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Ouch ouch!

14th September 2015

Here's the footage of my Firewalk for Norfolk Hospice Tapping House....

What REALLY happend?

Before arriving at Gayton Social Club I was very confident, I'd convinced myself that everything would be OK.  I mean if it was unsafe they wouldn't do it would they?   Before the walk a group of around 40 of us gathered for the 'pep' talk, this really did help until the organiser made this comparison... (Listen)


How were the others feeling?


Scott Bell of UK Firewalks explained why your frame of mind is important.


I then asked him he was bit crazy to walk on fire for a living?


Despite the video, I had a great time and didn't really burn myself, we are all just great actors.


Pleaseclick hereto learn more about Norfolk Hopsice Tapping the house anda why I along with everyone else did this on Friday.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:05am

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