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October 2016

Happy Halloween

31st October 2016

Happy Halloween

Are you trick or treating tonight?  Where are you going and on whose door will you knock.  First of all the most important thing is to make sure you are safe and warm.

  • Plan a route
  • Stay well lit
  • Check what sweets your children are given
  • Put a nametag on your children’s costumes with phone number
  • Never, ever go into a strangers house or even ring their door for treats unless your parents are with you and say that it's OK
  • Children should always go out trick or treating accompanied by a responsible adult.

Cathy and Paul

This is what will greet you if you’re out in Stoke Ferry tonight, well done to Cathy and Paul who are making the effort from behind the door.  It’s not just the people you meet who may be in the Halloween mood but even some of the buildings.


Some houses you may encounter tonight are scarier than others and may be even more haunting than your amazing outfit.

On Chapel Lane you will find the house known as the Exorcists House, it’s one of the most historic buildings in Lynn and once was home to a clergyman from St Nicholas Chapel who carried out exorcisms.  It’s an exorcism carried out in this property which led to the witch you may of heard about being burnt on the steak in the Tuesday Market Place.

The Dukes Head is known for the ghost in the old room 18 which is said to be that of maidservant who was executed in the square for poisoning her mistress.

In Castle Rising the She Wolf of France is said to be heard shrieking from the castle walls.  Queen Isabella to give her real name was kept prisoner there after consenting to the murder of husband Edward II

Things may also go bump in the night along the High Street in Debenhams, it’s said that Henrietta hung herself in the undertakers which was once on the site.  Those that claim to have seen her say she is not a threat, nor a terror but likes to play pranks.

Devils Alley just of Nelson Street in Lynn could be quite eerie too! Have you ever seen the Devils Hoof?  Legend has is it that the Devil arrived in Lynn by ship to steal some souls but left unsuccessfully after a local priest drove him away with holy water and prayer.  The devils hoof print that you’ll no doubt look for next time your passing was left when the devil stamped his hoof with so much anger it left his imprint.

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Mel C on KLFM Breakfast

26th October 2016


Melanie C eleased her sixth album ‘Version Of Me’ last Friday and she's been speaking to me on the show about the album, her life, kids, halloween, fitness, music and more.


Hear the full - unedited interview here.

Thanks fro you time Mel, was great to meet you again!



Meanwhile forget Mel's version me and check out King's Lynn's version of Wannabe!







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Merry Christmas

25th October 2016

Merry Christmas, it's not to soon is it?


Feeling Festive at the St James Multi-Story Car Park

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Honest Guv'

24th October 2016

Micro CrimeThree in every four people you see are concealing a criminal past.

It seems a large proportion of West Norfolk commit micro crimes, some of them surprisingly more damaging than you might think.  How many of the following have you done?


  • Taken a 5p carrier bag at a self-service till without paying
  • Downloaded a movie or streamed a song without paying
  • Paid cash in hand knowing the other person won’t pay VAT
  • Lied about your age to gain admission
  • Asked for take-away then eaten in

Be honest how many have you done?

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Here comes the Talent

21st October 2016

With thanks to Your Local Paper, Morris and Kevin here are the pictures from the night.


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Britains Got Talent

19th October 2016


My dressing room door at the Corn Exchange last night

As you will of heard by now the producers of Britain’s Got Talent came to King's Lynn last night to see around 30 performers at the Alive Corn Exchange all hoping to impress and move on to the next stage of the TV competition and who knows maybe even a step closer to being the 11th winner of the show.  Below you can hear who caught the judge’s eye, but I've listed just a few of most memorable for me.


Isobel and Abigale Peters, the sisters who performed amazing solos, Angela and her Hedgehogs, Focus and their dance troupe including the amazing Byron, Harry the boxer come rugby and football player who also sang a mean Bruno Mars song, the smartest fella on stage Clarke McCarty from Downham and Jordan who when he's not singing and wowing crowds with his very first note stares at the stars pondering life on other planets and Astro Physics.

But what did Simon Cowell’s people think?



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Britain's Got Talent and it's in West Norfolk

18th October 2016

New BGT Logo

Will West Norfolk provide the talent that the show's producers are looking for tonight?

Maybe Cameron Quin will make an impression?

Perhaps Isobel will shine?


Or maybe the girls from Alison's Street Dance can move them?


Performances start at the Alive Corn Exchange at 7pm and doors open around 6:30pm.  It's free to watch and entry is first come, first served.  All performers have been chosen as the closing date to perform was yesterday at 12pm.

Alive Corn Exchange Manager Phillip Bayford has more..

Come along and enjoy a great night, I'll be hosting and also hoping to grab a selfie or two.

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Help find £4375

14th October 2016

Back in July thousands of woman ran 5k for Cancer Research in the annual Race for Life at Houghton Hall.  As ever the evening was very emotional and a sea of pink and because of their dedication a total of £70,000 was pledged in donations. 

