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12th March 2014

Today is No Smoking Day and I hope if you chose to you use it to give up things went welll. I've never touched a cigarette as they say it stunts your growth so it’s probably good enough reason aside from the health effects that I haven't!

A day your told to give up, is not gonna always be the day you stop, I understand that so on today's show I asked what happened in your life to make you stop smoking.  Below are some of the responses from listeners.

Dawn Wood Thirkell
Sick of hubby moaning cos i was going for 'another' , took the enjoyment out of it!!! He thought i wouldnt do it so proved him wrong lol

Sandra Tickle
 I quit on 1st Nov 1996.... 6 months before I got married and wanted to start a family straight away....and got pregnant on honeymoon! I haven't smoked since.

Paula Holmes
2 years ago as I couldn't be bothered to walk half way across the college campus just to have a cigarette! Best thing I ever done

Tony White

I've never been a smoker, but my late father used to work in a teaching hospital and once came across two pickled lungs - one from a non smoker and the other a smoker. The non smoker's one was the pink colour you'd expect. The smoker's lung was a dirty brown/black colour. He dropped his 60-a-day habit there and then and never touched another cigarette in his life

Bet Beattie
Gave up smoking last June. Want to see my grandchildren grow up. Not looked back. Xxx

Tracy Exton
Gave up a 40 a day habit after 30 odd years of smoking. I just picked a day, got patches from docs and quit on that day. It takes true willpower and determination even with patches but I have not touched one since. It has now been 6years this May since I gave up.

Victoria Key
2 years in May...gave up for myself and my daughters. ..I used champix tablets and went to a support meeting through NHS very helpful and I succeeded!

Rex Makemson
Money, I had just started a new job and was skint, working my month in hand. Ciggy's went over £1 per pack and I thought blow that, too expensive now so I went cold turkey. That was 1985 and not a ciggy since.

Mick Reed
Watching my father heave for breath bless him RIP Dad xx

Christine Carter
My then 4year old son said mummy will you please stop smoking. I don't want you to die. I never touched a cigarette since. That was 6 years ago. X

Well done everyone!


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