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February 2015

Play Your Cards Right

25th February 2015

This Morning I discoverd the growning number of people taking to TV quiz shows to earn some quick money. Richard who is no stranger to KL.FM competitions revealed he has been one of those people, so we gave him the chance to do it again!

Was his 2nd attempt at Play Your Cards Right any better than the 1st?

 Listen here


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Famous friends

24th February 2015

What is your tenuous connection to someone famous?


Listener responses below...



My grandad was evacuated in world war 2 to Wales to Tom Jones Aunts house. Him and Tom played regularly together.

Denise Cowell

had a phone conversation with frank bruno when i was a ward clerk. he was enquiring after a patient, since he wasn't a relative i couldn't give him any information!!!good job he was at other end of the line eh Arry!!! lol

Emily Presenter Blake

aparently my cousins cousins sister is Kelly Rowland...Kelly is a cousin of Beyonce, so that makes me realted to Beyonce. Boom !

I was an extra in a series called Over here with Martin Clunes when i lived in Castle Acre in 1996. From Helen

Paul Barrett

I'm a distant cousin of Katherine Hepburn.

Dan James

I once stood near Rickie from Eastenders...

Louise Barker

My mum used to be a nanny and spent lots of time with lady Diana as her friend was also a nanny and was hers at Sandringham x

My sons fathers fathers brother played cards with oliver reed! Janette

Heleni K Lee

I used to work behind the bar in a snooker club, Gazza came in and asked for change for the phone, I couldnt understand him so his friend had to 'translate'

Helen Foster

At school my friend's brother's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's cousin was in the band johnny hates jazz!

Nikki Smith

I cooked breakfast for Lesley Grantham aka dirty den!!

tracy Joyce

I flicked a fly into Gary Newman's beer when I was 9.

I once cleaned windows when one of my customers moved the new owner was sid owen or ricky out of eastenders . From matt the singing butcher

Teresa Bayford

My grandmother is a distant relative to Roger moore

Jane Smith

My grandad was a sailor on the secret ship that took King Edward VIII abroad, after he abdicated to be with Mrs Wallace Simpson!

Holly Rose'x

A scene from Stephen fry programme 'kingdom' was filmed in my dads house and back garden.

elizabeth May Clarke

My grandad laid the flooring in the hallway of 10 Downing Street and that same floor is still there. My grandma used to know Lester Piggot, the jockey

Paula Barry Evans

I used to babysit Martin Brundle

Natasha Bot

t My partner is Robbie Williams 2nd cousin not that theyve ever actually met Although his Mum used to play with Robbie when they were little x

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Changing peoples lives

19th February 2015

There are some amazing people in West Norfolk and I’m so proud to say they listen to KLFM and my show. Through the power of my little microphone I’ve managed to change many lives over the years, make a difference, help people and make good out of bad, today it happened again and I have to be honest it feels really special to be able to help.

This morning at about 11am I had a call from a lovely lady called Lorraine who called us to ask if we could put an appeal on the air for her son’s missing pocket money.  He had £55 for his 9th birthday and had been looking forward to treating himself to something nice, that is until he managed to lose it! 

What happened next was very special – listen below.


Massive THANK YOU to everyone at Crossings Fish Bar on Tennyson Road in King's Lynn.

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Scotty's Little Solidiers

15th February 2015

On Friday after the show I visited the very lovely Nikki Scott at Scotty's new premises in King's Lynn.  Her charity is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. Nikki set it up in 2010 after her own husband Corporal Lee Scott was sadly killed in Afghanistan in July 2009 leaving behind her and their two young children.

Since then it has grown and helped so many families. They have provided and continue to provide Christmas and birthday gifts, treats, trips and activities for the families of the fallen as well as enabling them to use the charity holiday lodges.  

Currently Scotty's Little Soldiers supports over 100 children of the fallen and has been able to purchase a few amazing holiday homes in the UK, including one in Great Yarmouth and one in Blackpool.  The holiday homes are stunning three bedroom lodges filled with everything a family could need whilst on a break away from home.  The Scotty members can use the lodges whenever things get too much and they are in need of some time away from all the struggles of living life without a loved one.  The charity is able to pay any travel expenses and the family receive a £100 gift voucher when they arrive at the holiday lodge.

The Charity's new home is 21 Bergen Way, North Lynn Industrial Estate, King's Lynn PE30 2JG and if you can help them, they are just a call away on 01553 763000



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Think Ed Sheeran, think Sam Smith

13th February 2015


We discoverd something amazing today, think Ed Sheeran, think Sam Smith.....

