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September 2015

The Little Bake Off

24th September 2015

I've been busy baking cakes for the Macmillan Coffee Morning tomorrow.  Thanks to BB's Coffee and Muffins in King's Lynn and my new mates at Amberley Hall Residential Home I don't think anyone is gonna go hungry!

Move over Mary Berry these ladies are my Star Bakers!


As you may know KLFM has its own Muffin on sale in BB's and early this week as part of the build up to Friday I learnt how to make them.  Take a look, who says you can't have your cake and eat it!



If you are holidng a Coffee Morning tomorrow please email Si and let him know.





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Coronation Street is 55

23rd September 2015

Today Coronation Street celebrated its 55th Birthday and we remembered some its characters highs and lows over the years.

It was also observed that despite being around for so long nobody has ever written lyrics for its famous theme tune, EastEnders has words, even Eldorado had words so why not Corri?

Below is Simon's Coronation Street song along with a version written by Gill in Terrington.  Enjoy (if you can, it's awful!!)


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Howard Junior School

22nd September 2015

Yesterday I helped Howard Junior School with their IPad Ceremony.  Headmaster Mr Hills and I presented iPads to all of Year 4 in front their friends and parents in a very special assembly.  

Their little faces were amazing and I just know that having this kind of technology in class will make such a difference to their education and be so valuable for their future.

To get an idea of how much fun and learning they'll have, take a look at the fun video below.

Thanks for having me!




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Just clowning around

22nd September 2015


I paid a visit to the circus yesterday..... as ever it was quite eventful!


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She hung up on me!

21st September 2015

Today is International Day of Peace, a day dedicated to peace around the world and the absence of war and violence. 

I’m not sure you or I can make much difference but as they say ‘every little helps’.   Maybe you need to remember to chill and relax before losing your temper, perhaps give the benefit of the doubt when you get cut up at the Southgatesm don't get angry at work with the guy who makes so much noise when he's eating, or maybe like me you just need to pick up the phone.

I made my contribution by holding out an 'Olive Branch' to my friend Leanne who I've not spoken to this year. We had a massive argument which ended with her smashing a sentimental mug of mine all over the kitchen floor, slamming the door and driving back to Suffolk!

Below is what happened when I called to make a truce live on the show

So I called back....

Who are you gonna try and make peace with today?

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Iphone 6 plus - Exclusive Conference

18th September 2015

Love or hate gadgets you would have adored the exclusive press conference on this morning’s show!

I was the joined by the lovely Barbera & Grace from Amberly Hall Care Home in King's Lynn along with the amazing children from Gaywood Community Primary to talk about the new IPhone 6plus from the perspective of five year old and 95 year old.

If only all press conferences were like this.....

and there's more.


Best of all was when Grace & I tried to send her Grand Daughter a text using voice recognition, that didn't go to plan!











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Starship vs Ghostbusters - Too much coffee?

18th September 2015

This morning the battle for 80's supremacy continued between Charles & I on the 80's 'Soundcheck Soundclash'. I pitted Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now against his suggestion of Ghostbusters and I'm pleased to say I wiped the floor with him, victory was sweet, he's not smiling any more.  (-;

You can see how much the song means to me below, think I drink too much coffee.



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Points of KLFM - Great British Bake Off GBBO

17th September 2015

This morning I had field this call about Ross ruining last nights Bake Off!




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KL.FM'S Music is rubish!

16th September 2015



I've got to say I was a little shocked, angered and upset to see this sign whilst out shopping in King’s Lynn yesterday! 

We love getting feedback, but this is far from constructive in my opinion and as for the person or persons who spent time and money creating it, you obviously have far too much of both.

After seeing this I took members of the public to take a look and see what they had to say…

If you would like to rate our music it’s far simpler than going to this kind of effort, just take the ‘Soundcheck’ on our website. 

We really want to know what you think of the 80’s song we play and you’ve got till Sunday to have your say as next week we’ll be asking the same question about the 90’s.

Thanks, just a few moments of your time will really help us make KL.FM even better.



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Leona Lewis on KL.FM Breakfast with Si

15th September 2015

This morning I caught up with the very lovely Leona Lewis to talk X Factor, Simon Cowell, Jimmy Page, life, awards, her new album and getting little bits of paper stuck in your mouth,

The Full interview is below.



We also had the pleasure of welcoming an old friend of KLFM to the studio too.  Steven Yates won KL.FM's West Norfolk Has Talent in 2009 and since then has been trying and trying to emulate anything like the sucess of Leona. 






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Ouch ouch!

14th September 2015

Here's the footage of my Firewalk for Norfolk Hospice Tapping House....

What REALLY happend?

Before arriving at Gayton Social Club I was very confident, I'd convinced myself that everything would be OK.  I mean if it was unsafe they wouldn't do it would they?   Before the walk a group of around 40 of us gathered for the 'pep' talk, this really did help until the organiser made this comparison... (Listen)


How were the others feeling?


Scott Bell of UK Firewalks explained why your frame of mind is important.


I then asked him he was bit crazy to walk on fire for a living?


Despite the video, I had a great time and didn't really burn myself, we are all just great actors.


