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February 2016

A Leap Year proposal

29th February 2016


Another Leap Year but any change?

4 Years ago I was joined by the very lovely Gemma Savage from West Dereham who made the most of the date, 29th February a leap year of course.  Its tradition every four years on a leap year that a lady can propose to her other half and that’s exactly what happened.  You can hear how things unfolded when she called her boyfriend who had no idea what was going on by clicking the link below.


This morning I caught up with the loved up couple to see if things have moved on, is there another ring on her finger?

Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:35am


The A-Team have a happy ending

29th February 2016


Over the past month KL.FM have been helping re-home animals from sanctuaries all over West Norfolk, there have been many successes over the past few weeks but a real big one was in store today.  Last week I told the story of three cats in need of place to live and work, Atomic, Astro and Apple are feral and were looking for shelter and needed to be re-homed together.

This morning we had a very happy result.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:24am


Help - First world problem - Help

26th February 2016

Last night whilst cooking what should have been the simplest of dinners I was faced with complete disaster.  There are many things that could go wrong whilst in the kitchen but none more so than harsh realisation that your Baked Beans won't be leaving their tin any time soon...

The handy ring pull pulled off in my clumsy hands causing a dilemma of enormous proportions.  Do I begin to bash the lid with a fork risking a trip to A&E, do as suggested by friend’s and blow up with a firework, throw at the wall or do I simply spend some time looking for a tin opener?  Now as caveman as using a tin opener is that's exactly what happened and once again all was well with the world. 

Should this ever happen to you though some more solutions suggested by listeners to help?


Trevor - hammer chisel

Debbie - Order a Chinese

Cameron - Use and axe

Liam - Put it in the door and slam it

Matthew - Rub it on a hard concrete surface. The rim will wear down until lid comes off.

Jamie - Blow torch it open, has the advantage of hearing them up at the same time


Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:14am


The Brat Awards

25th February 2016

Forget the Brit Awards it was all about the Brat Awards on Wednesdays show!  We shared stories about troublesome teenagers, boisterous babies and naughty nippers.  Just how mischievous were you or how terrible have your children been over the years?  Have a listen and read some of the stories shared below.



Barry Finch

I used to collect frogs as a boy. Mum come home one afternoon to find hundreds of frogs all over the house. Woops. Lol. Then there was the year I collected catapillers in jam jars as mum walked into the shed and all I heard was a loud scream and my name being shouted amongst a few other words. He he he he. Oh those were the good old days. So wish I was a kid again.


Jo Jones

Changed all the clocks in the house so I didn't have to go to school because I'd be so late. Worked well until my mum got to work an hour early and twigged what I'd done x


And finaly for now.... (Read with caution lol)



Our younger son, when he was about 7, decided (was dared?) to poo in a glass during a New Year's Eve party at our friend's (lovely!) house. He then hid it behind a sofa and, ignorant of what he had done, we saw in the new year, sang auld lang syne and left. The house-owners, confounded by the foul stench that persisted for days, eventually called in drains experts etc - , until the devastating evidence was found...

Posted by Simon Rowe at 5:26am


Selfies with Si

24th February 2016

It was all about the Selfies and some sore eyes today!

It’s surprising how heavy the frame gets and how much holding the selfie stick makes my arm ache, no really it's like a mini work out every time I'm out taking pictures.  Poor ole me eh!?

I took a trip to Fenland Equestrian today where I met some amazing horses and ponies, I never knew that their fur was so soft, it was an amazing experience to be so close to such beautiful creatures especially this wonderful little pony who would melt anyone’s heart.

What I hadn't planned on was my allergic reaction!  I have an allergy to pet fur, but only certain animals set me off and it seems those of the Equestrian kind are just that.  I don't think I've flared up quite so bad before I honestly looked like I'd done a few rounds with Mike Tyson in the boxing ring, but even so  I'm glad I went as the animals were lovely and I managed to get plenty selfies too.

Thanks for the invite!




Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:59pm



17th February 2016

I spent the afternoon at Skaters on Tuesday.... Did I bump into you with my Selfie Stick?

See all the Selfies and get your number HERE


Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:43pm


The King's Lynn Mart

15th February 2016

Fancy some fun with the family at the King's Lynn Mart?  The fair is in town for the next two weeks and Si has loads of FREE rides to giveaway every day this week.

The Mart

Just listen between 7 & 9 to win TWENTY ride vouchers to put a smile of your child’s face over Half-Term.

However as it's "award season" you'll need to have an acceptance speech at the ready should you win!

Listen to Monday's winner below.





Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:51am



12th February 2016

Love is in the air no matter what your age.... Do you remember your first boyfriend or your first Valentines card?


The wonderful children at St Marthas have been talking about love and what they might recieve and it will melt your heart!


Posted by Simon Rowe at 2:25pm


King's Lynn Monopoly

11th February 2016


“Go Directly to Jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200".  If King's Lynn wins the vote that may well be changed to “Go Directly to the Old Gaol House on Saturday Market Place.  Lynn is one of 6 towns in East Anglia in the running to have its own Monopoly Board

To get behind King's Lynn send your vote and perhaps some suggestions for places on the board to

The winner will be announced in the Spring.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 4:49am



9th February 2016



The tension was like nothing you've ever felt in your life and the stakes were enormously high as crowds in their 10's lined the Vancouver Quarter to see the annual Pancake Race in the centre of King's Lynn.

If you had better things to do, had to work or preferred to stay in the warm see how it all 'panned' out in the video below.

I told our digital guys to edit out the bit where I dropped the pancake so this shouldn't be too embarrassing.

Well done to Ward Gethin who won (again!)

