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Dog's at home after fire

3rd October 2016

As you may know I made an appeal on the Breakfast Show to find a home for Aero & Cesar last week, they were left homeless after the housefire in Heachem.  It took less than 24 hours for the appeal to work and at first both dogs were to be homed together, at much relief to the family involved.  This also meant they would be able visit and that any return to the family for the dogs would be that much easier.





Unfortunaty there was a twist at the weekend. Poor Aero had been so wound up and anxious that he was screaming the house down.  Shamens Legacy spent most of Saturday working on calming measures for him. He doesn't stop for two seconds and is struggling to settle properly,  although he hasn't shown any signs of aggression, he is like a kid in a sweet shop and is into everything and refuses to leave the other dogs in the home alone! He is now on a strict routine of playtime and separated break times throughout the day which is helping him loads and today they are starting to see progress. Kudos to his fosters who are sticking with him and are committed to making it work for Aero and their own dogs.




Meanwhile Cesar moved into a new home yesaterday. The reason being is when Aero and Cesar were together Shamens Legacy saw certain behaviours that made them worry, and with Aero struggling to settle and showing serious anxiety the last thing they wanted to do was put these two together to feed off each other and the behaviours get worse.

This has taken much thought and trial and error, but when rehoming dogs, dogs come first. Cesar has gone off to Watton today and has moved in with a family who are already in love with him! He's playing fantastically with the children and when walked, he met two dogs who he happily played with which is amazing for a reactive boy! So all in all, it's not gone exactly to plan but the most important thing is both dogs are happy and safe, and both are having the work needed to settle them down and iron out the issues that have arisen.

A massive thank you is owed to both fosters who are working closely with the rescue!






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