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4th June 2014

When I told friends what I was doing for my 10th wedding anniversary everyone said "That's amazing!" Or "That’s really romantic" or even "you'll earn loads of brownie points".  Last Thursday was the big day I had been planning since about February, a day that couldn't just pass by as another anniversary, I had to do something amazing but what?

I'm quite proud of what I pulled off and hope you think I've every right to be as well.

It was without doubt that we'd visit a nice restaurant; I'd give her a special card etc but what else would be a bit different? After a brainstorm in the KLFM Office I decided to give Tom at the Majestic Cinema in Kings Lynn a call to see if he could show a film for just my wife and I. It was quite cheeky I know but you don't get if you don't ask, to my surprise he said it would be fine. It's then it dawned on me that I didn't actually have a copy of The Wedding Singer staring Adam Sandler which was the first movie we saw together and which ever since has been a special film for us.

I took to Twitter to find a copy and 'hey presto' within five minutes Amanda Hansel a KLFM listener offered me hers meaning I could delete the original tweet before my wife had any chance of seeing it and asking me what it was for.

When the 29th May arrived Jo was wondering why nothing had happened during the day, she always without fail gets flowers or some sort of surprise. I didn't do that this year as she cycles home, she did know we were going out for a meal however, but even that wasn't straight forward as she kept suggesting we go to a restaurant in the middle of nowhere which would have left no time to get to the cinema. To make matters worse my Dad who was babysitting kept suggesting places that were miles away too.

After a very lovely meal in Lynn we took a stroll through town back to KLFM's car park to drive home but before reaching the alleyway between the Majestic and KLFM I dragged her up the steps of cinema (not literally), it was in darkness and completely empty, she had no idea what was going on or why we were there, especially when they offered us popcorn and a drink.  We were ushered up to screen three and the film began straight away. The moment it started she punched me, and laughed her head off before claiming she knew I was up to something.

Now I have to think of a way to better that on our 20th!

Any ideas?

Posted by Simon Rowe at 12:07pm

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