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August 2017

Remembering Princess Diana

31st August 2017

This morninng listeners shared their memories of the most famous woman in the world, Princess Diana.  The 31st August marks 20 years to the day the she died in a car crash in Paris.


And also if you missed our special tribute, here it is again.  You may need a hankie.

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Brave the Shave 2017

25th August 2017

This morning Des and Tony Braved the Shave for Macmillan

Help Tony raise more money

Help Des raise more money

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More Mini Surprises

24th August 2017







Wow what an amazing two weeks!   Over the last fortnight I’ve been touring all over West Norfolk, Wisbech & Fakenham giving out Mini Surprises with Listers Mini in King’s Lynn in my fab Mini Countryman.  Along with staff from Mini we visited Hunstanton and paid for Swimming at the Oasis, chocolate at the factory in Fakenham, parking at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, for food at Nando’s, KFC & McDonalds, then there was Coffee’s at Costa, the arcade machines, Ice creams, fish n Chips, peoples fuel in Wisbech and so much more!  Each and every one was an amazing Mini Surprise, there’s not enough good things in the world so we tried to put some smiles back in to it by doing these good deeds.

How would you react if a complete stranger approached and paid for you?  I’m pleased to say as you may expect everyone once they’d worked out who I was and what was going were overjoyed, even though in some cases it was just a couple of a quid, having something paid for like your parking at the hospital because you’re visiting your Mum who has falling and broke her hip meant the world.  I’d also like to mention the amazing staff who refused my money for parking to make sure patients were able to benefit too. I met an amazing family on the prom in Hunstanton who it turns out were at the seaside celebrating their first wedding anniversary, on arrival back at KLFM I had a lovely email to say how their special day had been made more amazing by Listers Mini and KLFM’s generosity.

Whilst in Wisbech I bumped into a lovely young lady who had literally just bought her Mini from the showroom, she’d done no more than 2 miles and as you’d imagine was over the moon to have her first tank of petrol for free.

I even got my own Mini Surprise in Fakenham thanks to Phoebe and David who spotted me on the Market Place and treated me to a nice cold drink which was enjoyed in the sun whilst people watching and deciding where to go with our money.

As you know I’m always out n about doing crazy things for KL.FM but this is one the things I’ll never forget, to be able to give away hundreds and hundreds of pounds to others ‘just because’ was truly an amazing experience.  I’ve loved people’s reactions, their stories and I’ve loved doing something so simple that has made such a big difference to people’s day.  Also I’ve got to be honest I’ve really loved driving around in the shiny new Mini Countryman, its looked so great parked on my drive at home!

You can see all off our Mini Surprises and maybe spot someone you know on KLFM’s Facebook page and via my blog at KLFM


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Mini Surprises

23rd August 2017

Have you had one yet?


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A Level Results LIVE

17th August 2017

Two very brave students from Springwood High School in King's Lynn opened their A-Level results live on KL.FM today.


Congratulations to Rob and Hollie and good luck for the future.

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Mini Surprises day 2

16th August 2017

More good deeds yesterday...

Have you had a Mini Surprise yet?


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£1000 WINNER

15th August 2017

1k Pearl

It’s only been about six weeks since it happened last time but this morning we gave away another £1000!  Mark Feder from King’s Lynn was as cool as a cucumber as he breezed through the 10 questions on the KL.FM £1000 Minute with about 10 seconds of the 60 to spare!

Here are his questions, how would you have done?


Which sign of the zodiac is represented by the ‘water-bearer’?

On which David Bowie album was the track ‘Life on Mars?’ on?

In which US TV series did Kiefer Sutherland play the character of Jack Bauer?

Which band consists of three brothers and a cousin?

Which has more bones; a human hand or a human foot?

In which year did Steve Jobs introduce the first Apple iPhone to the public?

Which European capital city was built on 14 islands?

Steven Spielberg was one of the co-founders of which movie studio?

What is Elton John's middle name?

Who is the current manager of King’s Lynn Town FC


Now hear the answers and the moment he won the cash!

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:59am


Mini Surprises day 1

14th August 2017


Everyday this week I'll be commiting random acts of kindness with Listers Mini in King's Lynn.  Our Mini Suprises are taking place all over West Norfolk, Wisbech & Fakenham and today we were putting smiles on lots of faces around the Tuesday Market Place in King's Lynn.

Listen to my show tomorrow to hear where we will be with more Mini Suprises.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 1:35pm


Age UK

4th August 2017

Age UK Norfolk Logo RGB copy

Age UK Norfolk is an independent, local charity. We have over 70 years’ experience dedicated to supporting older people and their families living in Norfolk. We raise our own funds and rely on local fundraising to provide vital services across the county.

Every year, thousands of older people and their carers turn to Age UK Norfolk for support. Whether it’s advice in a time of need, help filling out complicated forms or a friendly chat when they are feeling lonely, we are here to help.

We are proud to be making Norfolk a great place to grow older!

Every year, thousands of older people and their carers turn to Age UK Norfolk for support. Whether it’s advice in a time of need, help filling out complicated forms or a friendly chat when they are feeling lonely, we are here to help.

But we couldn’t do it alone. Our dedicated team of volunteers are the backbone of our organisation and without their help; we simply would not be able to deliver all the services that we do.

We urgently need volunteers in the Kings Lynn area to help us ensure more older people remain independent in their own homes for longer. Please visit our website or call us on 01603 787 111 for more information today.


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