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September 2014

Go Sober for October & win £50 for dinner

30th September 2014

Go Sober for October

One in three people are affected by the terrible disease that is cancer so it stands to reason that one day it will in some way affect you or someone you know.  I’ve lost my Nan and my Uncle to the BIG C and they were both given amazing support by the nurses and staff from Macmillan.  Macmillan Cancer Support do just that, lend support, be it with money worries, advice about work or even just being someone to talk too and so much more!

In my time at KLFM I think it's fair to say I've done a lot for the community and charitable causes but I don't think I’ve really done anything which is going to affect me quite as much is what I'm about to do!

I'm sure you'll agree with me there is nothing better after a long day at work than going home to maybe just a little glass of wine perhaps two or three nights a week and certainly at the weekend.  After a stressful day it's definitely needed and unfortunately in my case if it's been a good day sometimes it's nice to celebrate too.  I wouldn't say I drink a lot but I certainly do enjoy a glass of something after a day at work which is why I'm beginning to wonder why I've agreed to take part in “Sober for October” .

“Sober for October” with Macmillan Cancer will be a small change to my life but will hopefully help improve the lives of people facing cancer. Could you swap Sambuca for squash or give up wine and go for more walks?

To find out more and sign up visit Go Sober – click the link.


If you'd like to donate please go to my fundraising page, thanks in advance.



To celebrate “Go Sober for October” and to keep you busy during the dry month I've got £50 for you spend on dinner for you and a friend, all you need to do is finish this sentence.

“Go Sober for _______”

A – December

B – October

C – November

Please post your answer back on KLFM's Facebook page and I’ll pick a winner at the end of the month.

 Go Sober for October

Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:55pm


Big red and scary!!

26th September 2014

Have you an allergy? I suffer with hay fever and can’t get to close to cats and dogs unless I want to explode on the spot which is only slightly worse than the runny nose in the summer.

My wife has been flaring up over the past few months and we’re not quite sure what's causing it.  We tried to remove things from her diet and monitor what she touches, but no luck.  It’s got so bad that it was suggested she have a patch test at the hospital.  My poor wife came home a couple of days ago with about 50 patches on her back all with different things that she might be allergic to underneath. When it came to taking them off it was quite funny, as Jo is quite ticklish, every time I tried to pull one of them off she was in fits of giggles. It took ages to do standing in the kitchen, who knows what the kids thought was going on!

Out of all of them one of them did flare-up, it was a nasty violent red colour which after trip back to the hospital we discovered meant my wife is allergic to nickel.   Not ideal as she's a secretary at the QE, Nickel is in everything door handles, printer cartridges, her Id badge, her makeup, her knife & fork come dinner time and even plain and simple paperclips which the hospital have agreed to replace with plastic ones just for her! 

It’s a complete nightmare, but at least now we know what’s causing the problems!

If you're allergic to nickel I’d very much welcome your suggestions on avoiding and coping with the allergy. 

Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:37pm


Dippy Eggs!

24th September 2014

Tonight for only the second time in my life I'm planning on watching the Great British Bake Off. As I've said before I'm rubbish in the kitchen, according to my little girl I can always make the perfect 'Dippy Egg', "10 out 10" everytime she says!

Gordon, Jamie, Mr Hollywood move over.... Here's how you do it, simple!

Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:56pm



23rd September 2014

Sometimes it really is your lucky day, occasionaly it would seem that despite the circumstances you find yourself in, there really must be someone looking out for you.

Take a look at this video which I gaurentee will have you putting your hand to your mouth as some very fortunate people escape with their lifes behind the wheel.

Now I'm not religious, but as the saying goes "There but for the grace of god!".




Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:45pm


iPads iPads iPads

22nd September 2014

I went back to school today and spent the morning with the amazing children at Howard Junior School in Gaywood, King’s Lynn.