This is the result. AMAZING!









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Where did you meet your 1st love

9th February 2015

I was really excited to discover that there is going to be a Manhattens night at the King's Lynn Corn Exchange later this year!  I met my wife there in 1998, but where did you meet the special person in your life?


Hi Si I met nigel at skaters 23 years ago still together n 4 kids later lol mixhelle hardy .


Sue Houghton Sainsburys ! He was a butcher I was on the checkouts in Tunbridge Wells still together after 43yrs


Mary Hinds He was the taxi driver who came to pick my mum dad and myself up after a night at bingo 37 years ago


Katrina Chappell He was going out with my collage friend they wanted me to go out with his best mate and I said I would rather your fella ! x married 18 years August x


I met my husband 13 years in my local take away, where i was working. He was a regular and then started to come in almost every night i was working, for cans of drink, I didnt think anything of it he was a local boy we had grown up in the terrington st clements. One night he asked if i wanted a lift home i said yes u can do, he said ok i Will be back in a minute. How strange i thought! I later found out he had to clear his car, it was full of cans of drink that were un opened! Not so thirsty after all lol So 13 years later and a six year old girl and two year old boy with 7 years of marriage! Thats how i met mine! Love u Dave from Kay xx


My husband came round to paint my mums house and he had such a cute rear end I decided I had to marry him, that was 23 years ago and I still love his rear end just as much! Janette


Hi si I met my other half kev in showboat Norfolk I worked there he was playing machine 25 years ago deb


Jessica Harper Maternity unit, my daughter is the love of my life


Shanon Coppenbarger 10 years ago I just didn't know it at the time . found each other again 3 years ago when I came back to the UK and haven't been sepreate since


Tammy Anne Marie Delph the old south gates roundabout petrol station


Carlene James Even tho I was married to someone else ( we still friends). I met my true love the first day of high school and we were best friends from that day and he my 14yr olds godfather and we been 2gether just about 5yr


Sharon Leonard Met my other half after throwing him out of the old chicago's (now bar red) when I was working as a door supervisor.


Susie Breeze I got a flat tyre and stopped in a layby, he drove past and offered to help. Gave me his number incase I had a problem, I texted to thank when I got home, then over several weeks the odd message became more frequent and he eventually asked me out. Happy ever since then.

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Naughty grils & Bad boys

9th February 2015

Over the weekend fans of Grange Hill celebrated 'Grange Hill Day', so on this morning’s Adam Newstead Breakfast Show we discussed tricks and truants from your school.  It's fair to say listeners to the show were most defiantly not little angels.




And there were theses confessions too....

Lee Went to school drunk.

Julie Gooch
Got sent out of class for playing with my book and made to sit under a table . I waited till the teacher went back in to classroom and walked out of the school and went home I was 8 at the time

Jane Smith
My twin brother used to give me his dinner money so I wouldnt tell my parents that he bunked it!...I did pretty well out of he deal!.lol

Mike Day
Threw a beaker of water over my friends face during a science lesson when we were messing with nitric acid

Liz Bennett
locked the music teacher in the cupboard while we was on detention...



Simon with Tucker from Grange Hill

Ian Brown
 I seem to remember me and Jay Booth attempting to make ninja throwing stars in metal work... and a list of about 100 other fellony and misdemeanour offences we got done for.

Caroline Michelle Harper
 i was at a brand new school where i locked the head in his office threw keys in builders yard and ended up getting fire brigade out to get the door open xxx

Tammy Anne Marie Delph
well I got caught Smoking in girls loo. got caught kissing lad behind swimming pool when ment to be in class. hid in church yard when suppose to be at school. wrote on toilet walls got detention. few other things best not talk about lol xxx

Sandra Reddington
 threw rotton eggs and flour in mr durrents maths class couldnt bere him.. got the cane though .. but it stank in there for weeks lol.. was worth it ha...

Gray Holl At junior school
locking everyone in the school then letting the tyres down on teachers cars

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Careers Day at Springwood High

6th February 2015

On Tuesday this week I got to be an embarassing Dad!  The year 8's at Springwood High had their Careers Day and I represented KL.FM much to the dismay of my kids of are also part of that year.  To my suprise my little boy ignored me, but my girl came over with all her mates and even let me take a selfie with them!

It was a great day with lots of local companies including Ward Gethin, Your Local Paper and the Police, the College of West Anglia and many more.

I hope the students got a lot from the day and it helped them think about what they might like to do in the future.



