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22nd September 2014

I went back to school today and spent the morning with the amazing children at Howard Junior School in Gaywood, King’s Lynn.

Howard Junior School - Ipad for Life

Picture courtesy of Michael Fysh Photography


Headmaster Mr Hill invited me to present iPads to every single year three students as part of their iPad for Life scheme. The school pride themselves on making the latest educational technology available to all pupils.  Each of the children will keep their iPad for their full four years at the school meaning when every set of new year three students arrive they will also receive an iPad. Technology is rapidly becoming essential part of life and at Howard they really want to give their children the best start possible.


 Check just how amzing these iPads are proving for the pupils who already use them.


I'm so jealous of the technology available to these children; they have the world at their fingertips just from the touch of the screen. Their iPads which will stay in class will help them with their research, education and learning over the next few years and I think it’s absolutely amazing.  Hats off to Howard junior school for making this happen.


The children were so excited this morning and my eyes were enormous when I saw the table with around 75 iPads, all brand new and boxed,  I just wished one of them were mine. Even though there were two or three leftover at the end from the children that weren’t in attendance today I still couldn't convince the school I should have one as an appearance fee! J


I'm pretty sure that this will be a day the children remember for a long time, as to whether they remember me or even keep their signed picture of Simon Rowe that’s another matter.  My presenter card is blank on the other side so it could be useful for Mum & Dad to write this week’s shopping list on at least.


What was your best day at school?



Best day at school. When the fittest teacher drove me back to the school
trip when we had to take my friend to the hospital. I had goose bumps
the whole 40 mins, oh to be 14 again!!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:00pm

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