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9/11 13 years on

11th September 2014

As we know only too well, this day 13 years ago one of the world’s worst atrocities took place in Manhattan, New York.  9/11 as it became known is now one of those moments where everyone can say they knew where they were when they heard the news.  I unsurprisingly was in the studio where I’m presenting my show and writing this blog right now.  The picture s on the television were shocking and at that time obviously no one had any idea what was happening or why.

 In my own life at the time I was due to become a Daddy, my wife was expecting twins in just 3 months time and it’s only because of this that I wasn’t due to get on a plane the very next day.  Being 6 months pregnant and expecting two babies we were advised not to fly earlier in the year, meaning our two week holiday in Cyprus had been cancelled, I’m not sure  how I would have felt stepping on a plane the very next day, especially with no idea why those flights were chosen to commit those horrendous crimes. 

Today I’ve listened to KL.FM’s amazing tribute on the Adam Newstead Breakfast Show and have seen the footage of those planes crashing in to the twin towers; it still sends a shiver down my spine.  If you haven’t already, please take a moment right now to think about those poor people and the families they left behind.  The video below, although made only a year after the horrible events on the other side of the Atlantic pretty much some up the feeling of one child who lost her father on September 11 2001.

This audio will make you cry, even if you’ve heard it before. After you've watched the video below are your stories of where you were that day.







Jacquie Western

I was watching the telly at home with my 2 year old when it was announced.


"Party Kiosk" Via Twitter

I was meeting a client whose husband was an airline pilot working in the States.  She was in a mess as she couldn't contact him,


Sandra Tickle

I had my 3 month pregnancy scan of my daughter that morning so was on cloud nine until I watched the news later in the day


Claire Moore

I Was in Turkey. Fighter jets started flying above us the next day & when we took off to come home we had fighter jets flying either side of us until we were in a safe zone!!!!


Amanda Louise Rout

I was in my bedroom had just watched neighbours and was doing college work then the news came on. Was watching it all afternoon. Was awful especially when we saw the 2nd plane hit as it was on live.


Wendy Appleton

 I was with the gasman. He came to read the meter, we both stood watching telly as the second plane went into the second tower. He never did read the meter.


Louise Jay Howling

 I was ill so I was at my grandparents watching a programme then the news came on half way through and I can remember watching the camera focused on the towers and the 2nd plane went into the other tower. Scary stuff at 12 years old!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:37pm

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