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March 2014

Greyfriars Primary - Kidz Cluez

27th March 2014

Today I toGreyfriars Primaryok a trip to meet the boys and girls at the Greyfriars Primary in King's Lynn.  We had lots of fun recording jokes ready for April's Kidz Cluez where children from a different school in West Norfolk and Wisbech tell jokes each month.

For a while though on my arrival I was quite worried about how I'd even get into the building.  All schools are of course secure places, but it took me about 5 minutes to find the main entrance, partly because my only other visits to the school have been to use the swimming pool with my children who were having lessons there.  When I eventually got in I noticed that the swimming pool lacked something important since I last saw it, water.  I was later informed things are being improved and it should be up and running very soon.

Have a listen to one of the pupils who might just have a career on stage in the future!





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"Get out of my pub"

26th March 2014

Have you ever been asked to leave somewhere?  Don't be embarrassed to share your story via @simonrowe on Twitter!

Here are some of the people who were kicked out on today's show.

Natasha Bott

We got kicked out of Woolworths for setting off all the vibrating millennium teddy bears because they all fell off the shelf.

Selina Hill

I was thrown out of Asda for using a cauliflour as a skull and doing shakespears""alas poor yorick!!"" I thought it was quite artistic but tesco assure me I am not to play with the food stuff!!!lol


Got kicked out of a Motorhead concert for getting on stage and dancing with Lemmy while generally behaving like an idiot.

Pammy Brunton

 I got booted out of Peterborough showcase for sitting on my fellas knee for a kiss when on dull part of film.

Dave in Highgate

McDonalds,after being blind drunk and demanding they give me KFC.

Karen Whitmore

Myself & my friend got kicked out of the globe for being " to giggly " ... ?!?! 35 at the time .. 3 children ... Really !! Hehe

Toyah Greenall

We went on a school trip to Chessington World of Adventures went on Mr. Burts Bubble Works, needless to say an empty ride with water and teenagers was never going to end well, we were frogmarched out of the ride soaking wet told not to return again that day! Totally worth it was so much fun!! X

Emily Jeffery

I was banned from my local pub before I had ever been in it!! The landlord at the time had banned most people from the village for minor offences like laughing to loudly, having tattoos and talking about football! Safe to say, that landlord didn't last long. Now we have new landlords, I got a job there!

Julie-Anne Agnew

I got kicked out of the globe for being drunk before i even had a drink because I couldn’t walk in my brand new high heels. I went in to the toilet and the bouncer barged in on me and threw me out for being drunk.

Clare Chapman-Clifford

I got red carded out of a park from a footie match and I wasn’t even playing in.

Teri Conway

I got kicked out of the Majestic Cinema when Mission Impossible first came out. It was my friend and her boyfriend who started to argue but they kicked all 3 of us out.


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Gaywood Primary are HAPPY

24th March 2014

Last week we celebrated International Day of Happiness on the show and around the Tuesday Market Place, this week it seems the smiles have spread to the boys and girls at Gaywood Community Primary School in King's Lynn.

Check out their amazing video below and don't forget to laugh at Head Teacher Mr Shanks at the start, what a good sport!


Please visit their school page and leave a comment!  Click here.





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Saturday Market Place is OPEN

20th March 2014

Saturday Market Place is OPENSMP IS OPEN HAPPY

Saturday Market Place is OPEN

Despite the emergency gas works in King's Lynn all the shops and businesses are open as normal on Saturday Market Place and St James Street despite what you may of heard or seen.  To prove this my best mate SuperTrooper has been having fun down there as you can see.  He enjoyed a fine steak at the Market Bistro, had a trim at Mr Snippers and then burnt of some energy on is unicycle, he's such a show off!

Also despite the area being quieter than normal I asked what made owners of the shops there happy as today is after all International Day of Happiness.





PICTURE: King's Lynn Online

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14th March 2014

Please take a look at Roxi, she's a German Shepherd/Staffie/lurcher cross who currently lives with Norfolk Police.  She had hoped to qualify as a police recruit after passing all of her exams, however she's just a little bit too small to join the force and now needs to live a civillian life. 

I would like to find a home for this gorgous doggy.  Can you provide a loving family for her?



You can get all the information you need via the Norfolk Police website by clicking here.

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Friday Karaoke - Behind the scenes

14th March 2014

Every Friday on the Adam Newstead breakfast show we create radio gold. Take a behind the scenes look at the making of this weeks Friday Karaoke.  I've had so mamy Tweets and texts about this so I thought you'd like to see it for yourself, I really am that bad!


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12th March 2014

Today is No Smoking Day and I hope if you chose to you use it to give up things went welll. I've never touched a cigarette as they say it stunts your growth so it’s probably good enough reason aside from the health effects that I haven't!

A day your told to give up, is not gonna always be the day you stop, I understand that so on today's show I asked what happened in your life to make you stop smoking.  Below are some of the responses from listeners.

