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January 2018

Nissan Jukebox

29th January 2018

It’s day ONE of KLFM’s Nissan Jukebox


This amazing car from EMG Nissan in King’s Lynn is full of prizes just waiting to be won by you and all you have to do is fine me in the Juke.  In the boot are boxes full of electronic goodies such as Echo Dots, Drones and more, just find me in the allotted time it be a winner.

What will be in your Juke box?

Click here to get some clues to help you win!

Good luck, Si x

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Local Heros!

25th January 2018

What an amazing bunch!

Last night at the Alive Corn Exchange in King’s Lynn some of the most amazing people from West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham were recognised at KL.FM’s Local Hero Awards.  A packed theatre saw KL.FM’s ‘Home-time’ presenter Posh Charles host a glitzy evening full of entertainment, pyrotechnics and music from the West Norfolk Rock Choir.   Of course the real reason for the glitz and glamour were the nominees and the thirteen people who were selected as Local Heroes, everyone was deserving of the accolade but obviously there could only be winner for each category.

Local Hero Selfies

In my usual seat for any KL.FM awards I sat poised to greet all of our winners off the stage and take them behind the scenes for the interviews, it is always such a privilege to chat first hand to the people who have made such a difference to others, it’s always great to hear their story first hand too.  One thing that was very abundant from every single winner was a sense of “I can’t believe it, it’s just what I do”.  Everybody was so humble, some lost for words, some overwhelmed, some very excited but all pleased to be recognised for what they’ve done. 

Local Hero Selfies

Our first winner was the awesome Daisy Mason who has overcome many challenges and despite having Cerebral Palsy.  She has performed in singing concerts, been a star on TV’s Secret Life series, completed a triathlon and even been a special guest on my show.  Daisy always has a smile and was very deserving of being named Young Person of the year.

Congratulations also to Trudy Smart  who won Volunteer of the Year, May Sutherland our Neighbour of the Year and also Stephen Eadie who truly went above and beyond when he went to the rescue of a distressed couple and helped deliver their baby in a corridor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Stephen works at the QE as a Porter and didn’t think twice about stepping in to help which is why he won the Health Professional of the Year.

Other Heroes included Lyndsey Forrest from Shamans Legacy, she’s rehomed hundreds of dogs and helps them recover at her own expense, Paul Bastock from Wisbech Town FC who recently beat Peter Shilton’s appearance record for league appearances and Phyllis Sanderson who is 90.  Despite her age she still holds Car Boot Sales in Heachem and has raised thousands of pounds of the King’s Lynn Hospitals League of Friends.

Local Hero Selfies

Also I’d like to say a personal well done to Sophie Burke who I think is incredible as did the judges, she won Carer of the Year and rightly so due to being such a positive young woman.  Along with her Brother and Mum she deals with a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Despite struggling herself she cares and supports for her family while attending college and battling this life threating illness.  Her smile on the night said it all, and her Mum must be so proud! 

Well done Sophie and well done to all the winners and nominees, you make where we live GREAT!


Read more about the amazing Local Hero Awards on KL.FM’s website –

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Workplace Requests

22nd January 2018

From today KL.FM is making the workday go just a little bit quicker. Music is the food of love, or so they say, so from now on we will give you food and music for your day at work.  Every day we will feature a different business somewhere in West Norfolk, Wisbech of Fakenham who will take control of KLFM's playlist.  I'll bring the food, you just need to choose the music.  Get together with your work mates and pick three songs to make the day go by just a bit quicker and I'll make sure they play. 

The diary is already filling up so if you'd like to be part of Workplace Requests and get some free plugs for your work on the radio please email me and I'll come see ya.





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The Dart's Weekender is coming...

19th January 2018

On Friday Dart's legend Bobby George came back on the show to talk about the Dart's Weekender in February.  He along with a host other Darts Pro's will be at Searles the first weekend of February for some fun, some darts and no doubt some great stories.


Darts Weekender

Have a listen and learn more about the weekend from Bobby himself and also hear what Wayne Mardle had to say too.


Bobby Geroge


Wayne Mardle


For more visit Searles Website


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It's a bit blowey!

18th January 2018

What a morning, I ain't ever none one like it!  Well maybe one or two, hopefully your day wasn’t interrupted too much and you managed to arrive safely. 

Its days like today I realise again how amazing listeners to this radio station are, from the moment I went on air till the time I turned the microphone off at 9 the switchboard was jammed with listeners calling to update others with the problems they had seen.  I don't think there could have been a more accurate and up to date travel service anywhere, it was amazing.

It wasn't just calls about road blockages and traffic jams there were stories of great coming together and members of the public helping each other.  One example was a group of lorry drivers removing a tree from A10 in the early hours of the morning which was then followed by the help emergency services received.  Just before 8am we were told how one person had arrived with a full size chain saw to help clear the tree that had been obstructing the road and causing big queues.  HGV driver’s spoke of their concern driving high sided vehicles and others provided updates on the location of others property that had blown from garden to garden.  Amongst the property found today just like you always read about one of those great big garden trampolines, it might be worth checking if you still have yours!

