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September 2017

The British *art Foundation

27th September 2017

It was just a slip of the tounge...

Yesterday I was joined by Charlotte from Lynnsport to talk about the Spinathon for the British Heart Foundation, that's the British HEART Foundation.....



Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:11am


Bacon Rolls all round!

19th September 2017

We are not 12 shows in from 20 that will be live from our bed worth £1000 thanks to Reeds Homestore in Downham Market.

Each morning I've invited local groups and charities along with some well-known names from the area to join me.  Big thanks also goes to James at Cafe Roasta for providing bacon rolls for every correct answer on the newly named "Bacon Roll Minute" (1k Min).   It goes without saying his frying pan has been busy...

Guests have so far included...

Nikki from Scotty;s Little Soldiers

Madam Mayor of King's Lynn & West Norfolk, Carol Bower

Father Adrian Ling, All Saints Church, Hillington Square

West Norfolk Healing Hearts

Downham Market Young Farmers

Mr Fipps Wonder Circus

Daisy (from The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds)

King's Lynn Police

The King's Lynn Beer Festival

And many more!


Keep listening for more surprises and for your chance to win the bed!


See our bedtime gallery here



Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:28am


Hunstanton Soap Box Derby

18th September 2017

What an amazing day in Hunstanton, over 1000 people turned out in the sunshine to see around 40 go-karts endure 340 metres of Hunstanton tarmac in the Soap Box Derby.  There were many Father/Son creations, team efforts and more of all descriptions and efforts.  Some of the creations had months and months of blood and sweat while others were made just a couple of days before.  Each and every go-kart was unique as you can see in the video below, however one group of racers from the Pocahontas Players made quite possible the biggest entrance of the lot....  If you're saw the crash at the start of the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday that had nothing on them!  Watch the second video below to see for yourself, somehow they walked away with only a grazed arm!


The Hunstanton Soap Box Derby 2017


Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:09am


Mr Fips - Playing with Knives

14th September 2017

Mr Fips Wonder Circus joined for Breakfast in Bed today ahead of their first night at Knights Hill Farm Shop in King's Lynn.

Mr Fips

Not quite sure how I find myself in this situation but after eating fire, laying on a bed nails and being custard pied this morning I found my self at the sharp edge of the circus!  The show was also live on Facebook and to the most scary moment of my life so far skip forward to the 41 minute mark in the video below!

Posted by KLFM 96.7 on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:32am


Who's been sleeping in my bed

13th September 2017

I'm 10 days in to Breakfast in Bed and have woken up with some amazing people each morning on the show and there's even more to come, and I promise it's getting bigger and better too.

Tomorrow I'm joined by Mr Fipps Wonder Circus, the whole circus in a bed with me!  It's gonna be fun, have a listen and win tickets to see them at Knights Hill too.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:30am


Breakfast in Bed - 1

4th September 2017

Day one of Breakfast on Bed with Reeds Homestore broadcasting from a bed that you can win just for having a picture with Si.   Today's guest was Cclr Carol Bower, Madam Mayor of King's Lynn & West Norfolk.

She played the Bacon Roll Minute.... and breakfast for the team here was riding on it.





Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:55am



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