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August 2016

Coldplay tribute

31st August 2016

Thought it would be nice to share this in case you missed, listen to Coldplay's tribute to Gene Wilder.  It's spine chillingly beautiful.

In a world of pure imagination... R42

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RIP Gene Wilder

30th August 2016

One of my earliest memories of watching what I'd call a proper movie as opposed to a children’s film was seeing Gene Wilder in See No Evil, Hear No Evil. At that time I knew that, that same man was also the same person I'd seen previously in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and on both occasions never failed to make me laugh.  Known for those films and of course Blazing Saddles there is no doubt the world was a happier place with him in it and after his passing his infectious comedy genius will continue to make us smile with so many classics left behind.

I'm ashamed to say I've never seen Blazing Saddles and I was talking to my children about some of his other movies including See No Evil, Hear No Evil which they thought was hilarious, the idea of a blind man and a deaf man together and the mishaps that might follow sounded great to them.  Both those films will be most definitely on the watch list this weekend!

Below is KLFM's tribute to a very funny man.



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Brave the Shave

26th August 2016

Whilst on KLFM’s Tour of the Towns in Wisbech I met a lovely little girl called Rachel who told me quite excitedly how in the next few weeks she was going to have hair shaved off for the Little Princess Trust who provide real hair wigs to boys and girls that have sadly lost their hair own hair through cancer treatment.

Brave the Shave

Rachel was aware that she didn't have to commit to shaving all her hair off, however she wanted to help  the less fortunate and have as much of her hair as possible shaved and therefore chose to go for grade 1.


Brave the Shave

If you can please donate to her cause, thanks.


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Back to the Eighties - TWO weeks to go...

26th August 2016


Wild Boys

This morning Rich (2nd from left) from the Wild boy's 80's band joined me on the KLFM Thousand Pound Minute.  He sings songs from the 80's every day but how much does he really know about the decade?

See if you can beat him then why not grab your tickets for our 80's party at the Alive Corn Exchange in September.


More info HERE

Tickets HERE


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Too hot to work

25th August 2016

Yesterday whilst scanning my Facebook timeline I came across this post...


Which game me an idea...

Choc-Ice for the QE

It's amazing how something so little can make someone's day, I  was more than happy to help the superb staff at the QE.






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Behind the Scenes

24th August 2016

Ever wondered how much concertation goes in to crafting the perfect news bulletin or what happens on the other side of the radio whilst it's on?

Yesterday I cruelly stuffed a camera at short notice in front of Ashleigh Tuttle whilst she read the news on the hour, and like the true pro that she is, she nailed it.




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West Norfolk Carers

23rd August 2016


Yesterday whilst collecting Selfies in the centre of Lynn I bumped in to the guys from West Norfolk Carers, now when I say bumped I do mean bumped as that board I carry around is massive and I’m so clumsy.


They were outside Wimpey raising awareness about the brilliant stuff they do in the community, West Norfolk Carers support carers all over Norfolk with advocacy, information, activities, therapies and more.  If you or someone you know is caring for a friend or relative that is unable to look after themselves they understand that the carer has needs too. 

You can find WNC at 20 Thorsby College, Queen Street in King’s Lynn or via 01553 761616.

Alternatively this week you can learn more today at the Spinney in Hunstanton, at the Swaffham Memorial Area tomorrow or in the Town Square, Downham Market on Friday.

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Kite Fesitval - Hunstanton

22nd August 2016


Hunstanton Kite

The weather was gorgeous, the atmosphere amazing and the fun nonstop in Hunstanton at the weekend.  Sunday was the 20th Kite Festival & Classic Car Rally and thousands were there join in the fun.

I was hosting in the ring for a couple of hours whilst flying a kite which was interesting to say the least, who says men can't multi-task. 


The day was also a big day for Norfolk Hospice Tapping House who I'm sure will be thousands of pounds better off thanks to the organisers of this event.  Other charities with stalls there on the day included Little Discoverers, Hunstanton Lions, Norfolk Knitters & Stichers and many more.





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Back To The Eighties

19th August 2016

Back to the 80's

There's only THREE weeks till KLFM's Back To The Eighties at the Alive Corn Exchange and I'm really starting to get excited, not only for the music, but the chance to have some fun and get dressed up.

Back to 80's

On Friday 9th September KL.FM will be partying and your invited, tickets are only £11 and available via


 This morning with a little help from 80's Legend Pat Sharp I gave away loads of tickets and will do the same next Friday too.

.Pat who lived and breathed the 80's and still makes a living out of the decade played KL.FM's One Thousand Minute but how did he do, how much about the 80's does he really know or remember?

Listen and see if you can do any better below.



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A Levels 2016

18th August 2016

 Emily, Toby and Mr Petit

Emily, Toby and Mr Petit

Today is A-Level results day and thousands of students across West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham discover how their hard study over the past two years has paid off.  Thanks go to Springwood High School in King’s Lynn who arranged for two very brave students open theirs live on the radio, you can watch that moment below.

Congratulations to Emily Hutton & Toby Hoare and the best of luck for the future. 


I hope if you or anyone you know got their results today were happy with them and that you are happy that you know what to do next.  KL.FM have a created a guide which you can access here to help if you have any questions.

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Minnie Mouse has gone to Iceland

17th August 2016

Yesterday I met Minnie Mouse and her mates from Paw Patrol at Iceland in King's Lynn. She was helping staff cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats for Dementia.  The exercise bike is situated in the doorway of the shop so if you have some spare change please put it in their bucket.


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Tell a Joke Day

16th August 2016

Today really is "Tell a Joke Day"!

So next time you see someone you know, nick one of these gags sent in by listeners to the show and make 'em laugh.


Tessa Wales - Four fish in the tank and the one at the front says how do u drive this thing

Laura Read - From my daughter Ava: Where do pirates have their dinner? Arrrbuckles!

Chloe Moore Knock knock
Who's there
Hedge who?
Bless you!

This was from a 4 year old x


Eddie Gee-  I was outside watching the local kids play frizbee yesterday and I thought to myself... how does that thing stay up in the air? Then it hit me!

Jo Davis - Why do cows have bells? Cos their horns don't work!!

Jane Pumpkinpie - I was brought a fridge for my birthday! You wanna see my face light up when I opened the door!!

Adrian Bondy-  i used to have a fear of hurdles but i eventually got over it

Terry - My friend died in a vat of coffee he didn't suffer it was instant

My friend Gav died yesterday after taking too many heartburn tablets I can't believe Gaviscon. From wendy Wisbech xx




And last but not least check out Esmerelda who is 5. Her joke was sent to me via video here. 



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What's that smell - it's Norfolk

15th August 2016

On the show today we told about the stench in East Winch, I was told it's a little over powering, but not to be outdone Tilney Cum Islington should be recognised for its pong according to Val along with Tilney All Saints too. 

It's not nice but it is where we live and as John who was busy farming pointed out, it's that smell which results in the food on our tables.

I say step outside and whiff it up.....MMmmmmmmm



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King's Lynn vs West Ham Ladies

8th August 2016

Congratulations to King's Lynn FC's Ladies Team who took to the Walks for their first game on Sunday.  Their much publicised pre-season friendly saw the visit of none other than Premier League West Ham United Ladies team.

The girls put an amazing display and despite the odds finished the match in a 2-2 draw.

See them in action below.




After the match I caught up with the managment team..  Thanks to KLTFC for the video below.


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