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Happy Halloween

31st October 2016

Happy Halloween

Are you trick or treating tonight?  Where are you going and on whose door will you knock.  First of all the most important thing is to make sure you are safe and warm.

  • Plan a route
  • Stay well lit
  • Check what sweets your children are given
  • Put a nametag on your children’s costumes with phone number
  • Never, ever go into a strangers house or even ring their door for treats unless your parents are with you and say that it's OK
  • Children should always go out trick or treating accompanied by a responsible adult.

Cathy and Paul

This is what will greet you if you’re out in Stoke Ferry tonight, well done to Cathy and Paul who are making the effort from behind the door.  It’s not just the people you meet who may be in the Halloween mood but even some of the buildings.


Some houses you may encounter tonight are scarier than others and may be even more haunting than your amazing outfit.

On Chapel Lane you will find the house known as the Exorcists House, it’s one of the most historic buildings in Lynn and once was home to a clergyman from St Nicholas Chapel who carried out exorcisms.  It’s an exorcism carried out in this property which led to the witch you may of heard about being burnt on the steak in the Tuesday Market Place.

The Dukes Head is known for the ghost in the old room 18 which is said to be that of maidservant who was executed in the square for poisoning her mistress.

In Castle Rising the She Wolf of France is said to be heard shrieking from the castle walls.  Queen Isabella to give her real name was kept prisoner there after consenting to the murder of husband Edward II

Things may also go bump in the night along the High Street in Debenhams, it’s said that Henrietta hung herself in the undertakers which was once on the site.  Those that claim to have seen her say she is not a threat, nor a terror but likes to play pranks.

Devils Alley just of Nelson Street in Lynn could be quite eerie too! Have you ever seen the Devils Hoof?  Legend has is it that the Devil arrived in Lynn by ship to steal some souls but left unsuccessfully after a local priest drove him away with holy water and prayer.  The devils hoof print that you’ll no doubt look for next time your passing was left when the devil stamped his hoof with so much anger it left his imprint.

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