Howard Junior School - Ipad for Life

Picture courtesy of Michael Fysh Photography


Headmaster Mr Hill invited me to present iPads to every single year three students as part of their iPad for Life scheme. The school pride themselves on making the latest educational technology available to all pupils.  Each of the children will keep their iPad for their full four years at the school meaning when every set of new year three students arrive they will also receive an iPad. Technology is rapidly becoming essential part of life and at Howard they really want to give their children the best start possible.


 Check just how amzing these iPads are proving for the pupils who already use them.


I'm so jealous of the technology available to these children; they have the world at their fingertips just from the touch of the screen. Their iPads which will stay in class will help them with their research, education and learning over the next few years and I think it’s absolutely amazing.  Hats off to Howard junior school for making this happen.


The children were so excited this morning and my eyes were enormous when I saw the table with around 75 iPads, all brand new and boxed,  I just wished one of them were mine. Even though there were two or three leftover at the end from the children that weren’t in attendance today I still couldn't convince the school I should have one as an appearance fee! J


I'm pretty sure that this will be a day the children remember for a long time, as to whether they remember me or even keep their signed picture of Simon Rowe that’s another matter.  My presenter card is blank on the other side so it could be useful for Mum & Dad to write this week’s shopping list on at least.


What was your best day at school?



Best day at school. When the fittest teacher drove me back to the school
trip when we had to take my friend to the hospital. I had goose bumps
the whole 40 mins, oh to be 14 again!!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:00pm


Getting old?

21st September 2014

For the past six months or so my children have been winding me up about grey hair on my head, THERE ARE NO GREY HAIRS ON MY HEAD!

ThiFor the past six months or so my children have been winding me up about grey hair on my head, THERE ARE NO GREY HAIRS ON MY HEAD!s may have something to do with the fact that my eyesight is nowhere near as good as it used to be either, yes I think finally I might need to start admitting I'm getting old! 

I celebrated my 40th birthday in July and fortunately for me unlike my father and his dad I have a full head of hair, it's so thick and it grows so curly and so quick, but in places I'm told it's losing its colour. I'm not prepared to accept this though, if I ever think there is a grey hair I’ll convince myself it's the way the light is shining on it.  Now even my wife insists I have a few grey hairs! 

At what age did you start to turn grey, when did you spot your first grey hair or notice that bald patch starting to appear?  Loads of my mates have got receding hairlines and have had for many years, I don’t think many of them are turning grey but it’s certainly starting to fall out.

How is it some people can keep their lovely locks until their 50s and other people get grey hairs before they finish the 21st birthday? The average age for women to go grey is 33.

It could have something to do with the amount of sleep you get and the job you do according Charles Worthington, who pretty much owns my wife's dressing table. Working in the entertainment industry can encourage grey hairs by the age of 27 apparently, so if that's the case I’m not doing that bad. 



Please visit KLFM’s Facebook page and if you're brave enough let me know when your first grey hair appeared and/or when it started to fall out.


Here are some top signs you're getting on a bit...

  • Groaning when you bend down to pick something up
  • Saying "In my Day"
  • Finding hairs in your nose and ear
  • Falling asleep while watching the TV
  • Losing your glasses

or even some of these from listeners to the show...


Mandy J L Britton

Arthristis thats when you know your getting old and gray hairs


Louise Barker

Not being able to see writing properly without my glasses wanting to go to bed early general aches and pains but I'm lucky not to have any greys yet at almost 38


Mandy J L Britton

I have had gray hairs since i was 18


Shelly Bell

Bad eye sight,but that's it.47 and feel 27.from the happy. Hammer. P.s.great win yesterday.


Kirsty Louise

I was hoovering this morning abd I caught myself thinking "ooh, maybe my husband would get me a new Dyson for my birthday!" And this with genuine excitement. I think that makes me officially middle aged at least


Hayley Fletcher

my bones creak, senior moments and i am only 42yrs old


LJ Phoenix

Enjoying a walk round a garden centre!


Shelley Going

upstairs for the umpteenth time and still forgetting what it was u needed. .talking to ya self. .moaning bout the 'young uns'..forgetting what things are called.


