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January 2017

Meet Hucklebury Cat

31st January 2017

Look at this wonderful creature!  This is just one of the many pets needing a forever home as part of KLFM's Pet Rescue 2017.












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Pet Rescue

30th January 2017

Are you looking for a new best friend, someone to add to your family?  One of the  best things I've ever done was rehome a pet, my dog is the perfect addition to the family and I can't imagine life without him or even remember what life was like before.

Right now there are hundreds of animals all needing a forever home, just patiently waiting for someone like you to fall in love with them.  One of the very special pets I met whilst learning more is Darcy, she is just beatufiul, very excitable at the moment but she's also a very clever loving dog.  She's 18 months old and as you'll see loves to play...

For more visit Pet Rescue now, thanks.

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"Jim's Shrine"

25th January 2017

I spent some time where Anthony once stood today... There were some lovely stories shared, some tears, some laughter and a little girl who came to sing to him.


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RIP Juggling Jim

24th January 2017

The man known as Juggling Jim has passed away.  “Jim” was every bit as part of Lynn as is the Southgate’s, the Corn Exchange and the Saturday Market Place.  I can’t remember ever strolling through the centre of King’s Lynn without seeing him performing on the High Street.  Come wind, rain, shine or snow there’s nothing that would stop him from taking his place just up from boots and down from McDonalds.  Most people would pass by and not even glance at him, others would avoid him, some would speak to him, and every so often a kind hearted person would drop a few coins at his feet.  Everybody knows of him, but how  many people can say they actually knew him?


There are many stories about this man and most of them are made up however in an endeavour to learn more about the man you and I saw on the street everyday of our lives in King’s Lynn Brodie Rake from the College of West Anglia set about finding out more, since his video was published on You Tube last year over 40,000 people have learned a little more from the man himself.  See the video here.

This morning some lovely heartfelt stories were shared by listeners to the show, listen and discover just how much of a true gentleman “Jim” really was.

In the meantime a shrine has appeared in “his doorway” on the High Street, Sally Beadle decided to place some of her own juggling balls and sticks to get things going and since then flowers and cards have started to appear.

JIM pics




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One Hundred and Eighty

23rd January 2017


This morning on the show I revealed your chance to win tickets to the Dart’s Classic Weekend at Searle’s in Hunstanton.  This almost obviously began a conversation about Bullseye and some of the amazing prizes the contestants had forced upon them.

A Carriage Clock, a 14” colour portable TV, a music centre and matching gold pens, new luggage, a comprehensive set of encyclopaedias, a Grandfather clock or if you were really lucky/unlucky a speedboat.

One of the pro darts players you may have seen on the show was the legend known as Bobby George who still to this day tours the UK playing darts and showcasing his talents alongside other big names from the world of darts.   Bobby is appearing at Searle’s Leisure Resort from Friday 3rd February to Sunday 5th February, it’s your chance to meet/greet take part in a question and answer session and even play against your idols.

Click here for more and to win tickets!

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Nothing but the 90s2

20th January 2017



For me the 90’s where Thursday at Dr Thirstys, Friday’s at the Hog’s Head then Saturday’s at Manhattans followed by of course something greasy from Norfolk Street.  Saturday morning’s hangover TV was SM.TV eagerly awaiting another round of Wonky Donkey with Ant & Dec.  What are your memories of the 90’s, leaving school, meeting your other half or some of the brilliant tunes it produced.

Whatever your memory of the decade you can re-live it all again for one night only on Saturday April 1st with KLFM and the Alive Corn Exchange.  You can come and party with us for only £11, so don’t be a ‘fool’ get your tickets from the box office now on 01553 764864 or visit our website and snap them up online.

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The bombs fell on King's Lynn

19th January 2017

King's Lynn 102 years ago today

Bombing raid

Pic - Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

On the 19th January 1915, two air ships heading for Humberside were blown of course over the coast in Norfolk.  They began to drop bombs the first ever from the skies above the UK on King's Lynn.  That journey took the Germans over Hunstanton, Heachem, where Lords Lane was hit, more fell in Snettisham near the church causing concern that the Royal Household was the target.  Then came Snettisham, Grimston and Dersingham followed by Tennyson Avenue, Gaywood and the terraces of Bentinck Street in King’s Lynn.  Albert Street, East Street, the Docks and Creswell Street were also affected.