A big thank you to everyone who got involved and I hope the coverage today helped your journey in some way.








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17th January 2018

How many mistakes have you made today?

If yo'ure the average person it's five!  Now I know I'm absent minded, forget things and am actualy quite clumsy but even I think I'd struggle to make five and if I have I don't know what they were?


With that in mind I asked "What was the last mistake you made" on this mornings show.  Below is what you said.


Good morning Simon. Marrying the wrong women, gladly correcting that mistake as got engaged to the correct one last year. Russel


Siii it's Seany boy when I was 17 I was drunk jumped out of a window broke both my legs was in a wheel chair 6 months and have metal plates in right ancle worst mistake ever.


Dulcie Kennedy - Getting drunk New Year’s Eve


Marianne Hughes - Calling my husband my ex partners name not good x





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How lazy are you?

16th January 2018

Over half of West Norfolk hasn't even broken into a stroll over the past six month’s according to the British Heart Foundation.  When was the last time you did some exercise?  This morning I tried to prove this statistic wrong.

Here are some of the messages recieved this morning.


I’m a cleaner and get an aerobic workout everyday - and I’m a mum - so all my exercise and steps made up daily without thought. Starting yoga next week - just so I can relax lol x


In St James pool at 6am 6 days a week ... 50 lengths. Walk 2.5 miles with our dogs every day Becks xX


I do spin twice a week and water aerobics every seen it I'll NEVER be as fit as my energetic 8y/o at 1am! julie-anne xxx


I think I’ve done my years’ worth already!: 1 hr boot camp last night 5 mile runs Sunday Parkrun Saturday 12 miles Friday Boot camp Thursday 7 miles Wednesday - had a day off last Tuesday 😂 Boot camp Monday and so it goes on!!


Every January I do lots of running.........running out of money


Katherine Shuttleworth - Being a mum. .. Running round and then gym 2/3 times a week.... exhausted...


Emily Blake - Went to the gym yesterday and had a swim too... I have been pretty lazy up til then though.. Lol first gym trip of 2018


Andy Bowers - Be a bricklayer stretching lifting carrying, up-and-down ladders Pushing a barrow full of cement and that’s just some of it ,


Gina Kendal - Walked down the stairs this morning, that’s my early morning workout


Remember if you need some inspiration or a good reason to start getting fit or at the very least have a little exercise why not give A L 4 a go wtih Alive Leisure at the Corn Exchange.

Find out more about the fun day planned at the Alive Corn Exchange here.

a l live

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Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company - A Theatre for All

15th January 2018

These guys are the Lavender Hill Theatre Company, they are a "Theatre for All", anyone can be part of their amazing group.  They perform all over West Norfolk and also perform two pantos each year at the Alive Corn Exchange.  One of their amazing shows is at Christmas, the other at Easter and this April the members will perform their take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Book tickets here.

It doesn't matter if you can't sing that well or don't have the moves like Jagger, what's important at the Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company is that everyone has something to offer no matter what their skill or ability.  Everybody is welcome!

Find out more by visiting their website.

"Hope Is The Magic Word" is the official song for the Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company. Everyone in the cast learns the song with sign language and when its performed on stage is breath taking.


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Darts Weeekender

11th January 2018

One Hundred and Eighty!


Yesterday Wayne "Hawaii 5-0" Mardle called for a chat about the Darts Weekender at Searle’s in Hunstanton and told Si about some of most fav moments of his career.  But what do you think was one his best memories, it wasn't necessarily lifting any trophies!

Listen here


For tickets visit Searles website.


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My new gadgets

10th January 2018

I'm in trouble, this week I treated myself to some lights that will turn on and off via voice, I thought it would be quite cool and a bit of fun also a good add on to the Echo Dot we got last year.  However my enthusiasm it seem isn't matched by my wife.  I spotted this on her Facebook.

This is a cut n paste, word for word from her Facebook

Apparently it's a problem that I'm not super excited that Alexa can control the lights in the lounge, for some reason I should be thrilled she can make them purple if I should do choose..

Think I'm in trouble?

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Little Angels

9th January 2018

On Monday armed with cake and £600 worth of books from Booklife in King's Lynn I travelled to Little Angels Nursery in Fakenham to meet these superstars.  The idea to put some smiles back on thier faces after a fire wrecked all of the children’s toys and work.


It was amazing to meet these guys and to learn of the centres 20 year history too, it was also upsetting to think that someone would deliberately do this and especially to a children’s nursery.  Whilst there many others called or came in person with even more donations to make sure the children didn't have to suffer.

One thing for sure is that the community spirit is alive and well in Fakenham!



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8th January 2018

A campaign to get locals to talk about how great where we live has begun. There are so many amazing things to shout about, we should be celebrating the best bits of living here.  #LoveWestNorfolk hopes to shine that light…

Here’s what you love

Petina Blandford - Wildlife and beeches

Charlie Dunford - Best thing of living in WN. Feeling safe walking day or night. Police officers do a great job.

Kerry Usher - Picnics at Sandringham

Gary Sweetman - Lovely walks in the reserves, local woodland and beaches depending on what I feel like at the time.

