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October 2015

Bond INSERT PAUSE James Bond

26th October 2015

I was just a little excited about Spectre today!  The new 007 movie is released tonight and below Ashleigh and I discuss just how long is the perfect pause for James Bond to introduce himself...

How long is to long?

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:57am


Win Basil Brush Family Tickets

23rd October 2015

This morning we were remembering classic childrens TV shows, the ones you just had to be home from school in time to see.

Remember this?


What about this?

Or this?


Annoyingly our phone lines were jammed by a cheeky, naughty, scheming, foxy, quick witted and charming fox.  Basil Brush himself called every opportunity he had to suggest his own show and to shamelessly self-promote his show at the Alive Corn Exchange in King's Lynn.

To win tickets just tweet 'Boom Boom' to @KLFM967 and I'll pick a winner at 7pm on Sunday 25th October.   


Good luck!

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:09am


Hallmark or Hit

21st October 2015

Do you think you can tell the difference between a line from a greetings card and a line from a love song?   They are very similar and this morning I put Ross in the King's Lynn News Centre to the test and also invited the The Extons in for a little challenge too.  


If the band failed to identify any line from a card I challenged them to turn into a song on the spot, and they did an amazing job.  Have a listen!



Hear the Extons performing for real below!

Find them on Facebook here.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:00am


Back to the Future Day

21st October 2015

The day has finaly arrived, the day that Marty and Doc travelled to in Back to the Future II.

That means you'll be of the cinema to watch this tonight!

A message from the Doc in the future, 30 years ago!



Posted by Simon Rowe at 5:47am


Are you tolerant of others?

19th October 2015

Over 4 out of 5 people don't think West Norfolk's a tolerant place to live.

According to a KL.FM on-line poll just 16 percent of those who took part believe we're accepting of people regardless of race, gender, sexuality or religious belief.

Helen is a member of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendee)in Lynn and disagrees with our poll's results.

Natasha from Gayton agreed that West Norfolk isn't tolerent.

A Lithuanian listener in Lynn wasn't happy with Natasha's view.

Paul has seen how intolerance can affect others.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all a bit more tolerant toward each other? We are all guilty of judging others at times. We criticise people’s behaviour, their beliefs and their choices, usually because we don’t understand them or they’re different to ours.

But who are we to look down on them?

There's still time to take our poll and register your thoughts on this.  Just click YES or No on the voting system to the right of this blog.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 8:02am


Can I have pay rise?

16th October 2015

Today is International Boss Day, a day to show your boss how much you appreciate them or in my case a good day perhaps to get them in a good mood and ask for more money.




How do you think that went?  Si got KL.FM's Managing Director Darren Taylor on the show to ask, listen.


It's also happens to be his 50th birthday, Happy Birthday Darren!




Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:43am


First words

15th October 2015

Do you remember the very first thing you ever said to your partner?  I can remember what my wife said to me....

It was Thursday 28th May 1998, I'd just strolled from the bar in Manhattens Night Club on Borad Street, King's Lynn, trying not to lose my shoe on the sticky carpet to where a group of people where sitting and there amoungst them was Jo, my wife... t's all coming back to me......

Below are some of the stories that came into the show...

I meet my partner my partner in zoots night club I asked if you fancy a dance. Was only a one night stand still together after 12 years. Love ❤ victoria as much now as I did then. ROBERT

I met my wife on a car park by telling her she had a cute derriere she told me to dream on that was nearly twenty years ago then i married her. ANON

I met my hubby whilst i was at work, the first words were spoken: me Hello can i help? Him: can i have a double cheese burger and cheesy chips with a pounds worth of cheese? Lol i will always remember as it was the night i broke the shop mascotts arm. KAY

I meet Clare in Essex and before we met I asked her what was her favourite flowers were and said blue roses. Living in Brentwood at the time I went to every florist to find a blue rose but after much perseverance I did find one much to Clares delight. PAUL, KING'S REACH

the first thing my missus said to me on Chicagos dance floor was "oh, (gavin and Stacey style) you know my daughter!!!! Me being a man was like oh poo, who what where when lol and you don't look old enough to have a daughter my age but that must be the alcohol!!! Turns out I met her little girl at a party with my ex!! Phew!!!! Years later we are now married and have more kids!! IAN







Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:42am


The Ultimate Christmas Party

14th October 2015

Snow isn't falling, chestnuts aren't roasting on an open fire, Santa Claus isn't even thinking of coming to town just yet but this morning I was in a Festive mood because tickets have gone on sale for KL.FM's Ultimate Christmas Party.  Ross however wasn't quite so excited!



I put it to the vote and the majority of listeners agreed it would be good to play a Christmas tune, and I think it was the right decision. 

KLFM's Ultimate Christmas Party is on Friday 20th November and tickets for our fun filled festive evening are only £11.  If you'd like to join us for an evening of live music, party tunes and fun grab some tickets now and get It in the diary.


Get your tickets here!

See you there!









Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:00am


I'm a DJ get me out of here - World Post Day

9th October 2015


I asked listeners to send something interesting in the post

for World Post Day on Friday.  The day is celebrated all over the world but not normaly here, until today that is.  Normaly the only post you get is junk, a bill or sometimes not even meant for you so I asked listeners to the show to send some interesting to open on the air.


