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July 2017

A "Thank you" from Linda

28th July 2017

Two weeks ago KL.FM held Linda's Day on-air to help a lovely lady from Wisbech in her battle against terminal cancer.  She needed £30,000 to receive potentially lifesaving treatment that's not available on the NHS.  Thanks to your generosity that chance at more time with her family is in sight, she came into the show today to say THANK YOU!

Linda's Day

Find out how much has been raised towards the £30.000 and hear her good news!


Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:26am


Summer Holiday Fun

27th July 2017

This weekend in West Norfolk is set to be a busy one in West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham, today on the show I discovered just how much is happening.

  • Friday 28th July, 7:30. Embracing Epilepsy, launch night and fundraiser at King's Lynn Workers Club.  They are the Ultimate Party Covers Band
  • Sunday 30th July from 9:30. A.L Team Live 3 is back at the Alive Corn Exchange, it's your chance to try Body Pump, Balance, Attack and more at a highly motivational event.
  • Sunday 30th July 11-3.  Alive Games on the Tuesday Market Place.  Try Mini Football, play mini tennis.  Attempt the climbing wall or the tyre flip challenge and more
  • The Ladies Circle have a Charity Barn Dance at Willow Tree Farm in Walsoken.  Dancing between 7 and late, hog roast and lots of fun.
  • The Harleys arrive in the Market Place Fakenham on Saturday plus there’s a chance to be part of Ukuleles 4 ALL.  Go and strum to your hearts content with everyone else.
  • Charity Rock n Roll All Dayer for Nelsons Journey helping bereaved children from 3pm. Live music, classic cars, stalls and more.  Tickets £10 from Drivers Club, Tottenhill, and King’s Lynn.




Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:02am


Bags for Life

26th July 2017

This morning I was joined by Tara Cunnington from Tesco on the Hardwick in King's Lynn to talk about an amazing opportunity for local charities and community groups.

Bags for Life is a campaign that uses all the 5p's paid for plastic bags and gives the cash to community projects. They run three projects at a time, one receiving £4k, another £2k and one final group another £1k. 

"Anything that benefits the local community can apply, schools/nurseries, parish/town councils or community halls  If they want to improve their outside space, buy new equipment, pay for training of volunteers, plan an event then they can apply, even fixing the heating at a community hall can be included."

Listen to learn some more.


Email Tara here...


Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:57am


Pitch Battle - Adam Tucker in Studio

25th July 2017

Formerly of Springwood High School and now the Leeds Contemporary Singers Adam Tucker paid our studio a visit today fresh from his winning performance on BBC 1's Pitch Battle on Saturday Night.

Pitch Battle - Adam Tucker in Studio

Hear our interview about the show, what happens next and his former teacher’s awesome way of helping him win votes by listening again here.



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Race for Life Total

19th July 2017

These amazing women in the video below have raised £61,000 to kick Cancers but!

But first listen to some of their stories...


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Race for Life 2017

18th July 2017

Good luck to all taking part in Race For Life tonight.  Thousands of woman will create a sea of pink at Houghton Hall all with the same goal, to kick Cancer's butt!


Race for life 2015 - Video


It's always the most amazing night, very emotional and full of passion and something that will hopefully one day end Cancer once and for and all.  If you know anyone taking part please sponsor them anything you can and if you are running yourself please make sure you rally your friends and family to hand their donations in as quick as possible and most importantly remember to give your money to the charity.  It's surprising how much of the pledged money doesn't always get back in good time.

Thanks and good luck

See you there





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Super Learning Day

10th July 2017

On Friday I was invited to Springwood High in King's Lynn to judge the pupils Smoothies.  It sounds more random than it actually was, the Year 7's had to create and design the packaging, do market research on the ingredients, decide on quantities of each ingredient, make a presentation to do in front of their whole year and then of course actually make the smoothie. 

This is the third time I've been asked to take part and this year the smoothies were better than ever, so much so that I would even pay to drink more of some of them.  There was some really great effort as always put into each one, some pupils shining on their presentations, others on design and some their understanding of the market research.

Well done to the winners from Holkham House and everyone else who took part in what I think was a real fun way to learn and gain some experience.


