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July 2016

Up the Ghosts

22nd July 2016

It's been a big week for Fakenham Town FC at Clipbush Park, Wednesday saw the visit of a side from Premiership Champions Leicester City FC and tomorrow the Canarys make the short trip from Carrow Road in Norwich.

Their season starts shortly and these games are a great way to get the team some practice and generate interest in the club before kick off for real in August.

The turnout for the Leicester game was great, despite the humidity, thunderstorm and downpour hundreds fans enjoyed a real family evening at their stadium.






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School Summer Holiday Day 1

21st July 2016

Only another 40 odd days left, how will you survive?  What are your plans?

There are some great money saving ideas on our voucher shop which include half price Ice Skating, Indoor adventure play and much more.  See ALL of the great family fun at half price here.

Here's how St Clements High will spend the next six weeks.

Yesterday I spent the morning with them on a four mile walk around Terrington St Clement as part of their annual tradition on the last day of school.

St Clement High






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Race for Life

20th July 2016

1,500 Women and the Race for Life, well done!


Did you know the cost of your entry only covers the expenses of organising the event?  That's why it's even more important you make sure you get your sponsorship in, the figures for money not being returned are really high, so please don't forget or wait around.  That money you collected should be fighting the Big C as soon as it can.  Thanks, Si


It was great to meet so many ladies in pink all kicking cancers butt!


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Pokemon Go (Nooooooooooo)

19th July 2016

Si Pokeman

Picture Credit: Niantic, Inc. / Pokémon / Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.


Are you Pokémon Go or like me Pokémon Nooooooo? Pokémon is worth $56 Billion to Nintendo right now and that will only increase with this latest craze.  Essentially it's an App on your mobile that uses your phones camera and google maps to place 'Real' Pokémon amongst your surroundings.  For example there may be Pokémon type creatures on the North Wootton 3, on the sea front in Hunstanton, by the clock in Downham Market or even in the centre of King's Lynn, who knows possibly in KL.FM Studio 1 (see above).  It's your job to catch them and collect them or something?  To be honest I did download the game yesterday evening, I did chase a strange creature around the front room and garden for about 2 minutes, but after capturing it I promptly deleted the game and went back to my glass of wine

It didn't grab me but I can I see how it can become addictive and also very dangerous.  I for one have already seen people walking in the middle of the road chasing whatever it is you chase causing traffic to brake abruptly.  Then there’s the other risks of anyone paying for these virtual creatures to be at their business or property, who knows what problems this may cause, I think parents should be very wary of this app, as enjoyable to those that use as it may be.

Do I sound like an old man?  (-:




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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

18th July 2016

I'm loving the sunshine how about you? It's warm today and getting even warmer this week.

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King's Lynn in the 40s

17th July 2016

What was living in King's Lynn really like in the 40's.  You can experience it for yourself around the Town Centre today, but also from the people that were there!

40's Lynn

Last week I met some amazing locals who were happy to share their memories... Click to hear what they had to say and also find out how Sir Winston Churchill did on KLFM's One Thousand Pound Minute, yes you read that correctly!

40's Lynn

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Springfest - Endeavour Day at Springwood High

15th July 2016


Yesterday I was lucky to spend another afternoon in the sun with Springwood's Year 8's as the celebrated their first two years at the school along with everything they've achieved.  To see the Selfies from the day click here.(pictures up soon)

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Ash Wicken Primary Sports Day

14th July 2016

Yesterday I had loads of fun at Lynnsport with Ash Wicken Primary's pupils, parents and teachers.  Everyone put in 100% effort in to their events including the staff as you can see below!

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Women Rule

13th July 2016

Downing Street


Today we get a new female Prime Minister meantime Hillary Clinton could well become President of the United States later this year, Angela Merkel is in charge of Germany, Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister of Scotland and there are many more examples I could give of Women that rule.  Girl Power is everywhere and that’s not even including your Mum, Sister, Auntie, Wife or Nan

Men it seems just aren't very good at 'things'

My daddy can do avert thing my mommy can do and more! some men are lazy and pretend they can't do things. love from Rhiannon xoxoxo

I will stick up for hubbies as I have a good one, he can cook and clean and looks after us. Patti

Talking about men being useless. It's me & my partners 3rd anniversary of being together. I got him a lovely card & a bottle of his favourite aftershave & in return I got nothing. Would like to know how other people would have felt being in my position. Kind regards Ann from Sutton bridge

If the world was run by women there would be no wars. Just a load of countries not talking to each other! Eddie in Swaffham

Women are better at that sort of stuff than stuffed shirts woman pm woman president woman labour leader the world will be a better more stable place after a natter and good cup of tea to put it all right.  Ellen in Lynn


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The Humdinger

12th July 2016

After the Prime Minister resigned to a live TV audience yesterday the world has not been talking about his replacement Theresa May, but his humming as he walked through the doors of number 10.

What tune might it have been?  Suggestions to the show this morning are below.

Maybe David Cameron was humming an out of tune version of the Star Wars theme ... Phantom Menace ... Clone Wars ... Revenge of the Spiv (!)... The Empire Strikes Back ... The Force Awakens ... who knows!! Karen

David was humming 'And now the end is near' (I Did It My Way). 😄 XX Collete

Surely the Benny Hill theme tune would be quite appropriate.