This attack was on everyday civilians, Alice Gazeley, 26 and Percy Goate, 14 were both killed in the raid and a further 13 were injured.

By the end of World War 1 about 52 raids by the Zeppelin and other airships were carried out killing a total of 557, and injuring 1,358 in total.


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Spa etiquette

18th January 2017


 Today the team and I at KLFM are indulging in a few relaxing hours away from our laptops, phones and studios at the Spa.  Whilst this will be very chilled some members of staff have spoken about their worry of being half naked in front of their work colleagues.   Aside from commenting on people’s appearance, or sitting to close to the boss what the other rules in the spa if any?

Other questions I have are what do you wear for the massage, is it just a towel, trunks or underwear.  Can I book extra treatments, what time should I arrive and believe it or not after researching these questions one of the most commonly asked is....

"Can I bring my dog?"

 It made us laugh!




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Message in a Bottle

17th January 2017

A message from Wells Next the Sea?

Message in a Bottle

I'll send an S.O.S. to the world, I hope that someone gets my,  I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle yeah

This is the message in bottle I spoke about on the radio this morning, it was discovered by Lisa and Tony from Blakney on the North Norfolk Coast between Wells next the Sea and Stifkey after the tidal surge last week.  There is no name or clue as to where it came from, who wrote or why.

The words contained however are very well written and worth a read, whoever penned this message before throwing out to sea has some very strong feelings and was once, if not still very much in love with someone special.


Message in a Bottle

The letter reads...

"It’s the worst feeling in the world to love and hate someone all at the same time. And it’s hard to watch things change when all you want is for them to stay the same. It’s funny but stupid how you want everything and nothing at the same time."

“It’s crazy when you want to let go, but you keep holding on. And when you want to move on but you’re stuck right where you started. When feelings come and go and you can’t decide what you want. When you have so many things to say but you don’t know where to start."

“When you want them in your life so bad but all you can do is push them farther and farther away. It’s so hard to think back to how things used to be and look at it now and realise how different things are and they may never be the same again."

"You tell yourself it’s not worth it, but if it really didn’t matter, why do you spend so much time thinking about it?"


Do you know who penned this? Have a theory about what's it about?  Get in touch via email or tweet me.




Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:42am


Bad Habbits

16th January 2017

I was a little worried about what people may have thought about me this morning after reading that most people only have four bad habits.  When I scanned the list of the 50 most annoying/bad ones I found myself in double figures with no problem what so ever.  I'm glad I mentioned my swearing, nail biting, snoring, drinking, sugar eating, interrupting habits because it turns out that's all quite normal, everyone who contacted the show said they were the same.

How many of the 50 below are you guilty of though?

1. Swearing
2. Picking your nose
3. Not listening
4. Biting your nails
5. Eating chocolate
6. Snoring
7. Procrastinating
8. Not brushing your
teeth twice a day
9. Drinking alcohol
10. Burping
11. Smoking
12. Picking scabs
13. Losing your temper
14. Farting in front of others
15. Using social media
16. Eating fast food
17. Complaining
18. Checking your phone while other people are talking to you
19. Hoarding
20. Day-dreaming
21. Picking spots
22. Drinking too much caffeine
23. Interrupting others
24. Eating junk food
25. Skipping meals
26. Not washing your hands after going to thetoilet
27. Drinking fizzy drinks
28. Having sugar in your tea or coffee
29. Finishing other people’s sentences
30. Cracking your knuckles
31. Watching reality TV
32. Chewing your lips/inside of your cheeks
33. Gossiping
34. Using slang
35. Playing Candy Crush
36. Eavesdropping
37. Grinding your teeth
38. Lying
39. Playing video games
40. Not covering your mouth/nose when you cough or sneeze
41. Chewing gum
42. Gambling
43. Speaking with your mouth full
44. Biting your pen/pencil
45. Tapping your fingers/pen on the table
46. Excessively or loudly clearing your throat
47. Smoking Ecigarettes/ vaping
48. Spitting
49. Biting your toe nails
50. Sucking your thumb


Dare you tweet and tell me... @simonrowe



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First time in the snow

13th January 2017

Do you remember the first time you played in the snow, I'm guessing it was fun if a little tricky?

