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August 2015

Work, Rest, Play and Deep Fried Mars

30th August 2015

As you'll no doubt know I thought I was a little bit of a Brian Cox this week as I studied the night sky for any sight of the Red Planet. Mars was not the size of the moon as I had been left to believe! It turned out that the story was just a big hoax that I fell for hook, line and sinker.

Despite this I still held my head high to spread a lot of Mars love on Friday.

My day began with some Work, Rest and Play.  I invited listeners to take part; the guys from Britons Estate Agents called to let me work for them while they took a well earned rest, this of course was only after some play at Strikes in King's Lynn.  Despite not being that great in the alley I was pretty awesome at selling house's! 


See my brilliant acting as I make a sale. (there was no one on the other end of the line).


Later in the day to celebrate the Non-Event with help from John at Crossings Fish Bar in King's Lynn I cooked up some deep fried Mars Bars over lunch, but how did they taste?












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A Mars a Day, well once every few thousand years?

28th August 2015

Ever fell for a prank and then felt completely foolish for being such an idiot? I think this week has to be low light for me in that respect!

It was revealed on the internet last week that Mars would be visible with the naked eye as it passed it closer to earth than it has done or will do again in thousands of years. I later discovered it was a hoax that rolls around every year and has done for the last decade.

Question is did you stare at the sky like me?



A Mars a Day, once in a few thousand years perhaps?

Posted by KLFM 96.7 on Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Tick Tock

26th August 2015

This morning I discovered that Big Ben has been telling the wrong time for the past two weeks which led to a discussion about being late and the best excuses used to explain why.

I'm rubbish at making excuses and In the past I've not always been the best at keeping time but about a two months a go I realised that my clock on my iPhone was eight minutes fast, I've no idea how it happened or why it happened but I can't remember the last time I was late for anything since then. 

The downside is switching over the tv to watch the 9 O'clock news and then having to wait for it to start.



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Win an IPad!

22nd August 2015




I can't believe that I'm already two weeks in to my 10,000 Selfies with Si challenge! As you may know by now I'm meeting and having a Selife with as many people as I can over the next year and so far I've met some amazing people in our community.  My travels have taken me to the Linnets, Lynn Museum, Corn Exchange, Nando's, Majestic Cinema, Network Waste and many more.

The invites are flying in too, I can't thank you enough for being part of this because apart from the prize and my goal of 10,000 it's been so nice meeting you, seeing what you do and being able to say "hello" in person.  If you'd like a visit just email me and I'll do my best to pop along.




One of the 10,000 Selfies will win an IPad and to see the snaps so far and learn how to be in with a chance of winning win an IPad






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Dirty, rotten, loathsome, hurtful, deceitful..

21st August 2015

Everybody likes to make a quick quid here or there if they can, but to make millions out of what will only ruin people's lives is beyond me.  We are all only human, and people will cheat, that is never going to change but to have a website set up to make it easy to do sickens me.  You've probably heard by now the website I refer to has been hacked, and the hackers are threatening to leak the details of it's users, it's bad because it's a major security leak but at the same time I'm thinking 'Karma' and serves them right.  It's threatend that over a million dirty little secrets could be revealed in the next few days.

If you're not happy in your relationship or this a problem surely it would be better to talk about it, not run away with someone for a dirty weekend as that will only make the end of any relationship far worse, plus the idea of using a website to find this person knowing full well the implications for that person and their family, for your family, your children and your life is just plain stupid.

Why would anyone use this site!  This is why, listen to a caller to the show this morning convince us it's OK!


It's not just men that cheat obviously, and this morning I heard from many different people who had been through the pain of a cheating partner.  Hell have no fury like a woman scorned is a well know saying, but men are pretty inventive at getting their own back too!   The final caller on the audio below made us laugh this morning, have a listen.



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GCSE 2015

20th August 2015

Thanks to Ella McEvoy and Henry Frost who joined me in Studio 1 at KLFM on the most important day of their life so far!  Today they recieved their GCSE results live on the radio in front of thousands of listeners.  It must have been nerve wracking enough to open that brown envolope but live on the radio, must have only made it much harder for them.

However as you'll see below they certaily let their hair down and had a good time ahead of recieving their results.

Here's the BIG moment






Well done guys! 


A Big thanks to Springwood High School for making this possible!

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Mum "Where did I come from" - HELP!!

19th August 2015

Baby Stork

We all love our children, its amazing learning how they think, hearing their thoughts and watching their inquisitive faces but every so often they will say something out loud, perhaps at completely the wrong time and they will no doubt at some point ask THAT question!




Muuuum, where do babies come from?


Here's a little biology lesson from this morning's show.


Chris Dale

The milk man’s cart.


Emily Jeffery

My friends mum always told my friend she was found under a gooseberry bush. That's why she likes gooseberry’s so much.



Cabbage patch.


Mary Hinds

Bottom of the garden where the fairies played.


Sophiiey Bell



Lisa Richards

My little boy said his brothers came from mother care.


David Bailey

Reduced shelf at Tesco’s.


Chris Scott

The X boss used to tell his twins they were BOGOF at Asda.


