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Big School Disco

22nd June 2014

Big School DiscoWow! What an amazing night at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on Friday.  It was superb to see so many well behaved pupils enjoying the best days of their lives all over again.  Headmaster Mr Newstead was also very happy with how everyone behaved; even Jake the Hair and I got a good report to show Mum and Dad.  Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about,  the team from KLFM held a Big School Disco on Friday for listeners to the station, there was live music from The Look who performed some of the best songs from your school days and “sets” from Adam Newstead, Alistair and I.

Big School DiscoWe had been organising this for months and for the day to finally creep up on us, certainly for me was a bit of a shock, it meant I had to make a decision and actually chose which songs I wanted to play to get the dance floor going without clashing with the others and the band. There were some duplicates but I don’t think anyone really noticed, especially Adam who when he wasn’t spinning the wheels of steel could more often than not be found at the tuck shop, which in my opinion was worth the entry fee alone!  Talk about nostalgia, the music, the atmosphere, the school uniform and the sweeties!  The tuck shop probably did more business than the bar, pink shrimps, cola bottles, flying saucers and those awesome fried eggs, I just wish I’d of taken more pocket money with me.

My memories of School Discos include the boys plucking up courage to dance with the girls, lots of hyper kids who’ve eaten too much junk, some rather dodgy tunes that everybody secretly loves and loads of bad dancing, Friday night was no different and just as much fun if not more.

Thanks so much if you danced while I was on, wore uniform and generally for just coming along.  No matter what class you were or what school you were at I hope you had a brilliant night and will tell your mates all about it.

We’ve done quite a few of these nights now and if you loved this I’m pretty sure you’ll be excited to go ‘Back to the 80’s later in the year!  There’s more info on this in the current King’s Lynn Corn Exchange brochure.

Thanks for reading; I’m off to do my home work now!


To see all the pictures click HERE.

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Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:42am

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