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June 2016

Help needed!

30th June 2016

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Today I met David Norman the Chairman of the King's Lynn & District Branch of the Royal British Legion and he needs your help.

Tomorrow along with the rest of the nation they will remembering those who lost their lives in the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago to the day.5 7,470 casualties were recorded in just one day, the largest number ever recorded by British Forces in just one day.

It's a very important day and your help is needed for the procession form All Saints Church to Tower Gardens where Reefs will be laid and members of the public will also be able to light a  candle at the memorial.  From then a light will be taken to Greyfriars Tower and left in the window for 141 days, the duration of the Battle of the Somme.

However to complete the ceremony it's important the Last Post is played and at present the Legion don't have a Cornet player to do so, are you able to help, can you play?  Please visit our Facebook Page and let us know if you can.


To be part of the procession be at All Saints Church by 6:15pm.  


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How much do you know about where you live?

29th June 2016

Over the past month or so I've been helping the children at West Raynham Primary School learn about the village where they live and you can listen to some of their discoveries below but how much how much do you know about your Town or Village?


What about the rest of West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham?


Alan Thompkins

King Charles 1 hid in Downham when on the run after the Battle of Naisby. He also had his hair cut short at a barbers in the town to avoid being recognised.


David Thrower

I lived in Wormegay where there used to be a Motte and Bailey Castle. Hence the name Castle Road nowadays but was once Front Street.


Geoff in Hillington

Houghton Hall near King’s Lynn house the largest collection of Toy Soldiers in the world? The figures number more than 20,000


Brian in Lynn

The Golden Lion Hotel was the first building in Hunstanton back in 1846


Janet in Outwell

Toby the train from Thomas and Friends was based on the trains that ran on the railway from Outwell to Wisbech


Kevin Holland

My business is based in a 200yrs old fisherman's shed in Magdalen. It used to be centre of the Village fishing industry and up until the 50's, 8 families made a living from catching fish in the river. The boats were moored on the river and when the Tidal Bore came down the river the fishermen would drop their nets and the fish would come to them on the incoming tide.


Margaret Clarke

When I was a little girl there was a swimming pool in the Walks, King’s Lynn


Nigel Yates

 I live in Great Massingham famous for its ww2 RAF base, its ducks and the KLFM 96.7 transmitter.


Marie Connell

I live in Sporle and a plane from the war crashed in the field behind my house. It was a British plane and the crew got lost in fog after a bombing raid. They were trying to return back to their base in Lincolnshire. Unfortunately the crew all died of their injuries at the community hospital in Swaffham a few days later.






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Selfie update

28th June 2016

Have I had a selfie with you yet?  My quest for 10,000 continues and nothing can stand in my way, there's been Fire Walking in Gayton, evil Queens in at the Corn Exchange, wind turbines to climb in Swaffham but I'm still standing.  That's more than can be said for the Selfie Board and around 6 Selfie sticks so far...

Selfie in HalfOoops!

My wife patched up the board an it lived to tell the tale, however the guys at KL.FM took pity on me and now I have a shiny new one to take the final 4000 or so.

My current total is 6119 and over the next few days here's how you can join in the fun and also get in the draw for that Ipad.


Wednesday 29th - College of West Anglia with students

Thursday 30th - King Edward VII Academy - Judging XFactor



Friday 1st - Trolley Dash for the Food Bank at Tesco Hardwick

Saturday 2nd - Festival Too

Monday 4th - Hosting Freebridge Community Awards


See all the Selfies here





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Runcton Holme Primary England Team talk

27th June 2016

On Friday I took my Selfie board to Runcton Holme Primary to help celebrate the Queens 90th at the school and judge their amazing portraits of Her Majesty which you can see below, I also spoke to the boys and girls about tonight’s big match for England against Iceland.  I hope Roy Hodgson pays attention to their advice for the team, they make a lot of sense, well some of them!


Now enjoy thier gallery...

Runcton Holme Primary - The Quee

 Click to see the rest here.

Or take at a look at their Selfies here



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Festival Too - Fireworks

26th June 2016

Wow the fireworks last night at Festival Too on King's Staith Square were really something speical.   If you risked the weather you'll know how great they were, as it was the rain passed and was a great evening filled with live music, laughs and some big bangs.

Watch the display below...