Three months on and Cancer Research are still awaiting some of the money to be sent to them, at present they are still expecting to receive around £4375 in pledged money.  If you or someone you know haven't sent yours yet please make sure you or they do, and here’s why.

  • £1 million supports the running costs for all 16 of our senior research nurses for a year… helping to fund training, getting from A to B and supplying the tools they need to help beat cancer sooner.
  • £450,000 buys an incredible device that can sort out which cancer cells are responding to treatments, helping us to design better and more effective drugs.
  • It costs around £520,000 to support a research group at the Cambridge Institute for 1 year. This research could reveal new ways to tackle cancer and make vital progress to beat it.


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St Germans Primary & The Foodbank

13th October 2016

Yesterday I met the amazing children from St Germans Primary who have been collectiong food during the Harvest Festival for the King's Lynn Foodbank.

KL Foobank St Germans Primary

The children explain why they decided to help..


King’s Lynn Foodbank has launched a new appeal, asking local people to take a different approach this Harvest by giving a ‘Combined Harvest’ donation of food and money, which will help the charity continue its vital work during the shift from Autumn to Winter, when the foodbank sees a significant rise in need for their support.

The foodbank, which is part of The Trussell Trust Foodbank Network, provides vital emergency support to local people when something unavoidable - such as redundancy, illness or even an unexpected large bill – hits and there’s no money to put food on the table. So far this year, 2402 three-day emergency food supplies were provided to local people in crisis by the foodbank.


Can you help stock these shelfs for those in need.

They rely on the support of the local community to make a lasting impact in King’s Lynn area providing emergency food but also helping people to break out of crisis more long term. All of the food they provide is donated, so food donations are really important. But the foodbank also has lots of costs you might not immediately think of: they pay rent, cover transport costs and pay for utilities and insurance.

Theyare particularly grateful for extra help at Harvest as they prepare for winter, the foodbank’s busiest time of the year. That’s why this Harvest they would love for anyone considering helping the foodbank to ‘combine’ their donation and give both money and food – it will make a real difference as they continue to provide much-needed help to people in our community.”

People if you can make a financial donation to the foodbank here

Urgently-needed food items include:

  • UHT Milk
  • Cereals
  • Tinned Tomatoes
  • Tinned Meat
  • Tinned Fruit

These can be donated at:

  • British Red Cross building, Austin Fields
  • Tesco Hardwick
  • Tesco Gaywood
  • Sainsbury’s Hardwick
  • Sainsbury’s Vancouver


info@kingslynn.foodbank.org.uk or 01553 762659




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King John

12th October 2016

Today a man who was responsable for giving Lynn a charter in 1204 which allowed it devolp is celebrated in town.  King John also famous for losing the Crown Jewels, gold and lots of money in the mud of the Fens,now has a life size statue of on New Condiut Steet in the centre of King's Lynn.

King John

This is the first ever picture of King John, it's also quite possibly King John's first ever Selfie.  Also pictured is the Mayor of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Cclr David Whitby.


But who and what did King John do? Learn more in song with  local historical author, Gareth Calway performig his poem Bad Ass King John.



Below pictured with King John, it's creator Alan Beattie

King John

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Britain's Got Talent Regional Heat at Corn Exchange

11th October 2016

There's just over a week till Britain’s Got Talent arrives at the Alive Corn Exchange and all of the audition slots have now been taken.  There is a reserve list which can you add your name to however, just call the box office on 01553 764864. You need to do this before 12pm on Monday 17th October. If you are planning to watch the performances next Tuesday admission is free but on a first come first served basis.

It would be great to know what you're planning to do if you’re one of the lucky ones or even what you would do if you were.  Please email me and let know via simon.rowe@klfm967.co.uk

I'll be hosting the whole thing and interviewing the performers so if you're there too make sure you come say "Hi" and grab a selfie. 

Meantime I wonder if any of this talented lot will try their luck?  Remember KLFM's West Norfolk has Talent?



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Video of fire at Palm Paper

9th October 2016


Listen to Breakfast on Monday for more on how Norfolk Fire Service tackled the blaze at Palm Paper in King's Lynn which was still burning on Sunday morning nearly 48 hours after crews arrived on Friday afternoon.

The video above courtesy  of Norfolk Fire Service shows how serious the blaze was.


Becoming a retained firefighter – a rewarding and satisfying challenge - find out more here.




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Palm Paper Fire Video and update

9th October 2016

Today I spoke to Paul Edwards from Green Watch at King's Lynn Fire Station who amoung many crews attended the fire at Palm Paper on Friday.  Some 48 hours on he told me that crews are still on site to dampen down the fire and they would probably be there for another 48 hours. 

Learn more about they tackled the fire plus how they are in need of more firefighters and how you can express your interest on tomorrows KL.FM Breakfast with Si.

Paul very kindly shared this video from the Norfolk Fire Services of the scene whene they arrived on Friday afternoon.



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Guide Dogs

9th October 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would really be like if you were partially sighted, or even completely blind?   There are over 4,950 guide dog owners in the UK. If you are blind or partially sighted, a guide dog could change your life.

