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April 2017


24th April 2017

This Sunday 3600 people will run the streets of King's Lynn in the 11th Grand East Anglia Run & Mini Gear.  Starting and finishing in the Tuesday Market Place this event will raise thousands of pounds for local charities, community groups and good causes.   As ever I'll be there running around interviewing those taking part but also this year I'm looking after the tannoy too, so I make no apologies but there's no escape this time, you can't run away from me or turn me off!


Good luck!

Need to know times, see the route or learn about the road closures?  Look here.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:59am


4:30 alarm

18th April 2017

After a week away and a long Bank Holiday Weekend boy did the 4:30am hit hard this morning.  For the first time probably ever I spent my Bank Holiday doing DIY, something I am 100% rubbish at and find incredibly boring.  However it must be a sign of my age as I really enjoyed it and was mega upset when I ran out of fence to paint, in fact I must be getting really old as we had garden furniture delivered before my holiday and I couldn't wait to come back and sit on it!

I hope you had a good break too x



Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:25am


NARS - Norfolk Accident Rescue Service

5th April 2017

nars 1

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service provides advanced pre-hospital care to victims of serious injury and medical emergencies. 

NARS paramedics and doctors have received additional training and volunteer their services in their own time. 

They respond to incidents from home in their own cars and provide shift cover on the NARS rapid response vehicle, ‘Medic 22’.

The specialised medical equipment they carry is funded by charitable donations, as are the advanced medical courses they need to attend.

NARS receives no government or Health Service funding so every donation, whether large or small, is vital.  You can help in lots of ways: by giving money, fund-raising, joining their weepstake or by helping out at events.  

You can also help us by liking them on Facebook or by Following @narsbasics and #Medic22 on Twitter.

The East of England Ambulance Service has designated staff in their central control room who look at every 999 emergency call in real-time.  NARS members can be contacted any time of the day or night should any of the criteria be met for immediate dispatch. 

Incidents that trigger an immediate response include Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs), falls from height, cardiac arrests and serious injuries sustained from assault or industrial accidents.  The most serious medical emergencies can be harder to determine from the initial 999 call, however in certain circumstances, a call-handler will ask for further information before dispatching NARS.

nars 1

Each NARS volunteer is equipped with a response bag, defibrillator and monitoring equipment.  Their cars are equipped with blue lights and sirens and they are trained and assessed by the ambulance service to respond under full emergency driving conditions.  Personal protective equipment is mandatory at the scene of an accident, which is why NARS members are provided with orange hi-visibility jackets, gloves, safety goggles and a helmet.

Ambulance crews are equipped to deal with a wide range of medical and trauma emergencies.  In some situations, additional pain relief with sedation to facilitate a difficult extrication from vehicles or other tight spaces is required.  NARS members carry a wider range of drugs to alleviate pain in these situations.

Although children are resilient, trauma is one of the leading causes of death and disability in young children.  NARS volunteers are trained in advanced paediatric resuscitation techniques and intraosseous (IO) injection with the EZ-IO system.  This enables quick and reliable intravenous access to be obtained in order to give lifesaving drugs and fluids.  A range of paediatric airway equipment is also carried.

NARS volunteers can provide additional equipment to patients suffering from acute cardiogenic pulmonary oedema.  This condition is where the heart fails to pump adequately resulting in a large build-up of fluid inside the lungs, impairing exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lung.  A machine called a ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’ (CPAP) device can help treat this condition in the emergency setting.  All NARS members carry disposable CPAP equipment, which has been shown to reduce the number of patients requiring invasive ventilation (with a breathing tube) in the intensive care unit.

An asthma attack can be particularly severe and resistant to the standard treatment of nebulisers and steroids provided by paramedics.  NARS volunteers carry additional drugs to treat acute severe asthma attacks.

Referred to as ‘major trauma’, life and limb threatening injuries present a number of challenges to members of the emergency services.  NARS volunteers are trained and equipped to perform emergency surgical procedures at the scene of an accident.  A surgical crycothroidotomy is a procedure similar to a tracheostomy in that the lungs can be ventilated in the case of complete airway obstruction, especially in the case of severe facial injuries.  Thoracostomies can be performed when a patient is suspected of having severe chest injuries to relieve a tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

Their aim is to save lives and provide an additional level of care for patients prior to their admission to hospital.

They need your help to raise funds to continue saving lives and improving patient care.

Posted by Charity of the Month at 1:01pm


The Easter Bunny is coming...

4th April 2017


The Easter Bunny is coming... well I'll be out and about all over West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham collecting eggs at least.  KLFM's Easter Egg appeal begins tomorrow at Asda in South Wootton, it's your chance to make a little face have a big smile.   Please just grab one extra egg while doing your shopping and pop it in our trolley if you can, we will then deliver to less privileged and sick children before Easter itself.

The full line up of collection days is here.


There is also a drop of point at Swinton in King's Lynn and Co-Op Travel on the High Street in King's Lynn too.





Posted by Simon Rowe at 12:43pm


Champions of Magic

3rd April 2017

This is Alex McAleer from Champions of Magic, he can read minds.  I know mine is quite simple but he did it with ease!

He is one of five illusionists at the Alive Corn Exchange tonight and this morning he showed me what he can do.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:32am



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