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Festival Too begins

24th June 2016

It's here!  THREE weeks of FREE live entertainment in the centre of King's Lynn.


The fun begins on King's Staith Square on Saturday Night from 8pm with Bear Club performing cover songs, fairground rides and lots of food stalls.  The evening finishes at 10:30 with an amazing firework display form the people who look after the displays along the Thames on New Years Eve.

What has been your fav Festival Too act over the year's?


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23rd June 2016

Selfie Board at Alive

As you may know I've been given the task to meet and have a Selfie with 10,000 people around West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham and it’s going well as I'm quite close to 6,000 selfies so far.  Along the way many Selfie sticks have perished but until now the Selfie board has lived to tell the tail, it's had a couple of fatal moments but has always been stuck back together. Yesterday I collected a new one, which as it turns out was just in time as I'd unknowingly left the original board at Lynnsport.

The guys at Alive Lynnsport are looking after it for me though!

Selfie Board at Alive


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Alive Rewards

22nd June 2016

Alive Leisure

Yesterday afternoon I visited Lynnsport to meet Heidi from the College Of West Anglia who was a lucky winner thanks to Alive Leisure and KLFM.  Through a competition organised by Alive, KLFM provided an IPad as part of their selection of prizes.  She was the lucky winner and was very happy to receive her new gadget!



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1000 Pound Minute - Another close call

22nd June 2016

1k min


Today Nick from Lynn came very close to one thousand pounds just after 8.  Play along and see if you would have scored 10 out 10.

Tweet your score to @klfm967


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Would you tell off someone else's child?

22nd June 2016

Tell of another child

At the cinema last week I was a little shocked to see the man in front of me turn around and shout whilst pointing his finger to tell the little lad sitting next to me to stop kicking his chair.  The little boy had no malice he was just tapping to the beat of the music, what made this worse is that the man waited until the boy's Mum had gone to get some more sweets just before the film started, I wish I'd of said something to the man I really do.  However is it right that an adult told someone else’s child off, especially since he could have waited for the boys Mum to return?

Have you ever told someone else’s children off or has a stranger told your child off?

Hear the views of listeners to show and the people of Swaffham below.

Vote in our poll below, thanks.

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Here comes Summer, maybe not

21st June 2016

Yesterday was supposedly the first day of Summer, having no worries, eating ice cream, enjoying the sun, meeting friends in the beer garden, bbqs..... But no!  Day one and it was pretty grim, overcast and wet to be honest, but you wouldn't let that get you down would you?

Despite the storiies just about everyone I met still managed a smile for their'Selfie'.



 See all 5837 Selifes so far by clicking here

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West Norfolk in Motion

20th June 2016

Tonight will be an interesting night in some living rooms around West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham I think.  Not only is the Great British Sewing Bee, not only is it the penultimate Game of Thrones for the year but there's also a little football match between England and Slovakia on at the same time.

It seems a large amount of TV's may well be watching the Three Lions, these lovely people in Gaywood seem to be in the spirit already.

This is West Norfolk in Motion.... apologies!


Don't forget if you'd like to know the winner of the big match our resident hound Psychic SStanley made his prediction earlier today.  Watch the moment his choice was made...



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Happy Father's Day

19th June 2016

Morning Dad's across West Norfolk, Wisbech & Fakenham, Happy Father's Day.

Ashley from King's Lynn is having his first Father's Day today and as you'll hear is over the moon with his ten day old son.



Can you remember how that felt? Have a listen...


More Fathers Day mentions.....

On Thursday I met students from Springwood High to talk about their futures and represented KL.FM at the event. Aside from talking about a job in the media this bunch wanted Dad to know how much he's loved.


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Good Morning, Good Morning

17th June 2016

Everyday just after 8:30 Ross & I sing the Good Morning Song, it’s always a reason to congratulate or wish someone luck in West Norfolk, Wisbech or Fakenham.   It could be for sporting success to highlight a big community event, a charity cause, simply something local or just someone extra special who deserves a little recognition.    Below is a video of Olivia, 7 as she hears her mention on the radio, her face is a little picture!