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Run for your life

4th February 2015

Ever been chased by animal?

It's National Story Telling week and to celebrate I spent the morning at Fairstead Primary in King's Lynn.  I spoke to about six different classes including the amazing boys and girls in the schools reception class.  The Poppins as they are known have the most creative imaganation as you'll discover when you listen to the audio below.  I told the children about the time I was chased by a Cow in Long Sutton, they laughed and they loved but it seems I'm not the only one.  Despite them all being no older than four years old their brushes with wildlife where wide and varied!

(Excuse the picture of me dressed as St George!)


Here are some more of your encounters

    • Rachel FleetA hare in my back garden it wouldn't leave me alone I was almost crying
    • Victoria EverettGeese! Quite frequently when over mother in laws
    • Chris DaleI lived on a farm abroad, I didn't get chased but flattened by a 2 ton bull
    • Nicola HargreavesGoose on holiday it used to stand and look at its self in the double glazed door of the bungalow we stayed in I didnt see it opened the door and went out it chased me up the field lol
    • Karon HagonGetting the horses in we had to cross a field which we believed didn't have a very angry bull living in it......and on this particular day it did and he was VERY angry....ha ha
    • Leanne BrassettWhen I was about 8 I got head butted in the back by a deer through a fence, luckily a female one!
    • Alison SmallsA flamin goat was years ago where we went blackcurrant picking at Shouldham Thorpe ruddy thing scared me half to death
    • Sophiee Jayne De KeyzerWent to a park farm when I was 5 with my parents and my dad tried to pick a feather out of a peacock so it chased me!
    • Louise Jay HowlingA duck. I was like 6. Caught up with me and pooped on my foot. Was wearing socks and jelly sandles at the time
    • Victoria BrownWhen me and my friend Rhian Compton were walking her dog and we got chased by a cat was well strange.
    • Marie PearceA billy goat on my friends farm. I was petrified, thing is i have a diploma in agriculture and have worked with bulls, cows etc but none scared me like that goat did!!!!!
    • Victoria BrownIt even sped up when we ran!!!
    • Dominique ThompsonWhen I was 5 I was chased by a swan trying to peck at me. This was down Shipstone road in norwich. It was flapping it's wings and going mental. Hated the ugly things ever since
    • Stevejulie DettmerA goat I had to climb over a 6 foot fence to get away. It kept butting me!
    • Debbie KingI got chased by a pony..I was scrumping a pumkin at the time..I fell over the pumpkin stayed friend sat in thr car laughing her head off
    • Sheralyne LeeMy step mums cockerell, had to hide in the shed!
    • Samantha JayWhen I was at primary school a friends neighbour had a goat and it escaped and chased me down the street. As I ran I fell over put a whole in my white tights
    • Lauren McCarthyI fell in duck poo then the duck chased me
    • Hannah Thrower GibneyWhen i waz 7 wé had à cocktail named Rambo n hé used to attack me but hé got to eye level n hé waz bout to peck my eyes n my dog pushed him off me n dog chased him followed by my brother and a shovel lol
    • David BeneferWhen I was little my dad took us to one of the zoo's and I chased a peacock round a hedge but there was what felt like a million on the other side and they all just looked at me and chased me until my dad caught up and saved me and every time the family got together did I hear about it
    • Nikki SmithGeese evil little buggers, I was with my friend and her horse they came out of nowhere . Had to leap of a hedge and landed in the ditch.
    • Helen HayesIn the middle of the countryside whilst out running. A black lab bounded up to me. Must have chased me across 2 fields. The owner was just a dot in the distance.... Walking very slowly to retrieve their naughty hound. Must confess to giving them a mouthful. Not impressed that i had to interrupt my run to return said dog!
    • Emma SteerA swan, when I was 5 in Stratford upon Avon near the canal... scared me to death; it was bigger than me... I still don't like swans
    • Lynsey DosdaleI got chased/swooped repeatedly by an escaped Harris Hawk while walking my spaniel puppy in the forest quite a few years ago... Scared the life out of me. It kept landing in trees ahead of us in the forest ride and turning to come back at us !

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A face for radio!

3rd February 2015

Yesterday I had a camera stuffed in my face while I was presenting ‘Hometime’ on KLFM.  The guys from Springboard TV at the College of West Anglia are always creating pieces for their projects and decided it might be interesting to put me under the spotlight.  Not sure if interesting is the right word but if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a radio presenter at an amazing station like KLFM (other presenters from other stations take note) you can watch Emma and her friends final edit above.

I defiantly have a face for radio!






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