Springwood Smoothie 2017

Posted by Simon Rowe at 9:12am


Meet Kristov

7th July 2017

When we gave away over £4500 on the Secret Sound a few weeks ago the winner said to come up with the answer he had to think outside the box, well from Monday the way to win even more money from KL.FM is to thnk 'inside' the box'!.  Kristov is KL.FM's "Keeper of the Box" and only he knows what's inside.  If you can guess correctly the ever growing jackpot which starts at £100 will be yours.

Meet Kristov

Play for the first time on KL.FM Breakfast Monday at 7:10am.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:05am


Festval Too

6th July 2017

Summer is officially here, I know that because the Tuesday Market Place has become a party zone once again for Festival Too.  I can’t believe another has rolled around, in fact this will be my 19th Festival Too for KLFM or as a spectator, and I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of every one, I hope you have too.  It’s sad to admit but I still believe it’s not as appreciated as it should be, I think we all should remember that this event takes months and months of planning, in fact the organisation starts pretty much the morning after the last act has left the stage.  It’s a completely FREE event that not only brings our community together, creates footfall to the town, generates money for shops and business and is a great night out and a chance to enjoy yourself in safe environment with family and friends whilst singing and dancing to some amazing acts. 


I’ve been privileged enough over the years to meet most of the acts, get involved with the organisers and even despite it sounding cool known the name of the acts of appearing each year long before it’s released to the public which can sometimes be tough to keep a secret, especially with some of the amazing names that have graced that famous red stage every year.


I’ll never forget my first Festival Too, I’d only just started at KLFM, I  didn’t really know what I was doing (nothing’s changed) and the bosses asked me to introduce some acts and entertain the crowd, all 14,000 of them on behalf of Festival Too.  As you can imagine this was incredible nerve wracking but one of the most amazing things to do.  I must have been pretty OK with it as by the end of the night I’d taken my shirt off on stage, to my delight to a few screams from the girls (probably in terror) and swapped with Mungo “In the Summertime” Jerry the act on stage.  We never swapped back and I would guess that for at the least the next 3 months his sweaty shirt remained on the floor of my car as my girlfriend and I were to scared to touch it again due to rather dodgy looking stains on it.


Other amazing memories for me of Festival Too include most recently seeing one of my fav bands, Scouting for Girls on my 40th Birthday and even more so the moment 15,000 people in the crowd sang Happy Birthday to me whilst on stage, it was truly overwhelming and something I can never forget.  Another personal moment for me was when my unborn children came on stage!  Whilst heavily pregnant I introduced my wife to the stage and proceeded to put the microphone to her bump while the sound engineers played some squeaky high pitched baby speak that I’d pre-recorded, much like before to have 15,000 respond to your unborn child was pretty special for me.


There lots of acts to remember too, The Human League, Deacon Blue, The Feeling, The Vamps, Blue and hundreds more and this year added to that list The Real Thing, Space and Busted to name a few.

Have a great time at Festival Too and remember please to put some money in the yellow buckets!

Posted by Simon Rowe at 3:20pm


Over £10,000 raised by former Mayor

5th July 2017

Today I paid a visit to the Town Hall as Patron of the Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company to collect a cheque from the Cllr David Whitby.  Whilst Mayor between 2016 & 2017 they were his chosen chairty and I'm very excited to say that during those 12 months his fundraising efforts helped this amazing group of people recieve almost £11,000 today.


The Lavender Hill Mob are an Inclusive Theatre Company. This means that everyone is welcome no matter what their abilities and no audition is necessary. Everyone is respected, valued and encouraged to take part, no matter how small their contribution is.

Most of their  material is original, giving everyone a chance to pursue their own talents, or to develop talents/skills that some didn't think they had. Some of their members choose not to act, dance or sing, but take an interest in the more technical side of the Theatre, which can be as equally challenging as performing on the stage. You don't need to be an actor to act, a singer to be able sing, or a dancer to be able to dance!

Each member of the group respects one another and is taught that everyone has a gift of some sort. All of their performances include sign language (BSL) where appropriate. Moreover, our older members are encouraged to do extra training, such as first aid and sign language, in order to teach the younger members. 

Membership of the group has risen from 15 members to over 80 and is still increasing. Members are split up into groups. Each group has Team Leaders to assist the Directors and help to encourage and control the more challenging members and stimulate the learning environment.

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