Fawkes in the Walks 2016

7th November 2016

Didn't brave the cold weather on Friday night?  Couldn't make it to the Walks?

Here you go..

Posted by Simon Rowe at 6:43am


Peace and Hope Garden at the Q.E in King's Lynn

4th November 2016

Hope and Peace, QE Hospital

A big well done the Laura the Tesco Community Champion at Hardwick who has been fund raising and working hard with local companies to create an amazing garden space at the QE Hospital for Breast Cancer Care patients.  The wonderful area was officially opened yesterday and now you can see the finished garden for yourself..

Hope and Peace, QE Hospital

Hope and Peace, QE Hospital

Hope and Peace, QE Hospital

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:17am


West Norfolk Sports Awards

2nd November 2016

Do you know someone who deserves that bit of recognition? Do they volunteer, coach or support those in sport? Are they a budding athlete who could one day, make it big?

Sports Awards

We have so many amazing sporting clubs in our area from tiny part-time groups through to semi and professional groups.  Our schools have superb sporting success and there are even a few international sporting stars that are part of our community in West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham.  The only way any of them can win is if you tell us about them, let us know about their achievements and successes over the year and then they can be considered for a nomination at this year’s awards.

For more visit the West Norfolk Sport's Award page.

Sports Awards

Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:51am


King's Lynn Food Bank

1st November 2016


Food donations

We often run short of tinned meat, tinned veg, tinned fruit, sugar, long-life fruit juice and long-life milk. 

We'd also really appreciate donations of toiletries - shower gel, deodorant, soap, women's sanitary products and nappies. 

Donations can be dropped into the Foodbank offices at The Red Cross Headquarters, Austin Fields, Kings Lynn PE30 1PH - Monday to Friday 12.30 pm. to 2.30 pm. 

If there are schools / businesses who want to make large donations (i.e. more than a few carrier bags) then please call Kat in advance on 07582 558143.


Money donations

We're in the process of setting up a better system for this! In the meantime, people can send cheques made payable to King's Lynn Foodbank to our offices at the British Red Cross.

For more information, please click here.

Posted by Charity of the Month at 11:54am


Pinch Punch - The first day of the month

1st November 2016

White Rabbits


Who was the winner of Pinch Punch First Day of the Month in your house this morning?

But why do we do it?

Maybe it’s because...

As president, George Washington met local Indian tribes on the first day of each month, when he would supply fruit punch with a pinch of salt. It became known as "pinch and punch on the first of the month.

It originates from old England times when people thought that witches existed. People thought that salt would make a witch weak and the punch was to punish the witch.

Some believe the phrase will bring good luck for the rest of the month, a tradition which dates back the turn of the 20th century.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:55am



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