Denise A Turner

When you need a nap after having few drinks in the afternoon


Carole Walker

When it takes you the rest of the weekend to get over a heavy Friday night out.





Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:39am


To Cool For School - Talent

20th September 2014

I'm on the hunt for superstars, are you too cool for school?  If you are in any kind of education, any age, infant to junior to high school or even college I'd love to hear from you!   

Do you have a talent that you'd like to share on the radio? 
If you're a comedian, rapper, singer, joker, impressionist, good at tongue twisters, play an instrument or can do something you believe is better than others please email me.
It really doesn't matter what your talent or age really.  I'm even looking for you if you have amazing ball skills, can juggle or can do something which would only work on video.
Thousands of people could hear you perform on my show one afternoon in the coming weeks.
If you have a talent, any talent, get in touch!
Too cool for school is coming to HomeTime Soon.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:15pm


The Great British Bake Off?

18th September 2014

I may be the only person in the world or at least I was to have never seen a single episode of the Great British Bake Off. Last night I decided to put down the iPad and put my iPhone in my pocket and actually watch BBC One with my wife at 8 PM on a Wednesday evening.  I imagine every single house in the UK is tuned in to the battle of the bakers every week so it was about time I joined the fun.


To be honest I'm the world’s worst baker and I pretty much had no idea what was going on, nor did I understand much of the terminology.


My thoughts from first viewing are that the contestants on the show seem to be genuinely really nice people, unlike other competitive shows they appeared to look out for each other and even ask for help, which doesn't then get ignored.  Mel and Sue are actually quite annoying, and who knew you could have a Savoury éclair?  Richard appears to be really good at what he does and even has an awesome fashion sense, my wife was well impressed that his pencil was the same colour as his shirt.  I think I might be missing out on an in joke there, not sure?


As I'd already decided to forego the footy last night and watch trashy TV it meant that after The Great British Bake Off my next treat on the TV menu would be Grand Designs, EVERYONE loves Kev! The couple on that show were really terrific, the man was spending all their money without telling his wife and was more interested in building his plane than his place to live, they were hilarious.


Despite the amazing house at the end which is always worth seeing my favourite part of that show is guessing which way Kevin will walk off-camera at the end.


Will I be watching the GBB again, perhaps?  Will I be baking treats anytime soon in the kitchen, well maybe some fairy cakes with the kids but that’s about it I’m afraid.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:06pm


The Hardwick Roundabout

17th September 2014

At the weekend you may have have noticed that the lights weren't working on the Hardwick roundabout, it happens every so often throughout the year and usually makes the traffic flow just so much better in most peoples opinion. 

I need to know how you found it, did it make your life more stressful or did it make travelling through to the centre of King's Lynn or to the A47 an absolute breeze?  

Maybe the lights on the Hardwick should be temporary, perhaps only working at off-peak times, or do you think they should always be on as the roundabout is so big and is the meeting of all the major roads in Lynn? 

Let me know your thoughts and how you found getting round the roundabout without the lights back on our FACEBOOK page.

There is however a good reason for them - Norfolk County Council say its a highways issue, but that the pedestrian and cycle crossings nearby mean they have to have the traffic lights.


Some of your comments are below...


A47 from Wisbech not a good at Hardwicke when lights out.  But it did seem more free flowing.


Barry Russel

Didn't make any difference.....everybody still cuts you up & swaps lanes without concern


Simon Wade

 far better with them off, even the part time signals years ago were better


Cllr Colin Manning

better without t/lights. Should only have lights on r/bts for slip roads off m/ways to avoid Qs on main c/ways.


Lee Littlewood

much smoother, no build ups...only difficulty is for cyclists, pedestrians crossing!


Dan James

The flow without lights is infinitely bigger but so are the risks when
idiots take the mickey and pull straight out. Any accidents that happen
will be amplified in comparison to when the lights are on. I guess the
reason they're there is to bring down average speeds.


