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Eight legged friends!

12th September 2014

How did the nursery rhyme go?

"Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water spout"; I think they got that wrong! They are blooming enormous, have you seen the size of the spiders this year and they're everywhere, hundreds of them and that's just in my house.

Where have they come from, why are there so many, what's different about this year than any other year?

We counted about 22 dotted around the house the other day, all shapes and sizes and rather alarmingly colours too. I've never seen so many different types of spiders in my life and to be honest I'm not their biggest fan, I'm not proud to admit that my wife or my little boy evacuates the creepy crawlies from the Rowe household, my little daughter and I won't go anywhere near them!

To make matters worse they don't even seem to be doing their job, there's also an annoying fly in my place right now, it won't go away, it just won't disappear despite so many 8 legged beasts being in residence. You'd think one of them was a little bit peckish!

Do you have any tips to remove the spiders and stop them from coming into the house without harming them and have you been invaded by them too?

Here's just a few of your stories and suggestions...

Chris Richmond
It's September- apparently spiders are more noticeable at this particular time of year. The spiderlings that hatched throughout the early summer have all grown up and are looking for mates...

Melanie Done
We've always get big spiders this time of year, but this year they are on steriods......I've had two run out from their seperate hiding places to actually attack the hoover!

Angie Lee
I had a spider web by my back door. I fell into it the spider was the size of a mouse hiding in the corner. I quickly shut my back door and went the long way round my house instead

Karen Thomson
Found a massive one under the mattress the other morning and I had to catch it myself.......chucked it outside and told the cat to eat it

Lee Farnsworth
They are horny male spiders looking for love and they use light colour walls or the bath as a back drop so that they stand out to the lady spiders ! (Well according to Stephen fry)

The general consensus is to place conkers around the house, apparently it works.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:38am

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