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February 2018

Winter Wonder-Walks

28th February 2018

The snow may have caused disruptions and headaches for some, but not for all!


Posted by Simon Rowe at 1:25pm


Forward and the pool table

26th February 2018

Meet the guys at Forward, today could be the day that they get their new pool table.  We spoke about their need and why it's important on Friday's Show and it looks like by the end of play today they will be sorted!


They empower, enable and support vulnerable adults, especially those with learning difficulties, and those they interact with so they can lead the life they choose within the community.  

Make sure you listen to tomorrow.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:32am


Forward Day Care - Pool Table

23rd February 2018

Today I've been trying to help "Forward", King's Lynn.

They empower, enable and support vulnerable adults, especially those with learning difficulties, and those they interact with so they can lead the life they choose within the community.  



Their Pool table has been condemned, the users of the centre love their pool, and it’s a big social activity for them.  

They let other charities use their premises out of hours, unfortunately one of them had a problem with the pool table and lifted it up - when they tried to put it back down they broke the legs. Forward have been advised to get a "supreme" model as it will withstand the constant use, and is also up to the users leaning on it etc. because it will get quite a hammering from members!!

To get a new will be £500+, to try and get a 2nd hand one £200+!

Can you help?  Contact Forward on 01553 776910



Posted by Simon Rowe at 12:09pm


The Brits 2018

22nd February 2018

For the first time in a few years I managed to convince my wife to watch the Brits, normally to be honest we both lose patience quite quickly with the awards which are more often than not quite pathetically presented in my opinion.  They never run smooth and are generally a bit of a disaster, this year to be honest wasn't much different.

Not sure what to make of Jake's hosting, Kendirick Lamar just laying on a cage for two minutes at the start of his set or the need for smashing up a Lamborghini on stage.   I'm still confused as to why Ed Sheeran was snubbed by the awards and even more so as to why Elton John managed to get his name wrong despite them being "best mates".

Congrats to all the winners, this year I managed to watch for 20 minutes before deciding I had better things to do, like sleep!

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:48am


The King's Lynn Mart

18th February 2018

It's back for the 814th time!  All the fun of the fair has returned to the Tuesday Market Place,  little kids, big kids and even Bumble Bees enjoyed have been enjoying the Mart along with Madam Mayor of King's Lynn & West Norfolk, The High Sherriff and many other dignitaries from the area.

Win ride tickets every day this week on my show between 6 & 9.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:26am


Love West Norfolk Day

14th February 2018


Love West Norfolk

Today is officially Love West Norfolk Day and there really is so much to love! The beach at Old Hunstanton, Reffley Woods, The Walks in King’s Lynn or even Sandringham.   What do you love?



 Today if you get a chance please use the #LoveWestNorfolk on Twitter, LoveWestNorfolk on Facebook or love_west_norfolk on Instagram.  Let’s see if we can get #LoveWestNorfolk trending nationally so the whole of the UK can see how great where we live is.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:16am



12th February 2018

How are you gonna fill the week with kids?  It's almost self filling in fact thanks to the Mart arriving in Lynn & Pancake Day, but what are you doing?

Sandra - Hi Si. How did it get to be half term already?! It’s my son Michael’s 11th birthday today & I’m off to County Hall all day for the budget meeting (Well & truly in the dog house!)

Julie Davey KL - London Trip.. Madame Tussauds St Paul’s Cathedral HMS Belfast British Museum

Jeff Turner - Taking grandchildren to splash Sherringham

Laura Broughton - Cadbury World

Glenn Russell - Myself and a few children from CP will be at the school allotment planting 15 asparagus crowns.

Percy Pegg - Nothing - he's 32 and at work

Amy in Downham -  Mine are just concerned about pancakes!!!

Karen - The Mart, cash and carry, Sunny Hunny for fish and chips, a hair cut and breakfast in The Globe .

Emma 0- WNC - taking kids to Diggerland

Emma in Downham - Pancake day tomorrow at nanny's as according to my 3 children nanny's pancakes are better than mummy's lol x

Susie Maisie from Refley listen on the app in Paris - We’ve just been to Disneyland for the weekend head home later on today for a rest lol x x

Lisa The usual Monday morning start at 5am. Son at St James pool for swimming training 6-7.30am




Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:07am


I'm so excited!

9th February 2018

The mornings are still dark, it's not that warm but trust me there is plenty to look forward to!

This morning my challenge was to contact the show with the words "Si I'm so excited because...."

There are plenty of reasons to feel good here...


I'm so excited for one of my clients who lost 16lbs in her first 2 weeks on the Cambridge Diet and I'm looking forward to seeing this weeks loss this weekend. Emma Baker - Terrington St John

Hi Si. I'm so excited because I've finally got my date for triple heart bypass surgery in a couple of weeks.  Any wait

So I'm so excited because my girlfriend & I are off to see Roger Waters in concert in Barcelona in April (Simon on the bins)

si im really excited to be taking denise to heachem manir tonight for valentines love her lots richard kings lynn

Sarah from terrington - im so excited because im going to see lionel !!! 😁🤗👌

We’re so excited for half term next week! Nic, Scott & Bertie from Denver

Excited that it's my Little boys birthday Sunday he's 4 Ollie joe :)

I'm so excited because you're so enthusiastic. And makes great entertainment. Dave

Si we are so excited making pancakes at Southery academy today to Caleb pancake day next week xx

Elissa and darby are excited to take in there valentine presents to School today :-)

Dawn from kings Lynn I'm so excited because I'm going to see warhorse in Edinburgh and spending a long weekend with my partner Wayne. I've never been to Edinburgh x

Si I am so excited cos my cat is due to have kittens next week. Sam tydd st Giles

I am so excited because as of two this afternoon i finish work then pick my daughter up for the half term. John foulden

I'm so excited about going to the pictures with my girlfriend Chantelle because she's paying for once! Nick, Emneth.