Rachel Wade

Turn the lights off and keep them off! I use the roundabout at least twice a
day and run a local business from the town- in the period they were
off- I never got held up once! The traffic was flowing perfectly! No
need to wait if there was an empty road- common sense and sensible road
use and no traffic lights will keep the round about from being a night


Rachel Maynard

Better without. I drew up just as they switched them back on yesterday, u could see every driver's smile disappear!





Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:42pm


Bad Daddy?

16th September 2014

Every child has played peek-a-boo at some stage in their life, Mummy or Daddy hides their face and then after a few seconds shows it to the surprise of their child.  It’s a fun, natural thing to do with your children, but what if you played a nasty trick on your tot?

Personally I think this is more cruel than funny and it seems the general feeling is the Dad in this video is a bad parent.  Have a look for yourself and then let me know what you think back on the Facebook Wall.

Cruel or Kind?


Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:55pm


OUCH! My sore head after the weekend.

15th September 2014

I think I had a lucky escape over the weekend, perhaps I'm over dramatising the whole thing but I believe I was very lucky not to have spent most of Saturday in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital's accident and emergency department.


My wife was about to paint the little boys room and obviously needed to clear it out first, I told her not to move any furniture and I would help if she needed it. I’d left Jo alone for five minutes to nip downstairs and make her a nice warm brew while little to my knowledge she’d decided not to wait and that she would move his bed.  While I was happily minding my own business walking up the stairs, there was an almighty thump, and I fell to the ground spilling scolding tea all over the carpet. Turns out one of the wooden slats underneath my sons bed had come lose just I was parallel with it at the bottom of the stairs.  I was in absolute agony and in complete shock, I had no idea what had happened, all I did know is that my head was pounding like nothing I'd ever felt before. I went straight to the sink and chucked as much water over my noggin as I possibly could whilst screaming my head off.  I was expecting to see blood before my eyes and lots of it, but luckily it didn't bleed and the only evidence of the mishap now is a little lump, but boy did it hurt!


After discussing this with friends it seems the majority of them believe perhaps my wife was waiting at the top of the stairs with the plank of wood in hand, if so she's a real good shot. I guess it's possible because the boy and I were heading out to watch football for the afternoon leaving her at home to do the decorating herself.  With that in mind, I think they could possibly be right!


Everything ended up good though, his room looks great and King’s Lynn won their FA Cup Match 7-0!  I say everything turned OK, I've just put my headphones on in the studio for the first time, oh the pain!




Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:52pm


Late to the party

14th September 2014

I know I'm a little bit late to the party but I've just discovered the fun in making vines. I'm completely useless at it but am having a lot of fun trying to make them.

I've made about five or six videos so far, take a look at them after you've seen this one of me kicking balls at my son in goal. We're surprised to have over one hundred views already, my little boy didn't know which ball to stop first.

Click me.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 12:24pm


Win tickets to Mr Fips Wonder Circus

13th September 2014

One of my favourite circuses is returning to King's Lynn later this month and this weekend you can win family tckets to see it at Knights Hill on KL.FM.

Listen to Alistair between 8 & 1 today and my show on Sunday between 8 & 12to win family tickets.
See if you recognise these clowns.....

Posted by Simon Rowe at 8:39am


Eight legged friends!

12th September 2014

How did the nursery rhyme go?

"Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water spout"; I think they got that wrong! They are blooming enormous, have you seen the size of the spiders this year and they're everywhere, hundreds of them and that's just in my house.

Where have they come from, why are there so many, what's different about this year than any other year?

We counted about 22 dotted around the house the other day, all shapes and sizes and rather alarmingly colours too. I've never seen so many different types of spiders in my life and to be honest I'm not their biggest fan, I'm not proud to admit that my wife or my little boy evacuates the creepy crawlies from the Rowe household, my little daughter and I won't go anywhere near them!

To make matters worse they don't even seem to be doing their job, there's also an annoying fly in my place right now, it won't go away, it just won't disappear despite so many 8 legged beasts being in residence. You'd think one of them was a little bit peckish!

Do you have any tips to remove the spiders and stop them from coming into the house without harming them and have you been invaded by them too?

Here's just a few of your stories and suggestions...

