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February 2017

AppyDays Week 2

24th February 2017


Appy Days

I've been all over West Norfolk, Wisbech & Fakenham for Appy Days over the last two weeks and contine to do so over the next few months too.  There are plenty of cakes to enjoy thanks to Nelson's Cottage Bakery in Terrington, everyone I meet gets one but only if the KLFM App is on their phone.  You'll also go into the draw to win an iPhone7 too.



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23rd February 2017

Of all the days to visit to Hunstanton I've chosen today!  Gusts of up to 80mph are expected as Doris arrives in Norfolk.  I'm out with more cakes from Nelson's Cottage Bakery and more chances to win that iPhone7.  If you've not heard all you need to do is download our App to your mobile or Kindle, it's free and very easy to use. 

Every download gets an amazing cake and is entered into the draw. If you fancy something delicious to enjoy and a new phone just email me and I'll do my best to come say "Hi".

Below however is a picture of Doris (not the storm but the cat sent in by a listener this morning x.


Doris the Cat

Doris - "The Cat before the storm"


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Cory's home

22nd February 2017

Simon & Cory

This little beaut came in with his new owner today.....   How is he settling in after behing rehomed thanks to KLFM's Pet Rescuewith C Carters Estate Agents?



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Who's a good boy

21st February 2017

We had a very special visitor to KL.FM today!

Meet Cory our latest successfully rehomed animal thanks to KLFM's Pet Rescue. After a year in the kennels at the Retired Greyhound Trust he finally has a forever home.

Retired Greyhound Trust

Listen to my show tomorrow morning to learn more about  this match made in heaven.


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Congratulations Cory

20th February 2017

I am so pleased to write that Cory the longest stayer at the Retired Greyhound's Trust finally has a forever home!  After 48 weeks with no one to love him Carl & Debbie from King's Lynn now have a brand new best friend for life! 

Cory is four years old and had been passed by every day, maybe because he's quite big but he's most certainly a bundle of fun.


Cory - RGT

Good luck to him in his new home!






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Goodbye Jim

15th February 2017

Today one of the most well-known characters in Lynn was remembered at King's Lynn Minster ahead of his private burial.  I am actually a little ashamed to say I like the majority in this town never so much as said "Hello" to him, despite passing by each and every day for the past 18 years.   He was known to all but only handful really knew him.  

Along with 200 hundred others I gathered in town for the procession to the Minster in Lynn, some in their Santa hats just as Jim was famous for wearing ahead of his service.


There was something special about that moment because as we began the short walk along the High Street the sun began to shine, as if to say the light's on you Jim.  It's the light he wanted to be in, Jim was an entertainer, and it was his reason for living.  If you ever saw him out in the cold, wind, rain or shine his juggling wasn't random, the guitar playing even without strings was part of a performance, a well structured, well planned routine.

The funeral began rather fittingly with The Entertainer playing as everyone entered the Minster followed by a number of stories about his life, hymns, prayers and everything you'd expect.  It finished with the hymn Lord of the Dance and his departing music, a song from the 70's by Leo Sayer entitled One Man Band, it brought a tear to my eye and most of those gathered.  The service was a fitting tribute to man who as far as King's Lynn is concerned will probably never be forgotten.

People from all walks of life attended the service from the person who gave him soup twice a week, his neighbour, the leader of the council, distant relatives and other street performers all of whom had stories to tell about him.

Jim at one point left Norfolk in the chase of fame and fortune in London and became part of a double act at one point.  He also had stints at holiday camps and even workled for a local mobile disco company DJ'ing at weddings & party’s where he became known as "Tony the Hat" because he would change his hat many times during his four hour party set each week.

Goodbye Anthony



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South Wootton Infants

14th February 2017

South Wootton

Did you attend or do you know anyone who has attended South Wootton Infant School? They are 50 this April and want to celebrate with as many ex-pupils as possible. If you were a staff member or worked at the school you are also welcome to the party.   They would especially like to get in touch with the 27 children who started at the school in April 1967.

Please contact the school if you have any memories to share via 01553 671552, office@southwootton-inf.norfolk.sch.uk  or 9 Church Lane, South Wootton PE30 3LJ

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Snow watch

9th February 2017

Who needs expensive equipment to forecast the weather, will it snow, how high are the chances etc?

We have a real fool proof 100% accurate checking system, listen.


Picture below may or may not have been taken on the hills of Norfolk. (-:


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Appy Days

7th February 2017

Appy Days

I will look for you, I will find you and I will make you download KLFM's app!

I have a new challenge and just for being part of it you can win a shiny new Iphone7!  I'll be traveling all over West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham hunting for you and you’re mobile.  If you already have our KLFM APP on your phone you'll get an amazingly tasty cupcake from Nelson's Cottage Bakery in Terrington plus you'll go into the draw to win the Iphone7. If you don't I'll get you to download on the spot and put you in the 'hat' to win anyway.

Email me if you'd like a visit and a "Selfie" too, it's well worth it just for the cakes, they're delicious as Ben from Sandles will agree!


Appy Days

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Retired Greyhounds

2nd February 2017

Retired Greyhound Trust

This morning Alice, Romeo, Rory, Cory and Pedro were stars of the show and hopefully will be sometime soon be a feature at yours.  I visited the King's Lynn Retired Greyhound Trust yesterday and met these wonderful dogs and their kennel mates, I also heard their sad stories.  Some of these Greyhounds had been scarred, others just left after on their own their racing career ended and some had been in with the RGT for over a year.  I hope this morning's show went a long way to changing their lives, if you missed the show please listen to their stories below.









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