Some real thought and effort went into what was sent. A Thermos Flask for Si's coffee, biscuits, sweets, paper breakfasts from the children at West Norfolk Carers, scratch cards and as you'll see spiders, locusts and scorpions too.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:50am


A big thank you

8th October 2015

You may have heard Victoria's story on the show yesterday? She is currently in St Georges Hospital, London after being transferred from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn.  She’s 24 weeks pregnant and Mum to another 9 children who are obviously missing her.

Her condition is life threating, her placenta has grown in to her old caesarean section scar meaning she could bleed to death hence the move to a bigger hospital.

Her husband Lee has had to stop working to look after the children and as you would imagine is very worried about her and has no easy way of getting that many children to London to see their Mummy.

Simon from Connect Cars very kindly offered transport for the family, and if you missed it below is the moment we told Vicky the brilliant news.


Si calls Victoria in hospitlal...



A brief summary of the story as it unfolded.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:13am


"I've not seen my kids"

7th October 2015

Can you imagine being miles away from your family, pregnant in hospital, unable to see your children and your husband knowing it could be three weeks before you do.  That's the problem for Victoria from King's Lynn...

Can we sort some transport or help?  We recieved a lot of phone calls on the show, hear the outcome tomorrow after 7am.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 7:13am


Backflips, Cuddles and keeping the boss happy

6th October 2015

South Wootton

The boy s& girls from South Wootton Infants were offering advice for life on the show today and Si had a story to help you succeed at work... It's worth a listen it might just make difference to your life!




Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:30am



5th October 2015

About six weeks ago Ann Butler from East Rudham won KL.FM's Secret Sound and told us just how important the win was for her.  It turned out the cash was going towards to a headstone for her baby which stopped listeners and me in our tracks.  I'm pleased to say that my thoughts were the same as the many people who contacted the show to offer their hard earnt cash.  

KL.FM listener’s generosity has meant that the headstone was paid for and also means that Ann and her young family can stop worrying, breathe a little easier and have some much needed smiles with her winnings.

Last Friday I presented the donations and winnings to the 'Butlers' at Sandles Car Supermarket.



Ann and her family, Andrew from Thornalley Funeral Services and me at Sandles Car Supermarket in Pott Row.


I can't thank listeners to KL.FM Breakfast enough for helping her!

Thank you so much x.




Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:11am


10,000 Selfies - A big thank you

4th October 2015

When I was set the challenge of meeting 10,000 people in a year to be honest I was a little daunted, despite what you may think I hate having my picture taken and I find it quite hard to look normal in any picture.  I’m two months in to this amazing quest and I think I’m getting the knack of grinning like a Cheshire cat now though.

Aside from taking lots of pictures I’ve met some amazing people, some awesome charities, been involved with some superb community events and also stepped out of my comfort zone on many occasions already, not least after my visit to Norfolk Hospice Tapping House which ended up with me walking on fire to raise awareness for the most amazing of local charities.

Thanks also to BB’s Coffee & Muffins who let me bake cakes for Macmillan’s Coffee Morning and also the wonderful residents at Amberley Hall Residential Home for helping in their kitchen too.  Thanks to Mr Fipps for inviting me to his circus and I think thank you for making me eat fire and lay on a bed of nails. 

Thanks to the Linnets for inviting me to the football club, the amazing children at Howard Junior, Gaywood Primary, Clenchwarton and South Wootton Infant’s and some very nervous A-Level students who allowed me to take a pic before opening their results at KES. 

To see all of the Selfie’s so far and to find out how to win an iPad for being part of my challenge just click here.

Thanks again, still a long way to go, but so far so good!

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:07am


Missed today's show?

2nd October 2015

Today marked 90 years since the 1st transmission test by John Loagie Bird of the TV.  It's fair to say his invention has changed the world and because of it we have all seen things we could have only dreamed of seeing, been entertained, informed and much more.

But what are your fav moments?


I'm a big fan of this moment in Fawlty Towers



Thanks to Dave who still cheers when this goal goes in!

What about other moments of history such as OJ and his verdict?

Or Saddam hearing his fate?

Then there's classic comedy like this 'Fork Handles'

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:19am


Listen again Test

1st October 2015

If you missed this mornings show here's another chance to hear more about the new law against smoking in cars with under 18's and the KL.FM £1000 minute.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:33pm


Smoking ban in cars with under 18's

1st October 2015

You wouldn't light up with your kids in the car would you?  You wouldn't subject them poisonous chemicals? No one would let their child be at risk of meningitis, cancer, bronchitis or pneumonia would they?

It seems some do and from today a new law has come into force to try and tackle children having to suffer second hand smoke from their parents or others in the car. 


A child has no say in the matter, so hopefully this law as hard as it will be to police will make a difference.

If you do smoke around your children I'd ask you to imagine your little boy or girl smiling back at you with their cuddly toy in one hand and a cigarette in the other whilst smoke evaporates from their nose. 

Perhaps you'll wait until you've dropped them off at school tomorrow?


Below are the thoughts of listeners to the show





Posted by Simon Rowe at 8:58am



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