I think he's humming Jesus Christ, Super star da da da da da da xx Helen in Saddlebow

He’s humming Send in the clowns. From Suzy the Beauty Bug :)


This is my fav theory so far.....



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Race for Life - Sign up

11th July 2016

Race for Life

Next Tuesday, July 19th around 1,500 Mums, Daughters, Granny's, Sisters will take part in the Race for Life at Houghton Hall.   

Race for Life is a real fun way to kick cancer's butt, 5k isn't that far and you don't have to run, you can walk, skip, amble, hop or even dance your way round if you like.  Those who jog or run Race for Life often complete the 5k course in about 30 to 45 minutes. Walkers take about an hour, but there’s no pressure to finish in a certain time. It’s all about uniting in the fight against cancer.

Race For Life

This morning I heard from many amazing woman taking part, listen to their resaons for running below and if you feel you'd like to join them click here.

Check out our pictures from last year here






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Gabrielle just won't stop calling me

8th July 2016

Festival too

This weekend is the final weekend for Festival Too 2016 on the Tuesday Market Place in King's Lynn and Gabrielle will play live on Saturday Night, she's a little excited about and kept calling me to remind everyone this morning.

Have a listen to this year’s star of Festival Too get in on the action wherever she could on the Breakfast Show today.







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Churchill Park - Business Enterprise

7th July 2016


Today I'm off to meet the brilliant 6th form students at Churchill Park as they take their business to the foyer at Tesco's on the Hardwick.  They have created unique hand made products to sell to the public as part of their curriculum.

The students have been learning independent life skills, enterprise, English and Maths.  Today sees them running their business for which they have budgeted for materials and invested profits into future projects.

No doubt I'll take a Selfie or two too!


Watch the video and learn more about this amazing bunch!




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6th July 2016

There must be something in the water right now seems to be resigning, it's seems every day someone else hangs up their hat and says goodbye.

The list so far includes..

  • David Cameron
  • Nigel Farage
  • Chris Evans
  • Roy Hodgson


Katie in West Winch

Teresa in Gayton

Mandy in Tatterset

Sharron in Gaywood

Angela at Zeneli Cafe near Fakenham

Mark it M-Valeting


Hear their resignations here...


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Selfie Elbow

5th July 2016

I've been taking pictures of myself for around 10 months now and I won't stop until I've snapped myself with 10,000 people from around West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham. This morning I discovered just how dangerous my challenge is though, forget walking on fire, forget eating fire, don't worry about climbing the turbine in Swaffham or spending some time with the King's Lynn Patriots American Football Team, don't even worry about that story of how more people have died taking selfies than have been killed by sharks, there's something far worse than that, Selfie Elbow is a thing!

Selfie Elbow is much like Tennis Elbow, it’s all about overuse of muscles in the elbow which are used when you hold your arm at a funny angle to take the picture and the repetitiveness of clicking the shoot button.

 So far I've met 6715 people, that leaves another 3285 which will include the following people who didn't seem to worried about my health and invited me to their invents today anyway.


  • West Winch Primary School for Sports Day.
  • Springwood High for Pathways to encourage year 10 & 12 to think about the future beyond school. There's also another trip to this school next week for Springfest, a day for year 8's to celebrate their success over the year, otherwise known as Endeavour Day.
  • Howard Infants School for their picnic and fair Today I'm visiting Fakenham and tomorrow will be in Downham tomorrow

If you fancy being part of the challenge and would like to win an IPad too please email me about your event.

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Food Bank - Trolley Dash at Tesco, Hardwick in King's Lynn

4th July 2016

On a Friday I was invited to Tesco by the King's Lynn Food Bank to help them with a 'Trolley Dash' around the store.  The King's Lynn Food Bank have helped over 13,000 people with food since 2011.  That’s people like me and you who could at any time find ourselves on less income, unemployed, on benefit, in debt, homeless, sick or because or the victim of domestic violence.   The Foodbank are there to help you and you can find them at The Red Cross Headquaters, Austin Fields, King's Lynn, Monday to Friday 12.30 pm. to 2.30 pm. * Except Bank Holidays.  Click for their website or call 07582 558143

I was given 10 minutes to dash around the store with my trolley to collect as much non-perishable food as I possibly could to help those in need.


 But how much did it all come too?










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Selfies at Festival Too - Vamps

3rd July 2016

Without a doubt Saturday night on the Tuesday Market Place for the Vamps at Festival Too was the most successful Selfie outing for my stick and I so far.  15,000 people filled the square for another awesome evening on live music and fun with family and friends. 

I had a great idea to nail my challenge to take 10,000 Selfies as you can see below, but already the management have disallowed the picture stating rules are rules and a group picture like this even if allowed would still only count as one Selfie and the iPad prize would then have to be shared by everyone in shot.

Festival Too - Selfies done lol

To see all of last nights Selfies at Festival Too just click here.






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King Edward Academy - X Factor

1st July 2016

King Edward Academy - X FactorSee all the Selfies via this link

Yesterday Year 8 at King Edwards Academy in King’s Lynn  held their annual X-Factor competition as part of their French and Spanish lessons, this involved every member of the year learning and performing a well know song in the language they are studying.  It was an amazing afternoon, but quite tough as I was on the judging panel along with their Headmaster and two other teachers.

Fortunately for the students I don’t speak a word of anything other than English so I could only judge their singing, however I’m sure they were fluent with every word!

Well done all, I think this is a great way to learn a language while having lots of fun!



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