Well done Olivia x

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Then and now, Springwood Futures Day

17th June 2016

Springwood - Futures Day

Yesterday I was invited to Springwood High's Future's Day along with many other businesses from around West Norfolk to talk to students and offer advice for a career in the media or on the radio. It was great to see such an encaustic collection of teenagers and the number of those who thought that radio presenting or something like it could become their chosen career.  I remember when I was 16 and sitting with the Careers advisor being told despite it being my big dream that I'd never get a job on the radio, I'm pleased to say things are very different now and the opportunities far wider too.

Springwood - Futures Day

I also took the oppertunity to incerase my Selife count whilst there, see the pictures here.

Can you remember what you wanted to do, what do you do now?  Below are just some of the answers to that question from the show today.

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England vs Wales

16th June 2016

The pride of the nation is at stake today, well maybe not, it is just a football match after all.  Today at 2pm in Euro 2016 England take on Wales in their 2nd group match and love football or not listeners all had their take on how the game would end, including Welsh John who called to play a special Welsh £1000 Minute.


KLFM's resident football expert would run rings around you or I on the pitch, he also knows a thing or two! See his prediction below.

Ladies and Gentleman meet Psychic Stanley!


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Do you know what the Secret Sound is?

15th June 2016

KLFM's Secret Sound has been running since September last year and to be honest is driving us and you round the bend.  One thing I have noticed on my travels around West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham is the amount of people who say they know the answer but just can't get through on the phones.

Armed with a great big comedy cheque for £2000 I took a stroll around King's Lynn Town Centre to see if anyone really does know...


Listen to all of the answers, who knows one of these guess may be correct?

This is KL.FM's £2010 Secret Sound Odyssey...



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World Blood Donor Day

14th June 2016

Today is World Blood Donor Day and its aim is to encourage people to give blood and save a life!

It was amazing to hear first-hand from those that have and others who lives had been saved thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of others.


Blood Donor

Listen to some of the stories below and then click here to find out how and where you can give blood.



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Almost SIX THOUSAND Selfies

13th June 2016

10,000 Selfies continues….It’s been about 8 months now and I still don’t think anyone appreciates just how heavy that enormous selfie board gets or how much you start to ache holding a selfie stick at arm’s length all day.  Buy hey I’m a trooper, and will continue on my quest to meet 10,000 people across West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham.

Whilst touring the area taking Selfies in the past few weeks I’ve seen Mercury pass over the sun, re-opened Natwest Bank in King’s Lynn, got covered in paint in the colour run over in Wisbech, attended Ladies Day at Fakenham Rraces, hosted the Hanse Festival in King’s Lynn and helped raise over £2000 at the Bratopia Ball hosting the raffle and auction.  A big well done to Jane Lord who organised that event for Breast Cancer Care who I would like to congratulate for such a great evening.

Most recently I gave a talk to the Police Cadets and delivered toys to the force for the children’s room at the police station, joined in with the amazing future Olympians at Lynsport’s Adapted sports day. Last week I also caught up with the Royal Air Force, Cambridgeshire Police and more at the College of West Anglia in Wisbech as the Uniform Service Students from both Kings Lynn and Wisbech were put against each other in a challenge day which included an assault course, tug of war, running, fitness and more.

This month my quest to help charities and community groups continues with an a trip to Springwood High to speak about a career in radio, a family trip which I’m really looking forward to at Pensthorpe Wildlife Park, the owners have invited me and the Selfie board for some pictures in the gardens and with the wildlife.  Also at the end of June my plan is to help West Rayham Primary find out as much as they can about their village for a very special school project they are calling One Village.  Along with looking for as many people that have lived in the village this will also go a long way to reaching my target of 10,000.


In July I’m hoping the numbers will be big as KLFM hosts what could possibly be Festival Too’s biggest night yet, the opportunity for thousands of selfies will be on Saturday July 2nd when The Vamps perform on the Tuesday Market Place.  There’s also hosting duties for me at the Freebridge Community Awards, my annual trip to meet the Year 8’s at Springfest and one of my favourite events of the year at the amazing Houghton Hall supporting Cancer Research UK for Race for Life.  It’s always a sea of pink and as you might imagine full of emotion.

I’m six Selfie sticks down, and now 2 Selfie Boards in, but to be fair after 6000 Selfies its miracle I’ve not needed more going my track record of breaking things.

I Hope to see you out and about very soon and would love you to be part of my 10,000 Selfie Challenge. Click here to see all the pictures so far.

Thanks and see you on the radio tomorrow morning from 6.

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