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Getting old?

21st September 2014

For the past six months or so my children have been winding me up about grey hair on my head, THERE ARE NO GREY HAIRS ON MY HEAD!

ThiFor the past six months or so my children have been winding me up about grey hair on my head, THERE ARE NO GREY HAIRS ON MY HEAD!s may have something to do with the fact that my eyesight is nowhere near as good as it used to be either, yes I think finally I might need to start admitting I'm getting old! 

I celebrated my 40th birthday in July and fortunately for me unlike my father and his dad I have a full head of hair, it's so thick and it grows so curly and so quick, but in places I'm told it's losing its colour. I'm not prepared to accept this though, if I ever think there is a grey hair I’ll convince myself it's the way the light is shining on it.  Now even my wife insists I have a few grey hairs! 

At what age did you start to turn grey, when did you spot your first grey hair or notice that bald patch starting to appear?  Loads of my mates have got receding hairlines and have had for many years, I don’t think many of them are turning grey but it’s certainly starting to fall out.

How is it some people can keep their lovely locks until their 50s and other people get grey hairs before they finish the 21st birthday? The average age for women to go grey is 33.

It could have something to do with the amount of sleep you get and the job you do according Charles Worthington, who pretty much owns my wife's dressing table. Working in the entertainment industry can encourage grey hairs by the age of 27 apparently, so if that's the case I’m not doing that bad. 



Please visit KLFM’s Facebook page and if you're brave enough let me know when your first grey hair appeared and/or when it started to fall out.


Here are some top signs you're getting on a bit...

  • Groaning when you bend down to pick something up
  • Saying "In my Day"
  • Finding hairs in your nose and ear
  • Falling asleep while watching the TV
  • Losing your glasses

or even some of these from listeners to the show...


Mandy J L Britton

Arthristis thats when you know your getting old and gray hairs


Louise Barker

Not being able to see writing properly without my glasses wanting to go to bed early general aches and pains but I'm lucky not to have any greys yet at almost 38


Mandy J L Britton

I have had gray hairs since i was 18


Shelly Bell

Bad eye sight,but that's it.47 and feel 27.from the happy. Hammer. P.s.great win yesterday.


Kirsty Louise

I was hoovering this morning abd I caught myself thinking "ooh, maybe my husband would get me a new Dyson for my birthday!" And this with genuine excitement. I think that makes me officially middle aged at least


Hayley Fletcher

my bones creak, senior moments and i am only 42yrs old


LJ Phoenix

Enjoying a walk round a garden centre!


Shelley Going

upstairs for the umpteenth time and still forgetting what it was u needed. .talking to ya self. .moaning bout the 'young uns'..forgetting what things are called.


Denise A Turner

When you need a nap after having few drinks in the afternoon


Carole Walker

When it takes you the rest of the weekend to get over a heavy Friday night out.





Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:39am

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