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A new YEAR but what about the old YOU

3rd January 2018

This morning I asked about your aspirations for 2018, not resolutions but what you want to achieve tihs year?

Here's Rachel and Ben who enjoyed some dougnuts whilst awnsering the question..




Sophie Speers 
To get my handmade business products all over the world. I've already sold to 12 countries.. Also get it out more locally. Aiming for a shop in 2020

Natasha Jayne
 I will be half way through my teaching degree to be a fully qualified primary school teacher.
I also aim to move out of my parents but I cont think that's realistically gonna happen.

Michelle Lake
Walking 62 miles along the Thames tow path to raise money for The brain tumour charity! It will take apx 30 hours of continuous walking ??

Jane Lord
We'll have held another fundraising ball for dementia and breast cancer, lost weight and be fitter????

Samantha Chapman  
To do the race for life at Holkam hall and raise money for a great cause as I have recovered from breast cancer last year.

Jenni Milburn
I will have completed my Masters in Psychology and be on my way to training as Dr Milburn, psychologist extraordinaire.

Gary Depear
To get our new business on it's feet!! DG Property Services LTD please feel free for anyone needing and improvements to message through the page.

Jennifer Callaby
I hope to be zoom supervisor and have had another baby

Martin Sheldrick
Cut my lavender down at the front of my house before spring

Lisa Fowley
This time next year we will be 5 weeks away from our 1st year anniversary in our new (local) pub. Hopefully we will be looking back and laughing about all the sleepless nights I am currently having

Liam Richardson

To learn to be more efficient with my money and to get a house for me and my boy

Jan Learmonth
Clay Written and published a book about Water - Science, Myths & Legends!

Chris from elite ravel
Hopefully I will have completed building my Dutch-style street organ by then! I doubt it, but nothing like setting a goal..

Julie Bailey

I wanna just have a better year and im getting married.So this is my year 2018

Marie Connell
Six months off to travel in Europe and the UK - starts mid Jan x


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