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Big Smiles on little faces Easter Egg Appeal

25th March 2016



A word from the Charity's...

Over the last week I've spent every day after the show collecting Easter Eggs for children that may not have got one, kids without Mum or Dad or little ones perhaps in hospital or in care.

I would just like to say "thanks' for being part of it.  Ben my assistant & I collected over a 1000 eggs in just 6 days...

This year we even had some smiles on big faces thanks to a little visit to the Macmillan Centre at the QE.  Whilst at the hospital KLFM's car was parked outside the treatment centre and it dawned on me that there may be some patients inside that could do with something nice happening, so I found the biggest eggs we had been given and gave all of the chemotherapy patients a very nice surprise.  I think despite helping all of the children that was one of the day’s most special moment for me.

Here's where the chocolate went.

Easter Egg Appeal - Delivery Day


Posted by KLFM 96.7 on Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hope everyone enjoys their chocolate everywhere we deliverd including

QE Hospital – Childrens ward QE Hospital

Roxborough Day Care QE Hospiyal - A & E S

Scotty's Little Soldiers 

Oasis Childrens Centre - Wisbech

Wisbech The Foodbank - Wisbech

Priory House – King’s Lynn (children in care/foster services)

The Salvation Army –Wisbech

Blossom House – King’s Lynn

Women’s Refuge's

Moorley House

Purfleet Trust

Bridge for Hero's

Vancouver Childrens Centre - King’s Lynn

Macmillan Centre, QE Hospital

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