Posted by Simon Rowe at 4:56pm


Benjamin Foundation

8th February 2016

I've had some tough assignments in my time at KL.FM none more tough than what lay before me on Monday Afternoon.  Our Charity of the Month for February are the Benjamin Foundation who home young people in Norfolk and they are celebrating their 21st Birthday this year.  As part of the celebrations as you'd imagine there was plenty of cake, only the cake of which there was loads was made by staff and residents and all of it had to be taste tested, Bake Off style by yours truly.  Don't get me wrong it was amazing, but there's only so much you can eat in one go.

As you'll see below a LOT of effort went in to their creations and they were all deserving of top marks.

Benjamin Cakes

Thanks for the invite and thanks for the cake.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 7:30pm


Another beached whale

4th February 2016

What a very sad day!  



I can't remember feeling quite so helpless as I did on the beach watching that marvellous creature struggle.  For the second time this year a whale found itself beached in our area and despite best efforts whilst I was there, there really wasn't anything that could be done.  The Sea Life Centre and the RNLI did their best to keep the whale wet to protect his skin but his only chance of freedom was down to any energy he had left when the tide came in.  There were some encouraging signs when he spouted water and bashed his tail fin around, but the weight of his body, the crater he'd created underneath himself and the tide coming in just not soon enough all left this amazing mammal with little chance of survival. There is every chance the tide will leave the whale behind I'm sad to say.


After speaking to the experts please while it's still alive don't go anywhere near it.  The noise and activity will make its almost certain passing far more stressful than it needs to, it's fair to say SKY News hovering above will not help in the slightest.


A big thank you needs to be given to all on scene today including the RNLI and the Sea Life Centre.  


Stay tuned to KLFM for the latest progress of the whale.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 7:14pm


Thanks for listening

4th February 2016

Rajar Si


It's no secret I love working at KL.FM.  I love the people, I love the job, I love the area, I love being able to help change people's lives, I love chatting to new people every day, I love our listeners and even love getting up at 4:30am every day. OK well maybe the last one is a little white lie, but it's certainly worth it.  To be able to come to work knowing you're going to have fun and get paid is a wonderful feeling and I know how lucky I am to be in this position.  Being a radio presenter is the only job I've ever wanted to do, I spent years trying to get a show, and I'm not quite sure where the time has gone, but somehow I've been doing the job of my dreams for over 20 years.  

Around 9 months ago I agreed to setting my alarm for stupid o'clock, not for the first time, to present the most important show on the station and so far it's been amazing.  As a team and by team I mean me and you the listener we've had lots of laughs, helped a lot of deserving people and hopefully helped West Norfolk's day get off to a brighter start.

I felt the need to blog this as yesterday at KL.FM was the equivalent to Exam Results Day, only in the world of radio you're not allowed to share the results until the next day.  RAJAR is what we call our listening figures in radio and once every four months the MD opens that all important email while the rest of the office try and guess if the figures are good or bad just from his facial expressions.   You won't be surprised to hear that the resulting bottles of wine all round, doughnuts and smiles meant KL.FM's listening figures were good, in fact they were absolutely amazing.  

The station which practically runs through my blood now has more listeners than at any time in the last ten years, possibly more but my records only go back to 2005.  Even more special for me is that the amount of people tuning in for breakfast each week can claim that very same record.  I'm also happy to announce that an extra 7,000 people have been listening every week over the last year between 6 & 10.  The increase has also helped KL.FM's Breakfast show, which I'm so lucky to host, to retain its position as the Breakfast show with most the listeners in our area, that’s more listeners than some of my idols, people I respect, some household names even some people I'd call friends.  

Thanks so much for listening to KL.FM, thanks so much for listening to my show, it means so much to know that I'm not in a tiny room talking to just myself each morning.

Thanks also to Grumpy Ross who is a big part of each morning on the radio and also my friend Emily who sadly passed away last year. Our Queen of fashion Emily Bull was also part of the show we've created and although we will never hear her voice again she was responsible for many of the laughs which I hope have made you continue to listen.  

Never forget ya Em


Thanks for listening, love Si





Posted by Simon Rowe at 5:54am


1000 Minute

3rd February 2016

Today we managed a 6 out of 10 on KL.FM’s £1000 Minute, Jenny in King’s Lynn didn’t mind as she improved on her previous score.  If you’ve never played perhaps this month is the month you find 60 seconds to pick up the phone and give it go.  Each morning at 8:10 I give 10 questions and if you can get them all right in 60 seconds to cash is yours.

Some of the golden rules include…

  • Try not to hesitate
  • Think before you speak
  • Remember your lifeline
  • If you don’t know and you’ve used your lifeline say anything before time runs out.

A good example of this is below… Say anything, ANYTHING!

How did you do?

Call and play every weekday at 8:10.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:33am


RIP Sir Terry Wogan

1st February 2016


Picture with thanks to @DarrenBirdie

Sir Terry Wogan has died at the age of 77. The BBC has confirmed the TV and radio presenter was suffering from cancer.

Long before I knew or even dreamed of playing songs and talking on the radio Terry Wogan played a role in my life.  His voice was probably one of the first I remember hearing as my Grandad always insisted on having him on every morning, purely because aged 7 it really wasn't to my liking, he'd always wind me up by turning him up and making me stop talking when he spoke.  He was however an amazing broadcaster and I’ve listened to him many times since. 

He wasn't just known for his radio show - There was Children in need and countless others including his famous chat show and  the Eurovision Song Contest which he pretty much made worth watching just for his comments.

I’ll remember him most for the fun that was Blankety Blank, two contestants and a bunch of celebs all at ease thanks to the manor of a great gentleman.  However the celebs on the show didn’t always have it easy, nor did Terry on occasion especially when it was Kenny Everett’s turn to make an appearance.





Posted by Simon Rowe at 8:34am



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