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Message in a Bottle

17th January 2017

A message from Wells Next the Sea?

Message in a Bottle

I'll send an S.O.S. to the world, I hope that someone gets my,  I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle yeah

This is the message in bottle I spoke about on the radio this morning, it was discovered by Lisa and Tony from Blakney on the North Norfolk Coast between Wells next the Sea and Stifkey after the tidal surge last week.  There is no name or clue as to where it came from, who wrote or why.

The words contained however are very well written and worth a read, whoever penned this message before throwing out to sea has some very strong feelings and was once, if not still very much in love with someone special.


Message in a Bottle

The letter reads...

"It’s the worst feeling in the world to love and hate someone all at the same time. And it’s hard to watch things change when all you want is for them to stay the same. It’s funny but stupid how you want everything and nothing at the same time."

“It’s crazy when you want to let go, but you keep holding on. And when you want to move on but you’re stuck right where you started. When feelings come and go and you can’t decide what you want. When you have so many things to say but you don’t know where to start."

“When you want them in your life so bad but all you can do is push them farther and farther away. It’s so hard to think back to how things used to be and look at it now and realise how different things are and they may never be the same again."

"You tell yourself it’s not worth it, but if it really didn’t matter, why do you spend so much time thinking about it?"


Do you know who penned this? Have a theory about what's it about?  Get in touch via email or tweet me.




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