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October 2017

A friend indeed

31st October 2017

A few weeks ago we discovered on KL.FM Breakfast how toys and books put in place to entertain and occupy children’s minds at the QE had been going missing.  These toys are a vital part of helping the youngsters who are in there at what is a very scary time for them and also very stressful for the parents too.   I'm pleases to say that the amazing people at Booklife were listening that morning and decided to donate over £500 worth of books to help!

Here's the moment they were handed over...


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A blast from the past

30th October 2017

I had a little blast from the past at the weekend, the picture below (taken from the Lynn News) appeared on my timeline.  It's from a special 10th Birthday pull-out for KL.FM.  I can't believe that this team was here 15 years ago. Do you recognise anyone?

Guess who the only person left standing at KL.FM is?   (-:


KLFM is 10

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Back To the 80's5

27th October 2017

Tonights the night are you coming to KLFM's Back to the 80's?  Below are just some of the finest outfits we've seen over the years (and pictures of me, sorry) at the Corn Exchange



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KLFM 70's

18th October 2017

AS you may know KL.FM launched a brand new radio station on Monday and there's been a lot of interest, even the children at Snettisham Primary have been getting in on the action!

Can you name the song?



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An Amazing Donation and One Thousand Pounds?

10th October 2017

TOTS MISSING AT QELots of children's toys have been disappearing from A&E at the QE hospital. They are important for keeping young patient's calm when they are in pain. 

This morning I spoke to Becca, a Paediatric play nurse at the hospital and also took a call from a local company in Lynn offering to help out...



I also need to apologise if I made you late for work today, I'm almost certain that many where as they sat in the cars probably in the car park at work waiting to hear if Kat from Methwold had won £1000.  We knew she had 9 out 9 but what about her 10th question on the Thousand Pound Minute?  Have a listen and see how you'd of done.



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Radio stars of the Future

3rd October 2017

I spent the afternoon with the children from Eastgate Primary yesterday.  They took time out of their lunch breaks to learn and listen about how I put my show together, how radio works and what would be good for their brand new radio station which will hopefully be on the air before too long.  Their radio station will be available via the school the website and if funding allows around the school too through speakers and equipment that will need to be funded.  They class have great ideas for content and are also prepared to get some advertisers on the station to help fund it.

Can't wait to hear their first show!


Eastgate Academy



Good luck EAFM!

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