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First words

15th October 2015

Do you remember the very first thing you ever said to your partner?  I can remember what my wife said to me....

It was Thursday 28th May 1998, I'd just strolled from the bar in Manhattens Night Club on Borad Street, King's Lynn, trying not to lose my shoe on the sticky carpet to where a group of people where sitting and there amoungst them was Jo, my wife... t's all coming back to me......

Below are some of the stories that came into the show...

I meet my partner my partner in zoots night club I asked if you fancy a dance. Was only a one night stand still together after 12 years. Love ❤ victoria as much now as I did then. ROBERT

I met my wife on a car park by telling her she had a cute derriere she told me to dream on that was nearly twenty years ago then i married her. ANON

I met my hubby whilst i was at work, the first words were spoken: me Hello can i help? Him: can i have a double cheese burger and cheesy chips with a pounds worth of cheese? Lol i will always remember as it was the night i broke the shop mascotts arm. KAY

I meet Clare in Essex and before we met I asked her what was her favourite flowers were and said blue roses. Living in Brentwood at the time I went to every florist to find a blue rose but after much perseverance I did find one much to Clares delight. PAUL, KING'S REACH

the first thing my missus said to me on Chicagos dance floor was "oh, (gavin and Stacey style) you know my daughter!!!! Me being a man was like oh poo, who what where when lol and you don't look old enough to have a daughter my age but that must be the alcohol!!! Turns out I met her little girl at a party with my ex!! Phew!!!! Years later we are now married and have more kids!! IAN







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