Si I'm so excited, it's Robert in wisbech. Looking forward to my 50th birthday party and some fun with my friends Becky and handlebars.

Hello, it's joe Roberts age 12. I'm looking forward to play 2 day with my best bro nick. Wisbech

Hi Simon I'm so excited as I've just finished work and now going home to bed 😁😁 xx

Si I'm so excited because I'm off to Bradford to see khia and nicki from patience xx

Si I'm so excited because I'm of to Rome on Monday with husband Dave and very good friends.  Sadie in Downham Market

I'm so excited because I'm of to Rome on Monday with husband Dave and very good friends

Si, I'm so excited because... I turned 40 in January so we have  a celebratory year planned😁We're off to Edinburgh, got tickets to see Gary Barlow and Ed Sheeran plus lots of get togethers with friends, so it's gonna be a fabulous year!! Life's to short, you gotta enjoy every minute.... Clare

Morning Simon, I'm so excited even though money is tight , that I believe that anytime soon I am going to win the lottery very soon, Jason Downham Market

I'm so excited as getting married on 19th May, from Andy

Hi Si! It's Sally Aviss and I'm so excited cos my gorgeous husband is coming home in exactly 3 weeks from now!!!

I'm so excited because Hubby...Steve Buet is on his way home from Oman for a week's holiday. X

Si I'm so excited because it's half term and I get to go wedding dress shopping with my mum and my gorgeous bridesmaids 😆🥂 Louisa Allen in Wiggenhall St Germans xx

I'm so excited for a week off work next week and the mart! As well as a child free meal out in Valentine's day! Luke kings lynn



Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:04am



8th February 2018

I get to go and see some amazing stuff in this job and yesterday was no different if a little out of the norm!  I've visited many schools and it's always great fun, yesterday however had the added edge that at Southery Primary it was "Pet Day".  The children were invited to bring their pets into the main hall, never work with children and animals I always told but I don't know why, everyone behaved themselves even the HORSE!

Southery Academy

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:35am


Nothing but the 90's part 3

6th February 2018


April 14th 2018


Wazzzzzap, it’s party time, excellent!


It's coming back! KLFM's Nothing but the 90's is at the awesome Alive Corn Exchange this April and if you're names not down you're coming in! This morning on the show I tried to help with what to wear in return for you telling me what tunes we should play.


Here's our Phat list so far...


  • Corona – Rhythm of the Night
  • House of Pain – Jump Around
  • Bobby Brown – Two Can play that game
  • Reef – Place your hands
  • Supergrass – Alright
  • Gina G – Oooh Ah Just a little bit
  • Black Box – Ride on Time
  • Atlantic ocean - Waterfall


Revival are our band for the night playing the Best 90s Brit Pop and Charles and Ben will playing these songs and many more for a cool party night you won't forget. We're crumped about it are you? It’s gonna be props!

Get ya tickets here -

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:30am


Failed the first time

5th February 2018

This morning Craig Bazarra was the star of the show after pranging his car a year to the day he failed his driving test by driving the wrong way up the road after just five seconds of leaving the Test Centre. 


To ease Craig's embarrasment or make it worse I'm not sure listeners shared their first time fails too.


Emma the contract cleaner - I failed my test because I left my indicator on for 2 miles after I’d turned! 😂😂😂

Jan Bradley - We'd just left the test centre and the examiner asked me to turn left at the roundabout but for some reason I just carried on and went straight across. He was not amused!

Mark - Fell off my Honda CB200 on the controlled stop in front of the chief examiner but still passed!

Phillip - Didn't use my mirrors enough and apparently from where the driving instructor was sitting it looked like I was speeding according to her lol

John - Wheel spun out of the test centre (nerves) and didn’t check my interior mirror once!!!!!

Becky - Went around some people walking on the road

Nicky - Panicked on the fly over . Mind you spent hours doing it over and over again so i wouldnt next time .

Nick - Did 40mph down bawsey bumps




And finaly it seems Craig isn't the only one to fail in this way.. Remember Amanda who used to present the show with me?


"Wrong way down a one way street and when he slammed on the brakes I said ‘what the hell do u think u r doing?!’ And he just pointed... "



Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:04am


Jukebox winners!

1st February 2018

Jukebox Day3

Have you been looking for the Nissan Juke?  I've been behind the wheel everyday this week, we began in Lynn, moved to Downham and then Swaffham,  There are three chances to win every single day thanks to EMG Nissan, just work out my location from the clues on the radio and track me down before the timer runs out....

Might be worth keeping your eyes peeled in Hunstanton today!







Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:43am


Bridge for Heroes, King's Lynn

1st February 2018

Bridge for Heroes is a military charity based in King's Lynn.


We look after the local armed forces community, so anybody who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force or family of can come into our centre in King's Lynn.

Any problems from financial difficulties, homelessness, looking for work, mental health issues, adaptions needed at your house, you can come into the centre and have a free confidential interview and we will look at getting the right support for you. 

If we can't do it then the partners we work with, we can do that together and do that as a collaborative to help resolve your problems. 

The General Dannatt Contact Centre is open to the public from 10am to 4pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays, and service personnel and families from all British Armed Services can pop-in for a free tea or coffee.

Our dedicated volunteers can provide a listening ear or assistance with compensation claims, pension advice, advice on housing and accommodation, service records and medal applications.

For those curious, we have our own dedicated client researcher who carries out military family research for beneficiaries interested in discovering their ancestry.

Visit our website here for more information. 

Posted by Charles at 6:24am



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