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May 2015

Festival Too 2015

29th May 2015


So you want to know who is performing this year?


One of this years performers grew up in Lynn and he joined me for a chat, hear it again below.



See the full line by clicking here.




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HANSE 2015

17th May 2015

The Hanse Festival was amazing yesterday and today looks set to be great again. There's live music, arts, crafts, fire breathers, knights on horses, food & drink, archery and more. King’s Lynn’s rich and colourful Hanseatic heritage came to life as the streets were filled with medieval characters, fire breathers and knights on horses.

Enjoy a sneaky peak of the live music on my video below...

There's much more to see and do today too! - Click the lnk below for more.


Si x





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Peter Kaye's Car Share - Forever FM

15th May 2015

This morning I was joined by Mike & his Morning Muesli and Andy from the Big Big Big Drive home from Forever FM, the fictional radio station from Peter Kaye's Car Share.

Hear our simulcast that aired 'live' on KLFM & Forever FM and get a load of gossip about the show by clicking the link below.

Timeless Hits Forever!


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Nearly time to play the music......

15th May 2015

I’ve been speaking about this in Showbiz all week – here’s the preview…  Nearly time to light the lights!  #Muppets


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King's Lynn Makes Me HAPPY

10th May 2015

I'm happy but Daine isn't!

You may have read Diane Lines column in the Lynn News recently, you won't again because she cannot find anything 'light hearted' and positive to write about anymore! 


It's easy to criticise something isn't it?   It's easy to find fault!  It's so much less hassle to be negative than to think about all of the positive things you could say about someone or somewhere. What is the point in only focusing on the bad stuff and not opening your eyes, smelling the coffee and seeing what’s really going on around you?  You should focus on the majority not the minority.  My fellow columnist (ex) Diane may have had her five minutes of fame from her words last week, but if as she says she loves King’s Lynn why would she write such a column with such blinkered opinion?  It could surely only spark bad press for the town I live in and am proud of, and it did. 

From where I sit the people of Kings Lynn are kind-hearted, generous and thoughtful.  They go out of their way to help others who are less fortunate than themselves, regardless of their own circumstances.  These rude people she writes about have helped me help children in hospital, in care, youngsters without parents; they’ve helped families who are down on their luck and so much more.  Every year for the past 16 I’ve collected thousands of toys and chocolate eggs; had thousands of pounds donated by local listeners to pay for Chemotherapy Chairs at the QE; had items replaced and replenished and even just last month a young lad was donated his lost birthday money by one generous business owner in town. Perhaps these people didn’t give the cash because they are genuinely nice but instead because, as Diana might have you believe, they were inebriated.  

I believe you only find these people who pee in the street and swear at you if you go out look for them, or choose to live on a street which has nightclubs, pubs and fast food restaurants. Norfolk Street is no different to any other street in any other town across the country at 2am in the morning! 

As for blaming the youngsters, it’s people like Diane that don't help give them a good name. I’m sure it would be more productive to highlight those that do well, like the youngsters I've met hosting the Young Hero Awards with the Mayor at the Town Hall.  That amazing historic room was full of teenagers who had all made a difference to someone else.  These were young adults and children who have been looking after their parents’; youngsters who go out of their way to raise money for others and young adults who really care about our community. 

Diane also says she can't even stroll through the Walks without seeing someone spitting or having sex. Again I disagree. I’ve spent many a sunny afternoon picnicking with my wife; playing football with the kids and enjoying the Walks for what it is, and have never seen anything of the sort!  Perhaps it’s because unlike her I'm not negative, I'm not looking for things to moan about. I’m just there to enjoy it and take it for what it is.  

 After writing this blog I took my camera to film the anti-social behaviour she spoke off and the video is below.






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GEAR 2015

3rd May 2015

Just short of 2000 people took part in the 10th Grand East Anglia Run at the start of May in the pouring rain. Over £30,000 was raised for charities and community projects on the day!

I hosted my show from the Tuesday Market Place and did 7k in the rain just interviewing and chasing runners and charities, what an amazing morning!

Well done to all that took part and everyone at the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk!

Soak up the atmosphere below...



Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:15pm



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