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"Get out of my pub"

26th March 2014

Have you ever been asked to leave somewhere?  Don't be embarrassed to share your story via @simonrowe on Twitter!

Here are some of the people who were kicked out on today's show.

Natasha Bott

We got kicked out of Woolworths for setting off all the vibrating millennium teddy bears because they all fell off the shelf.

Selina Hill

I was thrown out of Asda for using a cauliflour as a skull and doing shakespears""alas poor yorick!!"" I thought it was quite artistic but tesco assure me I am not to play with the food stuff!!!lol


Got kicked out of a Motorhead concert for getting on stage and dancing with Lemmy while generally behaving like an idiot.

Pammy Brunton

 I got booted out of Peterborough showcase for sitting on my fellas knee for a kiss when on dull part of film.

Dave in Highgate

McDonalds,after being blind drunk and demanding they give me KFC.

Karen Whitmore

Myself & my friend got kicked out of the globe for being " to giggly " ... ?!?! 35 at the time .. 3 children ... Really !! Hehe

Toyah Greenall

We went on a school trip to Chessington World of Adventures went on Mr. Burts Bubble Works, needless to say an empty ride with water and teenagers was never going to end well, we were frogmarched out of the ride soaking wet told not to return again that day! Totally worth it was so much fun!! X

Emily Jeffery

I was banned from my local pub before I had ever been in it!! The landlord at the time had banned most people from the village for minor offences like laughing to loudly, having tattoos and talking about football! Safe to say, that landlord didn't last long. Now we have new landlords, I got a job there!

Julie-Anne Agnew

I got kicked out of the globe for being drunk before i even had a drink because I couldn’t walk in my brand new high heels. I went in to the toilet and the bouncer barged in on me and threw me out for being drunk.

Clare Chapman-Clifford

I got red carded out of a park from a footie match and I wasn’t even playing in.

Teri Conway

I got kicked out of the Majestic Cinema when Mission Impossible first came out. It was my friend and her boyfriend who started to argue but they kicked all 3 of us out.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 5:02pm

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