Pleaseclick hereto learn more about Norfolk Hopsice Tapping the house anda why I along with everyone else did this on Friday.


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The Norfolk Hospice Fire Walk

11th September 2015



This week on the show I've met the amazing people who make the Norfolk Hospice Tick.  The staff, the volunteers and the people they care for.

They provide day therapy, home care including day respite, outpatient services, and support for patients, carers and the bereaved. They also collaborate with partners in the provision of a full Hospice at Home service for patients at the end of life.

People referred to their service have a variety of life-limiting conditions, including the many forms of cancer, heart and lung conditions, and neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and Parkinson's Disease.

Richard Fordaham


Sarah Wallace - Palliative Care


Emma Shaw - Senior Rehab Assistant


Martin Claire


Jessica Walker - Events Coordinator


It looks like I'm doing this..... Find out how I get on and hear from the amazing people I meet also walking on fire here on my blog next week and on the show Monday morning.

Here are some reasons it might be a bad idea?


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Ann's stroy: Ann says 'Thank You'

10th September 2015

I think it’s fair to say everyone has been touched by Ann's story this week.  Ann won £400 on KL.FM's Secret Sound and had planned to use the money on a gravestone for her baby who passed away last year. Listeners to KL.FM Breakfast wanted her to use that money on her children and family for Christmas instead and what followed were countless gestures of human kindness meaning that she can do exactly that and not have to worry about the cost of the gravestone.

This morning Ann came back 'on-air' to say thanks.

To hear how this all began and the amazing love from KL.FM listeners click here.





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Walking on Fire!

9th September 2015


Yesterday as part of my "10,000 Selife Challenge" I visited the wonderful people at Norfolk Hospice Tapping House.

They provide day therapy, home care including day respite, outpatient services, and support for patients, carers and the bereaved. They also collaborate with partners in the provision of a full Hospice at Home service for patients at the end of life.

People referred to their service have a variety of life-limiting conditions, including the many forms of cancer, heart and lung conditions, and neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and Parkinson's Disease.


The percentage of their funding that comes from the NHS, 10%, is well below the 35% national average, so their services depend on your help, from donations and legacies, and from volunteering and events like the Firewalk on Friday.

Jessica Walker from Norfolk Hospice has organised the event.


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Robin Hood King's Lynn Corn Exchange

8th September 2015

This year's Panto at the King's Lynn Corn Exchange will see Sean Williamson take on the role of Sherriff of Nottingham in the Tales of Robin Hood.  Now in its 6th year Panto in King's Lynn returns on December 10th and preparations are well under way.

On Sunday I joined the dancers as they auditioned to be Merry Men during in some very tense auditions.




This lot were very happy to have been chosen.


Mum was happy too.

Those that were lucky enough to be picked for the performance’s this year will be starring alongside some familiar faces who joined me for a chat on the show.  You can hear 'Barry' from Eastenders and the Dame on the show below.

Sean also played the KLFM One Thousand Pound Minute, but how did he do?


For tickets visit the Corn Exchange website.

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Ann's story: Heartwarming, Moving, Generous, Amazing, Love

7th September 2015


No parent should have to have to deal with this... EVER!!

Today was one of the most moving shows I've hosted since joining KL.FM 16 years ago.  Ann Butler from East Rudham  won £400 on KLFM's Secret Sound, £400 that she said would make such a difference, but we had no idea how much it meant to her.

Listen to the Podcast below to hear the most amazing outpouring of love on the KL.FM Breakfast Show, I promise you'll be moved by the response from our listeners as they reacted to her situation.


A massive thank you from everyone at KL.FM and Ann herself who has been completely overwhelmed by all of the offers of money to help paying for her baby’s headstone.

By the end of the show we had an amazing total donated along with a gravestone at cost price from Thornalley Funeral Services Ltd

The current total is £1020.00

Thank you so much!


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Back to the 80's

5th September 2015

What an amazing night at the King's Lynn Corn Exchange last night!  Back to the 80's was a complete sell out and an absolutey awesome evening.

650 KL.FM listeners, nearly all of them in fancy dress partied the night away to some cracking 80's tunes played by myself (Freddie Mercury), Posh Charles and the New Boy Chistopher who looked amazing as the boys from Top Gun.  As ever our fav band the Wild Boys perormed a couple of live sets to set the evening alight too.

Did you go #BackToThe80's last night? Looks like Freddie Mercury had a good time. (Thanks to Keeley Kramarchuk-sewell...

Posted by KLFM 96.7 on Saturday, September 5, 2015






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Back to School and a TV marathon

1st September 2015


This morning I told of my first day at school which was also the morning of my very first kiss!  Her name was Natalie, we were both 4 years old and after speaking to her via Facebook this morning it seems she doesn't remember the occasion, oh well!  To be honest I think I fell on her more than kissed her, but even so I remember that moment even if she doesn't.

What will this year hold for these heading back to the classroom I wonder?



Before playing the Secret Sound today we met Dave from Watlington who had an amazing Bank Holiday, he became a true armchair champion!  Find out how, have a listen.





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