Meet lovely little Evelyn from West Lexham, this is her first time! Careful.....


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Finally it fell.....

13th January 2017

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but it looks nice!

The snow finally arrived but didn’t really do much in the end, here’s how it was looking this morning around West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham.


Clockwise Gt Massingham's phonebox, Wisbech, King's Lynn and West Newton.


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The white stuff

12th January 2017

Are you ready for the white stuff?

Whenever the snow arrives there is always some kind of disruption in West Norfolk no matter how much of it falls.  


Some will be more prepared than others but the lovely people I met in Sedgeford who have been known to be cut off from the rest of civilisation when the weather is too wintery are ready and all set for what may come.



Others are quite excited about it really!

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Snow way, thank you

11th January 2017

The white stuff could be heading our way by as early as tomorrow, normally when it arrives all sorts of chaos occurs even if it's just a dusting.  In my mind I'd prefer just one great big snow fall, get it all out of the way and be done with it, rather than the stop/start half sleet/half slow slushy stuff that falls over a few days and weeks normally.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an actual snow day?  Perfect if it falls at the weekend, a chance to have some winter fun with the family.

Fun in the Snow

Snowball fights in the back garden, hundreds of snowmen built in the parks, sledge riding in the Walks perhaps near Bawsey, a mug of hot chocolate when you get in? Sounds perfect to me!

Are you dreading the snow or looking forward to some fun in it?

 The white stuff may well be heading in our direction, how do you feel about the idea of snow interupting your day?

Below are some of the comments that I received on the show this morning.


Rhiannon on the A47

I am not a moaner but I can't enjoy the snow, the cold makes my muscles seize up. I can't move, so can't keep warm and can't push my wheelchair through snow 😢


Laura, Litcham

Love the snow! My little boy is 4 in April and has never seen enough snow to make a snowman - don't think he'll be lucky this time either but we always go outside and have a run around in it! My daughter is 18 months and never seen snow!


Sarah Jane Booth, King's Lynn

I can't wait bring on the snow, my 4 year old son has never seen snow, built a snowman or played snow angles. I can't wait to see his little face if we do get some.



My kid’s haven’t seen the snow yet so excited to see their tiny little faces making snow men snow angels with them

Caroline Harper, Heachem

I love snow I brought my grandson a sledge 3 years ago would love to use it x


Sarah, King's Lynn

I will moan... and hibernate as long as possible... hate snow


Pam Robinson, King's Lynn

Love the snow. My grandchildren haven't seen a good covering of snow. Would love to build snowmen & sledge with them





Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:25am


A little look back

10th January 2017

First of all Happy New Year, I hope you had a fantastic time over the Christmas period and that you are looking forward to what 2017 may hold.  For KLFM I’m pretty sure it will be quite eventful, already planned are the Sports Awards, the Easter Egg Appeal and many more exciting things including our annual appeal to re-home as many pets as we can from rescue centres across West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham in February.


Last year however was one of the most amazing at KLFM, not just for the station, not just for the community, not just the team but also personally too.

Some of the real special moments came at the very end of the year where people’s good will and the all-round generous and kind nature of our listeners really shone through.


 Our annual Toy Appeal was an amazing success, over £15,000 worth toys were donated for children without parents, away from home, ill or simply less fortunate than others.  For just three weeks’ worth of our time collecting and delivering and thanks to KLFM’s listeners we were able to put smiles on thousands of children’s faces across our area.  Every child cared for by Social Services in King’s Lynn, hundreds of families under the Samaritans in Wisbech, children from broken homes, little ones in hospital and youngsters in care homes to name just a few all benefited from the donations. 


You may also have heard or read about the terrible house fire in Terrington St Clement which left a young family homeless in the run-up to Christmas, this was the end to a terrible week for the homeowner as Mum had passed away just a few days before.  I appealed on my show for clothes as they lost everything in the blaze, very bravely the homeowner spoke with me on the air about her situation and moments later a very kind lady called to offer the family accommodation in the village until they were back on their feet, this really was the ultimate of gestures, a home given to a complete stranger at Christmas!


I’m pleased to say that kind of generosity mentioned above isn’t out of the norm at KLFM and I’m so proud to be able to be part of these amazing acts of kindness and to have a job that really can change people’s lives.


