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January 2016

RIP Sir Terry Wogan

1st February 2016


Picture with thanks to @DarrenBirdie

Sir Terry Wogan has died at the age of 77. The BBC has confirmed the TV and radio presenter was suffering from cancer.

Long before I knew or even dreamed of playing songs and talking on the radio Terry Wogan played a role in my life.  His voice was probably one of the first I remember hearing as my Grandad always insisted on having him on every morning, purely because aged 7 it really wasn't to my liking, he'd always wind me up by turning him up and making me stop talking when he spoke.  He was however an amazing broadcaster and I’ve listened to him many times since. 

He wasn't just known for his radio show - There was Children in need and countless others including his famous chat show and  the Eurovision Song Contest which he pretty much made worth watching just for his comments.

I’ll remember him most for the fun that was Blankety Blank, two contestants and a bunch of celebs all at ease thanks to the manor of a great gentleman.  However the celebs on the show didn’t always have it easy, nor did Terry on occasion especially when it was Kenny Everett’s turn to make an appearance.





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King's Lynn Monopoly

11th February 2016


“Go Directly to Jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200".  If King's Lynn wins the vote that may well be changed to “Go Directly to the Old Gaol House on Saturday Market Place.  Lynn is one of 6 towns in East Anglia in the running to have its own Monopoly Board

To get behind King's Lynn send your vote and perhaps some suggestions for places on the board to eastanglia@winningmoves.co.uk

The winner will be announced in the Spring.

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West Norfolk Sport Awards

28th January 2016

West Norfolk's Sport Awards


Last night at the Alive Corn Exchange the great and good from the world of sport in West Norfolk & Wisbech gathered for a glitzy evening to celebrate achievement and success over the past year.

Aside from grabbing as many as I could to take part in my 10,000 Selfies challenge I also was privileged enough to meet all the winners, who came from all over the area, all sports and all ages.

It doesn't seem fair to single anyone out as everyone who was nominated and not just the winners are all deserving of recognition but there was one particularly amazing man who stole the show for me.  Mick Wright was award "The Lifetime Achievement Award" and received not one, not two but three standing ovations as he collected his trophy.

In my interview below you can hear just how much it meant to him and his family.




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Pajamas on the school run

27th January 2016

This morning on the show I learned how one headmaster has had to send a letter home to parents to remind them to get dressed in the morning!  It seems Mums and Dads on the school run have been dropping their children of at the gates in their dressing gowns and pyjamas in some parts of the country.   When I was on the school run in King's Lynn a few years ago I saw it too.

I don't want to sound harsh or unfair, I know people lead busy lives, I know how tough it can be in the mornings, I understand how stressful it is organising the children, but I also understand that I need to set an example for my children, surely it can't be acceptable not to get dressed and leave the house on the school run.  It only takes about 10 seconds to slip some jeans on, even if it's over the top of your night ware. 

Am I right in thinking it's just a bit lazy for people to do this or do you think it's perfectly acceptable?

Our Twitter Poll which is active till 8am on the 28th suggests at time of writing 1 in 5 people form West Norfolk and Wisbech think it’s OK to wear PJ’s on the school run.


What do you think?

Visit our poll on Twitter – just search for KLFM967

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A real man?

26th January 2016

I was happy to read today that 51% of the population can’t change I tyre.  This made me feel a little bit better about myself as I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.  On the show we also discovered that means I’m not a real man ‘apparently.  The list which could have come out of the 1930’s suggests real men should also be able to the following (most of which I’m not the best at).


Undo a bra

Sew a button

Choose the right wine

Iron clothes

Change a tyre

Tie a tie


These are just a few of the simple tasks that were listed, all of which bar one I’m completely useless at, well apart from one at least.  However that list will grow by Friday afternoon fingers crossed after a call from the College of West Anglia! 

Listen in this week to see what I’m going to be taught and how it goes.


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Get out of my pub

19th January 2016

The most famous landlady of the lot has returned to Eastenders one final time before her character will sadly pass away due to cancer.

Over the years Peggy has banned many customers from the Vic for whatever reason and on this mornings show Ross & I were considering who we would ban from the world of celeb.  Do you agree?



Ross: Tess Dailey & Vernon Kaye - Purley for dress sense

Si: Miley Cyrus - A little annoying and only really famous because of her Daddy

Ross:  Bruce Forstyh - I think it's something to do with Strictly?

Si: Piers Morgan - i think he thinks he's the smartest person in the room and the world

Si: Justin Bieber:  Forever everyone that loves him there must be another five who don't!

Others barred from Ross N Rowe's boozer are Paris Hilton, Katie Hopkins, Jim Carey and Jeremy Kyle.





Your suggestions

Morning Si X I wouldn't want John terry in my house lol ps cant wait fur the 90's night! Whoop whoop! X (Katie, West Winch)

'm banning Katie price, Kerry katona, Jimmy Carr, George Michael, Kanye west, all the kardashians etc etc (Helen, Saddlebow)

Hi Si, Alan Tit chmarsh can not stand the creep, loves himself! (Wendy and Pat from Wisbech xx)


Got any more?  Tweet me anytime @simonrowe






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Snow - Will there be anymore?

14th January 2016

This morning Si was joined by a true weather expert to talk about the snow.  Just how much can we expect?

Thanks to Ava for the call!


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Friends renunion

14th January 2016

Fans of Friends are a little excited today after hearing the news that a reunion is on the cards next month.  The original cast are said to be getting back together for a two hour special on 21st February to celebrate one of the shows directors.

Listen for more


I'm hoping this turns out to be a mini episode at the least and not just the six of them sitting on a sofa talking about the good old times.

 James Burrows is the reason for the get together as cast and crew will celebrate him directing one thousand TV shows which have included the following...





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Your First Kiss

13th January 2016

Do you remember your first kiss?


Mine was memorable for the wrong reasons and I’m not sure now if it’s this story is sweet of just plain creepy but I was only 8 at the time.

It was just another normal playtime at school and the girl in question was playing hopscotch on her own, the wind blowing in her hair, there was a big smile on her face as she jumped from number 2 and 3 to 4 and on to 5 and 6.  I’d liked Lynda who sat on the next table to me for registration ever since my mate Graham dumped her for liking the care bears but had no idea how to talk to her let alone ask her out but that afternoon I created a plan.

I decided that day was gonna be the day, but for some reason rather than just walking over to her I decided to crawl on my hands and knees along the playground, just a few steps at a time along the hopscotch markings towards where she was sitting.  Lynda had no idea I was approaching her and when I was close enough without saying a word I took a deep breath and kissed her on the cheek!  It’s not loves great story, it’s not even a proper kiss but I guess if I’m honest it was my first kiss if you can call it that.  You won’t be surprised to hear Lynda and I were never boyfriend and girlfriend although I did get an invite to her birthday party that year.

Do you remember yours?

Hear Simon tell his story below, what do you think Creepy or Cute?

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5th January 2016

If you haven't head about Puddlewatch yet, wondered what it is, or want to know more then watch the video below.

250,000 people have wasted their afternoon following the attempts of members of the public to circumnavigate a puddle.

Watch in amazement here.

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