Guide Dog

Guide Dogs the charity, provides services to enable children and adults who are blind or partially sighted to get out on their own terms using their chosen mobility aid and on Friday I joined them and the Lions Club of King’s Lynn to raise awareness of their charity, the work they do and raise some more money whilst experiencing sight loss for myself.

You may have seen me outside Boots wearing what looked like a pair of trendy dark shades and trying to look cool, well if that’s the case you couldn’t have been more wrong!   The glasses were designed to replicate tunnel vision, I had to wear them whilst doing a lap around the Vancouver Quarter for which at first I needed a guide but as my confidence grew I felt able to walk unaided.   The only way to describe my vison wearing these would be to say it was like looking through a pin prick sized hole, I had to scan left to right up and down constantly to make sure I was aware of my surroundings, it felt like watching an Imax movie having to parade my eyes all over to see what was in front of me.  The problem with this is when you’re close to someone you can’t see them, as they either completely fill your field of vison or even worse make everything dark as they block the light.

Guide Dog

I also did some of the walk blindfolded, this again was an experience like I’ve never really felt before.  Whilst walking up the High Street I had to say where I was despite not having any sight whatsoever, amazingly I was pretty much right every time, not because I’ve walked those steps hundreds of times but because my sense of smell and hearing went into overtime.  The smell of coffee was quite immense from Starbucks and the perfume of the Body Shop was quite over powering.  Using the smells and sounds around me made me feel confident that I was in the right place, however without my guide, acting as guide dog, I would of course have felt very lost and vulnerable, which is why funding for guide dogs is so very important.

 Have you ever wondered what it would really be like if you were partially sighted, or even completely blind?   There are over 4,950 guide dog owners in the UK. If you are blind or partially sighted, a guide dog could change your life.

For more information and to help this amazing cause please visit their website here.




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Shouldham and Breast Cancer Care Garden

6th October 2016

The Breast Cancer Care/Shouldham Ward Garden Project

QE Garden

Above - Before

Breast Cancer Care

Above Day 1

10 tonnes of stone have been laid on top of the membrane and edging.

Here's how the garden at the QE looks after weeks of amazing fund raising by Laura the Community Champion at Tesco's on the Hardwick in King's Lynn.

The garden is used by Chemotherapy patients at the Macmillan Centre, patients on Shouldham Ward (Oncology/Cancer) and Breast Care Cancer patients.  Before this wonderful transformation begun it wasn't a particular nice place to be and not very inspiring at all. It was just grass and no one had a nice view to see or anywhere for themselves or visiting guests to sit outside.  Now it's been transformed with stones, raised beds and colourful plants, there’s also trees, bird feeders & baths to attract wildlife to the area. They are also putting in benching so people can go outside and enjoy the area even more.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates and the finished garden pictures.


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A day at the Queen Vic

5th October 2016

After a little trip to Downham with the Selfie Board today I paid a visit to the Queen Victoria in Snettisham as they were doing there bit to help the family from the Heacham House Fire.  A simple coffee and cake morning raised a very nice £300 which will be a big help to them over the next few weeks and months especially as more and more people are doing their bit to help them too

Queen Vic

The pub has plenty of cake left so if you're around please pop along and see them today.



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£1000 Minute Watch and Play

4th October 2016

Watch this mornings £1000 Minute.... How will you do?


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Dog's at home after fire

3rd October 2016

As you may know I made an appeal on the Breakfast Show to find a home for Aero & Cesar last week, they were left homeless after the housefire in Heachem.  It took less than 24 hours for the appeal to work and at first both dogs were to be homed together, at much relief to the family involved.  This also meant they would be able visit and that any return to the family for the dogs would be that much easier.





Unfortunaty there was a twist at the weekend. Poor Aero had been so wound up and anxious that he was screaming the house down.  Shamens Legacy spent most of Saturday working on calming measures for him. He doesn't stop for two seconds and is struggling to settle properly,  although he hasn't shown any signs of aggression, he is like a kid in a sweet shop and is into everything and refuses to leave the other dogs in the home alone! He is now on a strict routine of playtime and separated break times throughout the day which is helping him loads and today they are starting to see progress. Kudos to his fosters who are sticking with him and are committed to making it work for Aero and their own dogs.




Meanwhile Cesar moved into a new home yesaterday. The reason being is when Aero and Cesar were together Shamens Legacy saw certain behaviours that made them worry, and with Aero struggling to settle and showing serious anxiety the last thing they wanted to do was put these two together to feed off each other and the behaviours get worse.

This has taken much thought and trial and error, but when rehoming dogs, dogs come first. Cesar has gone off to Watton today and has moved in with a family who are already in love with him! He's playing fantastically with the children and when walked, he met two dogs who he happily played with which is amazing for a reactive boy! So all in all, it's not gone exactly to plan but the most important thing is both dogs are happy and safe, and both are having the work needed to settle them down and iron out the issues that have arisen.

A massive thank you is owed to both fosters who are working closely with the rescue!






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