Tia Mortimer

Ami Hooks I arrived on a ship...funny how things pan out.



I sparkled up from fairy dust when an angel sneezed in the general direction of the Hospital.

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Bad Habits - WARNING! This video is very grim!

18th August 2015

This morning on KL.FM Breakfast with Si the discussion turned to bad habits; leaving clothes on the floor, making a mess in the shower, making the cushions wonky on the sofa and more.  Simon's wife, Jo revealed his annoying traits on the show too, which included something really horrible! 



What do you think?


Just a few of the bad habits sent in from listeners this morning a below.


Mary Hinds
Never putting the cushions right in the chair when he get out of it and turning the telly up to loud . Silly little things but they do irritate lol xx

Lois Paul
Coming in from work and taking his shoes and socks off causing all the sock fluff to spread throughout the front room,very irritating lol! X

Em Lou
My partner appears to be quite a strong fellow? However, is completely unable to lift the lid on the laundry bin, instead he chooses to leave everything over the floor!!!



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Finding Nemo and Big 'Feats'

17th August 2015

Today is 'Love your Feet Day', I think feet are quite creepy things to be honest, useful yes, but not the nicest things to look at for sure.  It's your feats that interested me today however, those achievements you're proud of in your life and what they meant to you.  I'm proud of having my own flat aged just 18, paying my bills and having a job to keep it all together and also I guess it's quite an achievement for me to make it through the day without injuring myself as I'm so hap-hazard.

Here are some the BIG Feat's from the show this morning...


Lisa Menzies

The biggest thing in my life is that when my daughter was 1 she was diagnosed with a very rare cancer.  She is now 6 and doing well even though we have 4 monthly check-ups. She is an inspiration to my life, I just wish I had the money to take her to Tenerife to swim with the dolphins.


Bel Riggs                                                                              

I was terrified at being awake for my C-section to have my twins but I agreed to be awake as it was best for them and me.



My biggest feat was definitely abseiling down the Humber Bridge and doing a free fall skydive from 12.000 feet. I raised over £5,000 for a local Hull Hospice who looked after my grandad x


Also this morning I was very excited to announce a sequel for Finding Nemo!  Yep 12 years on and Dory & pals are going to return, thing is my kids probably won't to go with Mum & Dad this time as they'll be 15 by the time it's at the cinema on June 17th next Summer.



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Suggestions for DOG TV

15th August 2015

Meet my rescue dog he's not fussed by the tele but research suggests dogs watch an hour of TV every day!

If there was a channel for dogs what would be on it?

Tweet your suggestions using the Hashtag #DogTV




Morcambe and Woof
The Great British Bark Off
Game of Bones
The Big Bark Theory
Cowboy Barkers
Come Dachound with me
Phil and Kirsty's Dalmation Dalmation Dalmation
Game of Bones
Dalamtion Sreet
Pee in the Park
Growlton Abbey
Top of the Pups
Dog Martin
Downboy Abbey
The Walking Dogs
Family Furtunes
Beagles About

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An amazing £1000 minute 10,000 Selfies

14th August 2015

I was welcomed back to KLFM on Monday with news that I am to take 10,000 ‘Selfies’ with 10,000 different people around West Norfolk and Wisbech.  At first I thought it was a crazy idea and there was no way in the world it could possibly be done, it equates to 27 ‘Selfies’ a day with 27 people willing to have their picture taken with me. Since then the invites to events have been rolling in!  I've attended a Penalty Shoot Out in the Vancouver Quarter, was invited by Gary Setchell to meet the team and watch the Linnets at their first home game of the season, I was an Usher on Wednesday at the Majestic Cinema where I not only ripped tickets but guess what?, I took selfies too and yesterday I spent the morning with students at KES collecting their A-Levels and of course taking even more. 

A big thank you to everyone who's helped so far and don't forget if you've had a 'Selfie' visit the 10,000 Selfie page to get your picture number and learn more about winning that IPad.



Finally I thought I’d give you a chance to listen once again to the lovely Lisa from Wednesday’s £1000 Minute, she will put a smile on your face for sure.  Shame she didn’t win!



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Advice for your 18 Year old self

13th August 2015

Think back to when you were 18, you knew it all, you had no reason to listen to anyone else, and your way was the right way. Or Perhaps you did listen to your parent’s advice, maybe you weren't out all hours when you should have been studying? 


If however you didn't listen to anyone way back then would you listen to your older self?

What advice would you give your 18 year old self if you could?  For me it would be study more, believe in yourself and good on you for not bowing to peer pressure and never once touching a cigarette, let alone smoke one!

Vikki Dawn
Kinnear 18 year old me wouldn't listen to a damn word I said so I wouldn't bother wasting my breath.


Ella Mason
Listen at college more! And listen to my parents more x

Danny Crouch
Don't get fat, then I’d give myself a good hard slap so I remember

Doctors don't know everything = now 4 babies later - HAPPY

Craig Matthews
Think of your future, work hard and start saving now

Terry online in Berlin
Stay single and wait



I wouldn't ever listen, I’d tell myself to carry on the way I was and to make all the same mistakes because life and work is great at 30








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