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Homeward Bound

27th April 2016

This morning I spoke about Pero the Sheepdog who made his way home from Cumbria to North Wales.  The dog somehow found his way back to his original owners who had given him to another farmer. 

The homesick pooch ran away whilst out herding sheep and it turns out he's not the only pet to find it's own way home.  Take a look at these West Norfolk residents...

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Above on the left meet Bluebell, Tiny, Cassie and on the right Beau who all have had their own little adventure and just turned up.



"Tiny went missing when I was 12 for a 3 days we looked everywhere for him, one day he just came running down the road like a lassie movie. He was bitten by a dog and ended up with three legs."


"My cat Bluebell went missing for 12 days, she turned up in our shed so must have been locked away then managed to get locked away again very unlucky! She came in hungry and thirsty but totally unfazed.

Also our dog Cassie dissappeared on a bonfire night she lived in people's gardens and along the river bank for 5 days she was found in Stow Bridge that was many years ago"



"In 2009 Our boy Beau went missing only three days after we got him. It was December, snowing and temperatures reached -10 at night. We searched for days all over Christmas and kept responding to sightings but when we got there he had gone. After about 10 days we stopped looking as we were sure he could not still be alive. We even got another puppy to try and make the upset a little more bearable. 3 weeks after he went missing we got a call from the local police to say he had been seen in a field in Swaffham. About a dozen people including the dog warden, farmer, my husband and father went to try and catch him and thankfully they did. He had lost about ten kilos in weight but otherwise was fine. This is him today. We love him to bits. I even contacted you at KLFM and you put out an appeal for us."



Our cat smudge who was born with deformed front legs went missing for 4 months! He came back very scared and took another month to get him back into the house he lived in an outside hay barn until his confidence came back he then stayed in doors after for most of the time sadly he's now died 😢 we never did discover why he went

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