Another example of amazing community spirit at the end of the year was our very own Young Hero Awards in what I call the Mayors Front Room.  Just before Christmas with the Mayor and many other distinguished guests we recognised some of the amazing young people in West Norfolk who have gone above and beyond to make others’ lives better or have constantly put others before themselves.  It was a truly moving morning and one that yet again I feel so lucky to be part of each and every year.


There was also a certain challenge which I’ll never ever forget, and no doubt will those who took part, all 10,000 of them.   10,000 selfies was an amazing opportunity to meet so many amazing people, to learn about our community even more and help some wonderful charities.  I’m so pleased I never have to hold a selfie stick again, but if I was asked I probably would, it was amazing.


And for me personally having the show recognised by my peers in the industry was something of a triumph, to be nominated for UK Breakfast Show of the year was out of this world.  I can’t describe the feeling that gave me or how it felt to be mentioned in the same breath as some major radio stars and broadcasters, it was really special.


Thanks if you were part of this amazing 2016 and here’s too even more fun in 2017.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:12am


Sofa not so good

9th January 2017

Sofa not so good

On Friday Ross from the King’s Lynn News Centre and I set about taking my old, very large and very heavy sofa as it turned out to the tip on Saddlebow.  Or at least that was the plan! 

Ross very kindly agreed to help me with the task in hand, OK I asked him about two hours before we needed to go but it was at the end of our workday and had we left KLFM on time what was about to happen could have been avoided.

Problem number 1

Ross was waiting for an email, he said it was important and we had to wait at least another 30 minutes before we could leave

Problem number 2

There had been an accident at Gayton Road surgery which slowed traffic in the centre of Lynn, this added about 30 mins to the journey

Problem number 3

I’d left my keys at home and a trip to the QE to meet my wife was needed to gain access to the garage, wasting more time

Problem number 4

The sofa was too large to fit in the van, rope and string was needed to be found, after knocking on several neighbours door this was achieved. We secured the vans and the door and continued our journey.

Problem number 5

On route to the tip Ross asked what time the tip closed, I believed it to be 4:30pm, turns out it was 4pm!  We turned around unloaded and could only laugh or cry!


Attempt number two takes places today.

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9 out of 10 club

6th January 2017

This morning on KL.FM Breakfast we came so close to have a winner on the £1000 Minute.  With 10 seconds to spare on her passed question Kelly had time to think, to really think about her last answer, but you know that feeling when it's on the tip of your tounge....

How would you have done?  How does it feel to get 9/10 twice on the £1000 minute


Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:00am



5th January 2017

When was the last time you tried something new? How about giving Karate a go?  Thanks to KLFM’s voucher shop there is a brilliant opportunity at a great price.  I tried the sport once upon a time when I was about 8 years old and decided it wasn’t for me after a nasty boy walked past me and grabbed my little finger, somehow he managed to flip me over on my back in the flash of second from that slightest touch.

I’d like to say I joined another class, trained hard and met this boy again years later in the final of some big competition but no, that evening I went home and started playing with ZX Spectrum and again and all was good with the world. 

If you’d like to give it a go, have a look here.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:08am


A costly mistake

4th January 2017

This morning I discovered the value of some old records now that vinyl is making a comeback.  To my horror the 3rd highest song in the list of tunes that are worth an absolute fortune included "Love me Do" by the Beatles, a song I know for sure ended up at the tip.

About 30 years ago my Nan gave me her record collection, I kept it for a while but what did a 12 year old need with 450 45's?  I had no record player and the songs were all from the "olden days".  I'm hoping it turns out the version of the song mentioned was a special one as right now it feels like I've put £85,000 in the bin.



Posted by Simon Rowe at 11:30am


Back to work 2017

3rd January 2017



Are you back to work today too?

Is it me or was this morning’s alarm clock quite possibly the worst sound in the world?  Was your bed the comfiest it's ever been?

Back to work with a bump today, I knew the car would be frosty after seeing the girtters last night so there was no chance of hitting snooze and being late on the first day back isn't the best of starts really is it.

Of course once everyone else starts to arrive the questions begin, the ones that get asked every year.  "Did you have a good Christmas", "What did you do for New Year" - I always wonder how it would be received if the answer was "Well to be honest awful... would anyone really expect that and have the time to listen on the first day back?




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