Dawn Wood Thirkell
Sick of hubby moaning cos i was going for 'another' , took the enjoyment out of it!!! He thought i wouldnt do it so proved him wrong lol

Sandra Tickle
 I quit on 1st Nov 1996.... 6 months before I got married and wanted to start a family straight away....and got pregnant on honeymoon! I haven't smoked since.

Paula Holmes
2 years ago as I couldn't be bothered to walk half way across the college campus just to have a cigarette! Best thing I ever done

Tony White

I've never been a smoker, but my late father used to work in a teaching hospital and once came across two pickled lungs - one from a non smoker and the other a smoker. The non smoker's one was the pink colour you'd expect. The smoker's lung was a dirty brown/black colour. He dropped his 60-a-day habit there and then and never touched another cigarette in his life

Bet Beattie
Gave up smoking last June. Want to see my grandchildren grow up. Not looked back. Xxx

Tracy Exton
Gave up a 40 a day habit after 30 odd years of smoking. I just picked a day, got patches from docs and quit on that day. It takes true willpower and determination even with patches but I have not touched one since. It has now been 6years this May since I gave up.

Victoria Key
2 years in May...gave up for myself and my daughters. ..I used champix tablets and went to a support meeting through NHS very helpful and I succeeded!

Rex Makemson
Money, I had just started a new job and was skint, working my month in hand. Ciggy's went over £1 per pack and I thought blow that, too expensive now so I went cold turkey. That was 1985 and not a ciggy since.

Mick Reed
Watching my father heave for breath bless him RIP Dad xx

Christine Carter
My then 4year old son said mummy will you please stop smoking. I don't want you to die. I never touched a cigarette since. That was 6 years ago. X

Well done everyone!


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Downham Market Firestation

11th March 2014

Today I took a trip to visiDownham Firet Downham Market after the terrible news that the towns fire station had burnt down over night.  The irony is there for sure but there is nothing funny about this nor the cost to replace the building and the fire truck which was housed inside.  I'm lucky enough to have never experienced a fire in a building as I hope you are too, so the smell some 6 or 7 hours later was quite haunting.  I could also feel the sense shock from not only members of the fire service but the police too who are stationed next to what was a relatively new building.

Eight crews from Norfolk attended the blaze in which there were no casualties.

Downham Fire

(Pictures KLFM & Kathy Mellish)




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A Selfie with Si

6th March 2014

SELFIE - WENDY (TOWLERS COACHES - EMNETH)Here is Silfie number 1.  This is Wendy from Towlers Coaches in Emneth, a family run business through generations, whilst there I not only met her daughter working in the office but her Dad too who was working on bringing this amazing vehicle back to life. 



SIFIE NUMBER 2 - Tamzin from K Brown Autos

K Brown Auto

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World Book Day

6th March 2014

Book Day I love World Book Day, last year I was invited to a school in King's Lynn to read to the children.  in previous years my wife and I have had the joy of dressing up two children as creativly as we possibly could but this year I enjoyed seeing the wonderful outfits as children made their way to school in the morning, 

The highlight of the my day so far was visiting Emneth Primary School to meet some of their pupils who had all made such an amazing effort to dress as their favourite characters. 

Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man, Harry Potter and many more besides were in lesson when I arrived and few of them where allowed outside for this lovely picture.

World Book Day


Above left are Ellie from Howard Junior School as Gangster Granny and her cousin Archie from Heachem Junior as Mr Stink from David Walliams amazing book. Below is little Grace from Refly year 1 as Aurora!



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Pancake Racing

4th March 2014

Today saw the annual pancake race in the centre of King’s Lynn, as ever former champions KL.FM took part in the charity event which this year saw us pitted against Wilkinsons, New Look, Your Local Paper, Beales and Sainsbury’s who as it turned out, rather controversially, supplied the adjudicator too. 

As the teams gathered tPancakeso take part in the first heat Ryan, Jake and I lined up at the bandstand ready to re-live former pancake glory..  The rules of the race were that you must flip before running, flip a further six times during the course and flip before handing over the frying pan to the next runner.  Jake ran the course first, in true Jake style as if he was on the cat walk, followed by me, I managed to complete the course without incident but it was Ryan Taylor who bought the event in to disrepute.

In scenes similar to that of Frank Lampard’s goal that wasn’t against Germany in the 2010 World Cup it was claimed he had fallen foul of the six toss rule. This meant despite Jake & I’s efforts and years of training the victory was snatched from under our noses, no matter how hard we protested the final decision was with Sainsbury’s whom we were up against!  Unlike in sport today, video technology is not allowed to aid the judge’s decision but if you watch the film below you will clearly see that KL.FM should have been the winner of this most important event in the pancake calendar.

In all seriousness it was an amazingly fun event and thanks to the Vancouver Quarter for organising the whole thing!

As for Ryan, Jake and I can’t bear to be in the same room as him anymore and won’t be inviting him over for Shrove Tuesday tea tonight!


Picture via



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Really cute dancing babies

2nd March 2014

 You may of already seen this really funny video as its had over 72 millions views and is a TV commercial, it had somehow passed me by and even if you have seen it, it's totally worth a watch even if only to raise a smile today.




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