Sally Jarrett - The beautiful woodlands - Shouldham, Sandringham, Wolverton, Reffley, Wootton take your pick x

woods norolk

Steve Badrock - The people who live here.

Pete Law – We have some of the greatest routes in and out of the county with woods either side of the roads etc a149 a148 natural destressing aids leave them alone Pete law

Maxine Thorne - The feeling of ‘exhaling’. No matter how testing things can be, in Hunstanton Plus you have all the stress eased away.

Vicky Key - The villages, the coast, the air we breathe, the beautiful scenery, so many beautiful places to walk.... It's endless x

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What's the best thing about 2018 so far

5th January 2018

We may only be five days in to the New Year but what has been great about it so far?


Gareth Hancock Having my name mentioned on KLFM twice this week which I have never done before and meeting the man him self

Lindsey Clark Having our Baby scan and seeing him/her for the very first time, after years of doctors telling me it wouldn't be possible

Crystal Gardner Swimming with my daughter, Imogen. She's 3 and swam a length of Everlast pool with her hoop. And then started doing pull ups on the handle of the steps 🤣 and lots of piggy back swimming and jumping. Looking forward to time with Jacob who's back at school now. One on one time needed after the holidays! xx

Becky Hill To have actually slept 5 solid hours without coughing 🤭 xXx


The best thing for me so far this year was on Wednesday when my 4 year old granddaughter Ebony phoned me to say I love you nana . Mary Terrington xx


Emily Blake I completed my first goal of 2018 which was to buy myself a little car :) v happy with that x and last night was a huge highlight seeing my sister Holly Deanna perform live for the first time in yearsss at the maids head open mic, she was absolutely amazing #proudsis x

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Cream eggs ALLREADY

4th January 2018

To my shock whilst grabbing a bottle of wine last night in the supermarket I spotted Easter Eggs on the shelf already!  It's something like 80 odd days till the Easter Bunny comes out of hiding!  This led to an interesting conversation about how to actually eat one.




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A new YEAR but what about the old YOU

3rd January 2018

This morning I asked about your aspirations for 2018, not resolutions but what you want to achieve tihs year?

Here's Rachel and Ben who enjoyed some dougnuts whilst awnsering the question..




Sophie Speers 
To get my handmade business products all over the world. I've already sold to 12 countries.. Also get it out more locally. Aiming for a shop in 2020

Natasha Jayne
 I will be half way through my teaching degree to be a fully qualified primary school teacher.
I also aim to move out of my parents but I cont think that's realistically gonna happen.

Michelle Lake
Walking 62 miles along the Thames tow path to raise money for The brain tumour charity! It will take apx 30 hours of continuous walking ??

Jane Lord
We'll have held another fundraising ball for dementia and breast cancer, lost weight and be fitter????

Samantha Chapman  
To do the race for life at Holkam hall and raise money for a great cause as I have recovered from breast cancer last year.

Jenni Milburn
I will have completed my Masters in Psychology and be on my way to training as Dr Milburn, psychologist extraordinaire.

Gary Depear
To get our new business on it's feet!! DG Property Services LTD please feel free for anyone needing and improvements to message through the page.

Jennifer Callaby
I hope to be zoom supervisor and have had another baby

Martin Sheldrick
Cut my lavender down at the front of my house before spring

Lisa Fowley
This time next year we will be 5 weeks away from our 1st year anniversary in our new (local) pub. Hopefully we will be looking back and laughing about all the sleepless nights I am currently having

Liam Richardson

To learn to be more efficient with my money and to get a house for me and my boy

Jan Learmonth
Clay Written and published a book about Water - Science, Myths & Legends!

Chris from elite ravel
Hopefully I will have completed building my Dutch-style street organ by then! I doubt it, but nothing like setting a goal..

Julie Bailey

I wanna just have a better year and im getting married.So this is my year 2018

Marie Connell
Six months off to travel in Europe and the UK - starts mid Jan x


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Royal Snap front page of Hello Magazine

2nd January 2018

This morning I spoke to Karen Anvill from Watlington who spent Christmas morning with her daughter in Sandringham hoping to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family ahead of their Christmas service.  Along with thousands of others they queued and waited patiently to see them pass by and much like everyone else had their phone and camera poised to take a picture to mark the occasion.  However the picture Karen took wasn't like any other taken on the day, it was the perfect snap, the perfect moment and now has been seen all over the world thanks to numerous newspaper front pages, TV interviews, magazine articles and much more including today the front page of "Hello".

That one click on her iPhone has changed her life, listen to the interview below.



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Garden Science Trust Swaffham

1st January 2018

We're a local charity based in Swaffham.

We work mainly with adults with learning difficulties although we will welcome anybody with any kind of issues.

We offer four days a week, weekly free workshops and courses.

We use gardening, basic science and arts and crafts as a therapeutic tool.

We really are there to either provide long term environments for them to prosper in, or just as a drop in place just to come and say hello.

We believe passionately in the therapeutic benefits of gardening, being outside and being creative

We get as many benefits from working with them as hopefully they do from working with us. 

Visit our website here or our Facebook page here to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

garden science trust


Posted by Charlotte at 11:40am



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