Chris Richmond
It's September- apparently spiders are more noticeable at this particular time of year. The spiderlings that hatched throughout the early summer have all grown up and are looking for mates...

Melanie Done
We've always get big spiders this time of year, but this year they are on steriods......I've had two run out from their seperate hiding places to actually attack the hoover!

Angie Lee
I had a spider web by my back door. I fell into it the spider was the size of a mouse hiding in the corner. I quickly shut my back door and went the long way round my house instead

Karen Thomson
Found a massive one under the mattress the other morning and I had to catch it myself.......chucked it outside and told the cat to eat it

Lee Farnsworth
They are horny male spiders looking for love and they use light colour walls or the bath as a back drop so that they stand out to the lady spiders ! (Well according to Stephen fry)

The general consensus is to place conkers around the house, apparently it works.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:38am


9/11 13 years on

11th September 2014

As we know only too well, this day 13 years ago one of the world’s worst atrocities took place in Manhattan, New York.  9/11 as it became known is now one of those moments where everyone can say they knew where they were when they heard the news.  I unsurprisingly was in the studio where I’m presenting my show and writing this blog right now.  The picture s on the television were shocking and at that time obviously no one had any idea what was happening or why.

 In my own life at the time I was due to become a Daddy, my wife was expecting twins in just 3 months time and it’s only because of this that I wasn’t due to get on a plane the very next day.  Being 6 months pregnant and expecting two babies we were advised not to fly earlier in the year, meaning our two week holiday in Cyprus had been cancelled, I’m not sure  how I would have felt stepping on a plane the very next day, especially with no idea why those flights were chosen to commit those horrendous crimes. 

Today I’ve listened to KL.FM’s amazing tribute on the Adam Newstead Breakfast Show and have seen the footage of those planes crashing in to the twin towers; it still sends a shiver down my spine.  If you haven’t already, please take a moment right now to think about those poor people and the families they left behind.  The video below, although made only a year after the horrible events on the other side of the Atlantic pretty much some up the feeling of one child who lost her father on September 11 2001.

This audio will make you cry, even if you’ve heard it before. After you've watched the video below are your stories of where you were that day.







Jacquie Western

I was watching the telly at home with my 2 year old when it was announced.


"Party Kiosk" Via Twitter

I was meeting a client whose husband was an airline pilot working in the States.  She was in a mess as she couldn't contact him,


Sandra Tickle

I had my 3 month pregnancy scan of my daughter that morning so was on cloud nine until I watched the news later in the day


Claire Moore

I Was in Turkey. Fighter jets started flying above us the next day & when we took off to come home we had fighter jets flying either side of us until we were in a safe zone!!!!


Amanda Louise Rout

I was in my bedroom had just watched neighbours and was doing college work then the news came on. Was watching it all afternoon. Was awful especially when we saw the 2nd plane hit as it was on live.


Wendy Appleton

 I was with the gasman. He came to read the meter, we both stood watching telly as the second plane went into the second tower. He never did read the meter.


Louise Jay Howling

 I was ill so I was at my grandparents watching a programme then the news came on half way through and I can remember watching the camera focused on the towers and the 2nd plane went into the other tower. Scary stuff at 12 years old!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:37pm


The Emneth Primary Top 20

10th September 2014

 Emneth Primary Top 20

I spent most of the day in the sunshine on the school playing field at Emneth Primary school today. They invited me out there to learn more about the ‘Emneth top 20’.  It’s a brilliant idea to move their curriculum to outstanding by giving every pupil the opportunity to participate in 20 experiences which they’ll remember for a lifetime.


The experiences include a trip to the beach to build a massive sandcastle and hunt for treasure, there’s also a massive big city experience, they’ll go camping, design and fly their own kites and even plan, write, film, and edit their own movie and much more.


Today was all about launching that brilliant project with climbing walls, super slides and even mud painting which looked like a right laugh, however I think I’d of got more messy than kids had I had a go.


Thanks for inviting me and good luck with the project.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:39pm



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